Skybuck's adventure with the Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 123.5 GB ;)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by The Other Guy., Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Got a 160 gig SATA, i have no probs with it or will.
    The Other Guy., Nov 16, 2004
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  2. Oh-Oh Lol

    Could this be the first sign of trouble ;)

    The silver package was closed, I opened it... turned the drive up side
    down... and on the label it reads:

    "Assembly made in malaysia"

    That's the famous location of all the bad deskstars ? :)

    Well I plan on using this drive for "games, movies, applications" stuff like

    I'll keep my critical data on my other drive and on backups =D

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 16, 2004
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  3. The Other Guy.

    Cuzman Guest

    " I just received my deskstar 7k250 harddisk via the mail :) "

    Is that to go with your PII 450Mhz and GeForce FX5200 that you run all the
    latest games on?
    Cuzman, Nov 16, 2004
  4. No, little correction PIII 450 mhz and GeForce FX5200.

    Ok man it's a slow system.. and I am seriously thinking about getting a new

    And I think I have found the way to do just that ;)

    The way: By slow transition.... yeah man.

    I just hate buying a brand new pc with every on it etc... that's just so
    fucking boring... you know... ;)


    Man I can't handle so much new fucking horse power and possibility I'll go
    insane ?! hehehehe.

    Not to mention all the other fucking lazy problems of software
    installment... I am not ready yet to do the "backup HD, clone HD, back to
    HD" blabla or "start over and waste 2 or 3 years of windows xp tuning and
    shit like that... ok it's not really two years.. but my XP is running better
    than ever...

    Just thinking about a new windows xp "default" installement.. oh my god that
    makes me puck ! :)

    Don't get me wrong windows xp is a fantastic operating system.. the default
    settings are just screwed beyond any acceptable norm :)

    Ok why I am bitch slapping hehehehehehe.

    Well I think it would be MUCH MUCH more fun... to "hand pick" every single
    component and just slowly transform my old pc into a super new PC yeah baby

    Firstly I am getting rid of this liyama vague, dark, fucked up
    constrast/gamma blaablabla monitor ;) hehehehehehe.

    And that would actually be pretty much to see how my current "crappy"
    looking visuals would look like an an new HIGH QUALITY TFT MONITOR !!! oh my
    man just think about the possibilities !

    Now I am completely used to this old shitty monitor which survived me well
    of the years...

    So then the difference will be interesting.

    I see possibilities:

    BEAUTIFULL OH MY GOD lol.. it's the exact same system but with new TFT ! get
    the point ?! :)


    2. OH MY GOD my system still looks like crap with this new TFT oh my god..
    it;s actually 10x times more fucking worse... look at the fucking ghosting
    oh my god... hehehe. that would be interesting.

    Oh man now that I have tasted "buying hardware via internet" and exactly the
    stuff that I went I just can't stop... nononononon this is just perfect for
    me... no car..(dont wanna get killed ya know) I am lazy.. don't wanna drive
    the whole planet over... no just let them deliver it to meeeee/my "house".


    Oh my god...

    That will be the PERFECT test..

    I always play RTCW... yeah.. sometimes it rusn 15 to 24 fps.. outside...
    indoors it runs sometimes even 80 FPS....

    I am used to it like no other game on the face off the planet... I have
    played it for 3 years on TNT2... and now for a few months on a FX5200... it
    actually looks pretty much the same.. since I play on low details anyway for
    maximum performance.. and it's an old game anyway... it doesn't use the
    fancy shit. like pixel shaders and T&L and shit like that hehehehehehe.

    Oh boy... that will be something.

    As soon as I have the TFT first I am going to play RTCW to see if I can
    notice any ghosting... there will probably be some.. but hopefully not to
    much ;)

    And then of yes boys and girls... then I will install Doom 3 demo I think...
    maybe even full...

    Just to see the new improved contrast/gamma.... the my old monitor is fucked
    up beyond all regcnoization. whatever... I have to set gamma artitically
    high to see dead bodies in the shadows and stuff like while on other pc's I
    can simply see them. and the game was beautifull on other pc's... but the
    other pc's didn;t have a geforce fx5200... the other pc had a radeon 9000.
    ok it weren't pc's but just 2 hehehe.

    But I will bet your ass that doom 3 looks much better on the fx5200 then on
    the radeon 9000.

    Yeah 50% of the reason is probably because I fucked up the graphics settings
    on the radeon machine with very manual/specific settings... but I have
    noticed how the radeon has many many drivers bugs in all kind of games...
    for example in doom 3... the "bad dude's face" isn't light right...

    the left side of his face is white... and the right side of his face is like
    grey... and you can see a line running across it's face from top to
    bottum... ok maybe I can't remember if the fx had the same problem.

    But I can't tell you one thing.... I made a lot of screenshots on the fx5200
    and on the radeon 9000.

    And to be totally honest... I like the fx5200 screenshots much better than
    the radeon 9000 screenshots.

    The fx5200 screenshots truely have this cinematic look to it.

    There is definetly some truth in that.

    I will definetly buy into nvidia's cinefx 3.0 or something like that. I
    don't know precisely what it's called... but something like that.... it
    works ;) it gives a bit more cinematic feel/look to it....

    I can clearly see that in the screenshots... sure maybe I am just one wacky
    fuckhead he just thinks that...

    The only way to be absolutely sure would be to take a screenshot of the
    exact same position/scene on both computers and then simply look at them

    Though when I played on the radeon 9000 the game look just perfect too.
    yeah.. just after I started messing around to see if it would run faster
    just to see how fast I could get it.. it fucked up... even resetting
    graphics settings didn't help.. apperently not all settings are resetted...
    <- eops ;)


    I am also thinking about trying the ground control 2 mp demo one more

    Hehehe (skybuck drop in leader at position 8 or so.. returns for a one time
    beating up of anybody who's there hehehe I always tell them when I check in
    and check my score on the faster pc because I have nothing that they are no
    match for me... hehehe and then I simply leave.. hehehe yes.. otherwise my
    "last played on date" would change... and then all the good players might
    think "oh my god is skybuck still playing this... oh my god... and he is
    just at ladder position 7 or 8... oh man... what's up.. you should be 1 now
    after all this... but ofcourse I haven't/don't play it... wwaaayy to
    addictive waaayy to frustating with the fucking newbs and lamer tactics and
    wayyy to frustrating with armies being dumb not responding yaadadadadada"
    yeah just a waste a time hehehe... yeah.. when I want strategy I simply
    chess on playsite hehehe. no bullshit.. no installations... no fucking
    shit... no fucking way.. no fucking hours of setup... just go and fuckup the
    opponent within 50 seconds yeah !


    P.S.: I am not on dope, I am not using cocaine...

    I am just staying up waaay to late.. had a busy day and had probably little
    sleep as well.

    Wtf I am doing writing this shit hehehe.

    Probably just for your and my entertainment.

    Was it good for you as well lol ? :)


    Gotta end it sometime you know :)
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 16, 2004
  5. Actually the new harddisk might be so quiet that I am actually seriously
    thinking about just replacing

    The old drive completely with the new drive lol hahahaha.

    But for now... I am starting up azerues and tasting the good life of having
    lot s of freeeeeeeeee gigabytes of space if ya know what I mean

    Let that sucker suck it all up overnight ;)

    I could give you a tip who to make azerues run better but I wont lol
    hahahaha then it might not work for me anymore.... sorry :p

    Or maybe it would make it all work better... I dont know... let them
    (azureus team or users) figure it
    out ;)

    Maybe some already know and just keep it a secret heheheheheheh.

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 16, 2004
  6. The Other Guy.

    dino Guest

    so you left the Nvidia Newsgroup to come over here...great...still running
    the almighty 450MHZ or whatever it was??????
    dino, Nov 16, 2004
  7. Oh man...

    I/Azureus just allocated 6.68 GB on my new F drive hahahaha wowwwwwww <-
    Loving it =D

    Hey I just had an idea !

    Computers should have "multiple leds" so that "multiple harddisks" can each
    be connected to their own led...

    So then at least I know which harddisk is active or making sound.

    Well it's still waayyy to early to tell if the drive makes any noise at

    Man... I ll just have to test drive it for a few days...

    Since today I put 16 MB of chace in azureus...

    By the way that was not the trick is was talking about...

    This is just a try out to see if that solves the "azureus suddenly hangs a
    bit" bug...

    Or the "azureus speed suddenly drops dead" bug.

    Maybe it has something to do with the cache.

    Anyway I looked also at the console windows... many little messages etc...
    that might not be good because of packet collisions... but maybe that's not
    an issue with switches and cable modems etc... low speed anyway...

    Though I did notice these "Shareaza" clients constantly sending "keep alive"
    messages or something... that was pretty weird... but then again when my
    client was ready it also starting sending these things I think... but this
    client was not ready yet... hmm weird.

    Oh well.

    Let's do some calculations ;)

    I can download with 500 KB/sec max.

    Azureus will probably obtain 200 KB/sec max.

    7000 MB / 0.200 MB/SEC = Roughly: 35000 seconds

    That's about 9 to 10 hours... that just perfect.

    That's exactly how long I sleep :)

    Man I am fucking crazy... I should have spent these 200 bucks dutch gulders
    or 91 euro's much sooner... but then again... then I might have had a crappy
    IBM deathstar lol...

    I think the timing i just perfect to buy new hardware these couple of

    The tft monitors are looking good... the harddisks are looking... the cpu's
    are probably also good...

    Motherboards I dont know yet... chipsets I dont know yet... graphics cards
    probably wayyyy to expensive and still pretty slow just 350 mhz.. wow that's
    fucked but some say nonononno parallel shit.. i dont buy it ;)

    It's great time people go buy shit for chrismast ! :)

    Treat yourself on something heheheheh.

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 16, 2004
  8. Well

    I was wrong about the noise.

    Right now I am extracting a movie from RAR files and I am hearing the exact
    same noise as my old drive.

    So I now believe that both drives are actually making the exact same sound

    Kinda funny :)

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 17, 2004
  9. Well

    I just "reconfigured" my machine :)

    I moved the plextor cd rom down... and attached the first harddrive to it
    and the cd rom as slave ;)

    I attached the new second harddisk to the second ide cable.

    ( I also swapped ide cables with the motherboard... blue ide socket is the
    primary one I think :) and yup it worked the first time I even sealed my
    case... I was that sure it would work :) previous experience I know my asus
    board pretty well after 3 or 4 years :) )

    Anyway... the first time I tried to unpack a rar and outlook express...
    outlook express was not responding very well I think... because it had to be
    loaded from the first drive... while the second drive was busy.

    Now I did the same test... second drive unpacking rar... while first drive
    loading outlook express... and I think outlook express is now a bit more
    responsive :) but maybe that's just me :)

    Also unrarring took now longer... but that's because for the first rar or
    so... I did not run outlook express... I do think I did and even paused the
    rar to let outlook run and then continued the rar... ;) oh well. Still
    extraction under two minutes that s still fast and makes me happy :)

    ( Few I had to run to the toilet to think a big shit hehehehe... I was
    working with one door open and one windows open and even catched some little
    cold without noticing it... after building my pc together I had this pain in
    my stomach... and that was wy heheheh... tip: having constipation try
    holding your ass up in the cold air lol.... hahaha disclaimer: I do not know
    if it would really work :) I also had a little metal splinter in my little
    pinky but managed to get it out :) )

    Oh yeah... I still have to test my cdrom.. but I am sure it will work ;)

    I do still need a little plastic thing to fill up the hole where I took out
    the drive ! I don't get it when I bought the pc I think :( That's another
    good reason to build up my own PC in the feature ;) so I have everything =D
    I am thinking I will definetly do that someday :)

    I kinda look forward to selecting my pc casing... Since the cases I had so
    far are pretty unhandy...

    Though the latest DELL computer seems to have a very handy case... ;)

    But I dont quite trust dell's quality in total... For example they recommend
    a wireless keyboard... ieeew yak.. that just puts me off right... <- battery
    hell :)

    Though their 1703fp flat screen monitor was also one of the best tft
    monitors out of the 24 tft review in the pc magazine ;)

    Skybuck :)
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 17, 2004
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