single serial ata drive on 7njs zenith

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by Hans Zuidinga, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. hi,

    according to the manual tried to install a single serial ata maxtor hdd.
    in no way it is visible.

    i tried to install winxp pro but no way. can someone please help me?

    thanks in advance and kind regards.

    Hans Zuidinga, Sep 15, 2004
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  2. Hans Zuidinga

    David Wilts Guest

    The nforce2 mobo does not nativly support SATA - I think the controller
    on that one is Promise so you need to install the third party driver (a
    floppy should have come with your mobo with a promise raid driver on
    it?? if not you will have to make one off the driver CD)

    When you go to install XP it will ask you to hit f6 to install third
    party drivers - hit it and it will continue to load all of it's drivers
    then you will get a prompt screen to hit S to specify additional drivers
    - this is when you put in the floppy and specify the promise raid
    controller - this will make it visable to the XP install.
    David Wilts, Sep 15, 2004
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