Single Knob adjusts (EV910) Monitor

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Dad, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Dad

    Dad Guest

    I have bot used Gateway (EV910) monitor ... One center knob adjusts about 16
    Press knob/ rotate-select/ rotate-adjust/ press-exit ... confusing
    multi-function knob with
    on-screen display.

    Does someone have the scanner ability to send that portion of manual to me
    ... or direct me to a web-site that clarifies this
    one-knob-adjustment ???

    The EV910 (19 inch) monitor works beautifully on this circa 1999 IBM clone
    that has 'green' ability on Win98SE. ( perfect / instant operation via the
    Plug'n'Play of OS ).
    Tech said would not work on non-gateway ... others on this newsgroup said it

    Beautiful monitor ... but the screen (one knob does all) adjust is really
    complex. Dad
    Dad, Feb 24, 2005
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  2. Dad

    TR Guest

    Not needed since the part that covers this in the manual isn't that
    long. Actually, when you take just the English part of the manual
    into account of this 160 page manual, you have 28 pages of English.
    That part you are interested in is 1 1/2 pages and is extremely BASIC.
    You just have to play with the settings and see what each does
    remembering what the default was in case you don't like what you get.

    Anyway, here is what's on those 1 1/2 pages:


    To adjust the display settings:

    1. Press the flywheel control. The main menu appears.

    The current display settings appear across the top of the main menu.

    2. Rotate the flywheel to highlight an option. The name of the
    highlighted option appears in the center of the menu.

    3. Press the flywheel control to select the highlighted option, then
    rotate the flywheel to adjust it.

    Some options can only be enabled or disabled. There are also some
    options that contain additional menus.

    4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have made all your changes.

    5. Rotate the flywheel control until Exit is highlighted, then press
    it to exit the OSD control system.


    Contrast increases or decreases display image contrast.

    Brightness increases or decreases display image brightness.

    Horizontal Size increases or decreases the width of the display image.

    Horizontal Position moves display image to the left or right side of
    the screen.

    Vertical Size increases or decreases the height of the display image.

    Vertical Position moves display image to the top or bottom of the

    Pincushion curves the sides of the display image inward or outward.

    Trapezoid increases or decreases the trapezoid distortion of the
    display image.

    Degauss removes magnetic discoloration from the display image.

    Recall returns most options to the original factory default settings
    if the monitor is currently using a preset video mode. (See the “Video
    modes” section in this guide for information about the factory preset

    Advanced Option opens the Advanced Option menu. Color opens the Color
    Manager menu.

    Language changes the display language for the OSD control system.

    User displays information about the monitor’s preset modes.

    OSD Manager moves the OSD control window on the screen.

    Exit closes OSD control system.
    TR, Feb 24, 2005
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  3. Dad

    Dad Guest

    Thank you TR ... that is exactly what I need ... while I had the basic
    idea it just didn't seem intuitive and complicated by varying time-outs.
    Your instruction copy gives me confidence that I can do it
    where/if needed. Dad
    Dad, Feb 25, 2005
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