SINXP1394 with Kingston/Mushkin Combo

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by REM, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. REM

    REM Guest

    Hello everyone.....

    P4 2.26
    ATI 9700 Pro

    I started this Maboard with 2 matched Mushkin Level II PC3200 256's. I set
    the board for
    2.5-8-3-3. The board was nice and smooth. Dual memory was posting at 128.
    Battlefield1942 and Call of Duty ran nice.

    I recently bought a pair of Kingston KVR400X64C25/512 (s) and installed them
    at the old timings. It posted but died before the Win XP logo. I switched
    settings and tried 2-8-3-3, 2.5-7-2-3, 2-8-3-3. The machine booted but only
    1 Gig is seen. This is as far as I got. I wanted to pull the 2 256's and see
    if a Kingston stick was dead but have to run. I wanted to see if I was on
    the right track or does someone know something about these 2 memories
    working together. I put the 2 Kingstons in the orange and the 2 Mushkins in
    the blue sockets. It posts as dual 64 bit now and the entry in BIOS is
    unchangable. **Shrug**

    Ideas anyone???


    Merry Christmas!
    REM, Dec 13, 2003
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