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Skybuck's Dream PC 2006 needed an operation again ! (sympton was: severe vibrations)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    The last few days I have been disassembling, cleaning, oiling, and
    re-assembling my Dream PC from 2006.

    I needed a good cleaning, because I thought some of the fans had collected
    to much dust and fine dirt from cars and I suspect the oil wasn't good

    The reason for this suspicion was rattling and pretty severe vibrations
    which seemed to come from the external fans.

    So I pulled off all the stickers from the antec 1200 case fans, opened them,
    cleaned them, I noticed lot's of smurf snot and green snot, and buttery
    snot, the oil had turned into that.

    And then I did a somewhat shocking discovery:

    The AMD heatsink plastic bracket that was holding up the cpu fan had
    fractured, which may be the cause of the vibrations.

    Perhaps the case FANS and the cpu FANS interacted with each other and caused
    the vibrations, perhaps it was warm/cold weather that fractured it further.

    It was already damaged because of screws wrecking the plastic.

    The AMD X2 3800+ heatsink/fan design is utter crap... it's way too flimsy.

    Furthermore there were additional problems:

    The antec 1200 top case fan needs a washer to hold up the fan, without this
    washer it will not spin up properly and will hang a bit, fortunately I saved
    the metal washer and managed to re-attach it... I would have to remove the
    big fan otherwise cause I wouldn't know for sure if it would spin a little
    bit in the correct direction.

    I also didn't bother placing back washer on the rest of the case fans. I did
    place back a washer on the OCX X Stream power supply.

    I noticed glue inside of this power supply, fortunately it did not become on
    conductive... if I had become conductive like the gigaworks s750 drama then
    people could have been electrocuted possibly.

    There was a lot of dust in this power supply, so I cleaned that too, I
    basically cleaned every little corner of this case and it's equipment.

    The winfast motherboard did not have markings on the motherboard for the
    front panel connectors (hd led, power switch, power reset).

    I had to boot up my old Pentium III 450 mhz to download the winfast manual
    which fortunately is still available on some third party website.

    However first I wanted to update the Windows XP 32 bit operating system. It
    took the web-based windows update 5 fokking hours to find the 103 updates.
    Then I cancelled the stupid "malicious software scanner tool" and then it
    aborted the whole update installation ! Stupid web-based crap !

    So then I tried again, and another 8 hours went by and it didn't find
    nothing... it just kept scrolling that green bar. So I thought it was time
    for a reset and simply try and leave the computer running without doing
    anything so that windows xp can automatically download updates.

    This fortunately worked much better, it still took many many hours of
    shutting down the computer so it can install all 100 updates or so and then
    some more reboots.

    But after 20 hours or so... the old pentium III 450 mhz was finally updated
    with windows patches.

    Anyway I decided not to wait for this and go ahead and try to find the
    manual, risking pretty much everything... if the system had become infected
    wow, I would have had a major problem, it has no more cd/dvd drive and I
    don't even a 32 bit linux boot cd or whatever though not sure, but I should
    make one it could come in handy someday.

    Fortunately my old computer didn't get infected like last time (it already
    had sp3 or so)... and I could continue on my build.

    I booted the DreamPC without the CPU fan... unfortunately the winfast
    motherboard has some kind of driver bug so it tooks 10 minutes of booting.
    This was a scary period... but I set all case fans to max. And then later I
    noticed the CPU temperature was close to 40 degrees, it probably started to
    smell a bit or maybe that was the old monitor, I vented my place well.

    Then I put windows on minimum processor state/usage. So that it cuts back
    usage to 50%.

    Ofcourse I didn't feel comfortable without a CPU fan for this hot AMD

    Then after playing some online stratego on my old computer I searched for a
    heatsink online and then I saw this review and then I remembered... I have
    this Scyth Zipang cooler lol.

    So I was like YEAH ! That gonna be pretty good/perfect for my system.

    Last time that cooler probably fried my memory chip and motherboard, but
    that was when using dust filters as far as I can remember, I don't use those

    It does turn my PC into a big vacuum cleaner, but it runs cooler.

    This time I noticed something slightly odd... I think the orientation is a
    bit different on this winfast motherboard which could be a really good

    The heat pipes are actually pointing downwards and upwards, away from any
    critical components like memory chips.

    Even the graphics card is at a safe distance.

    This time I decided to flip the FAN on the Scyth Zipang ninja... I noticed
    how the stock AMD heatsink got real hot so I definetly don't want this
    Scythe Zipang CPU Cooler which normally blows "cold air" towards the
    motherboard blowing down on my motherboard ! Cause I simply don't believe.

    I think those Chinese motherfokkers are crazy to blow air towards the
    motherboard... I don't believe for one second that that air is actually
    cold. It's probably fokking hot like a hair dryer... especially in the

    It's now winter...

    Anyway so now/this time I decided to flip and turn the fan on it... and have
    it blow away from the motherboard and also towards the exit. Fortunately the
    fan has markings on it... indicating airflow.

    As always when cleaning my PC I break something off:

    1. The AMD heatsink <-> fan attachment is broken beyond usage.

    2. The motherboard graphics card pin that snaps into the graphics card broke
    off ! LOL... it's the white plastic that looks very weak... and indeed it
    snapped straight off while trying to remove the graphics card so I could
    snap in the AC97 connector cause sometime in the future I may want to try
    the onboard audio chip, instead of the fantastic creative labs x-fi
    soundblaster, though even linux mint 11 manages to output sound on this
    great soundblaster...

    Then something strange happened, while connecting cables to my computer, my
    computer turned on by itself, multiple times... it was very strange... but I
    am used to strange things happening when reconnecting power cables.

    For now I believe there was some kind of electrical loop occuring inside the
    cabling. So I unplugged all cables everywhere, so that the electricity stops
    looping around (perhaps ground wire loops etc).

    Hopefully this will solve the "computer turns on by itself" phenemon.

    What's also weird is that I noticed my computer turning on when I pressed
    the mouse button on the usb mouse... it shouldn't really do that as far as I
    know... there is nothing in the bios indicating that it should do that... so
    that's kinda strange... perhaps the mouse button was stuck but I don't think

    This was the first time I saw the computer auto turn on... however as I
    write this another explanation could be the E key it's slightly stuck I had
    to place some paper under it because it's plastic spring that holds up the
    key was broken beyond repair a while ago... so this logitec keyboard not too
    great when it comes to surviveability but it types nice.

    I don't think it was the E key though... it would seem like a logical
    explanation... but it's not... if it was logical then that would have
    happened before... this was something else, something different, some weird.
    Perhaps something is weirdly connected inside my PC but I don't think so.

    I had plenty of light this time and I checked everything and did everything
    according to manuals etc... so it's truely one of those unexplained x-files
    mysteries lol.

    For now I shall file it inside my brain as another unexplained electricity
    mystery though I am used to seeing electricy do spooky stuff to computers !
    ;) Like spooky action predicted by einstein :) Enough about the spooky shit.

    Now onto the rest.

    Windows 7 wanted to format A: ? wtf that kinda weird but probably floppy
    drive detection for the flash drive ? But there is not floppy drive in it
    lol. Ofcourse I cancelled, for all I know it might even try to format C:
    lol. Oh that reminds me I'll have to check my harddisks to see if there are
    any bad sectors, hopefully not.

    Anyway the only thing not working yet is the volume control on the break-out
    box from the soundblaster x-fi... perhaps it will work after a re-boot or

    Maybe the usb-reattachement somehow prevented its detection.. I also had to
    reconfigure volume outputs to not use AC97 or realtek or whatever but X-Fi
    elite soundblaster.

    I was very nice and relaxing to be away from my DreamPC for a few days... I
    felt like I was on a big "brain vacation" lol... putting my brain to rest...
    even while I was doing "hard labor" it still felt like a nice vacation when
    sitting behind my old computer :) So I am kinda a little bit sad that my
    DreamPC is now back online... it also makes a bit more noise than the old

    Temperatures right now are looking pretty excellent, I want to mostly keep
    motherboard temperature down so that it stays alive... fortunately the
    winfast motherboard has overheat protection so it's a great feature... it
    also had dual bios... another great feature.... and it's orientation and cpu
    brackets seem/are pretty good. I am glad the scyth fitted on it without a
    hassle. Ofcourse those plastic pins holding it up could break off like on
    other motherboard but I was a bit more carefull this time... it's heavy so
    the motherboard is in danger of fracture... but I ll risk it.

    If my DreamPC from 2006 does die in the next few years then it will probable
    be from micro-fracture... I got the overheat issue under control mostly I
    think ;)

    I will be monitoring temperatures the coming day to see what my "mod" is
    doing to the CPU fan situation :) So far I like it.

    Here are temperature read outs at 19.5 ambient temperatures (accoring to my
    shitty digital deskptop real workd clock), so temperatures according to
    CPUID HWMonitor software:

    (Oh yeah I just slapped a little fly lol... I noticed it early... glad it's
    DEAD ! I think I also found a little spider leg inside one of the case fan
    ducts... so that may explain the rattle also).
    (no fokking fly is gonna fok up my newbly rebuild/re-assembled dreampc from
    2006 ;))

    The only thing I didn't do yet is flash the bios... so this system currently
    can only use 3 GB and not 4 GB... I hope this does not affect dual channel
    usage... I hope memory performance will still be good in just 3 GB mode ?
    hmm ;)

    According to it's gui:
    thrm: 40 degrees celcius
    sysin: 24 degrees celcius
    cputin: 27 degrees celcius
    auxtin: 40 degrees celcius

    core #0: 25 degrees celcius
    core #1: 21 degrees celcius

    harddisks: 25 degrees celcius
    graphics card gt 520: 29 degrees celcius

    So far these temperatures look pretty impressive for idle... later on I ll
    check when gaming or so ;)

    I also took some pictures and some video of some part of the re-build...
    though my flash disks were full though I got the most interesting parts.

    Maybe I will post some pictures/videos later but there are quite gruesome
    too look at... like a surgeon performing surgery...

    I am pretty sure that most of you people don't wanna see all that AMD damage
    lol... nor all that dirty dust ! LOL.

    Or even the antec 1200 horror for the top fan which thankfully completed
    successfully, I have a nice video for that maybe some day I ll post it...

    But why go through all the trouble for me huh ?... just read my posting
    carefully and you'll be able to figure it out hopefully if not I sum it up
    shortly here:

    Yes it is possible to re-attach the washer to hold up the antec 1200 top
    case fan in it's case... so try ! there is also a spring in it ! So watch
    out if you remove the washer
    stuff will jump out, there is also a metal big ring in it and so forth.

    I levered it out, and levered it back onto it... so don't give up... it's
    possible and quite easy to do ! ;) Easier thank you would think... just use
    a large enough screw driver
    to get some good leverage, it must still fit into the shaft though ;)

    I am just happy that everything is now functioning again... at the start and
    especially when I "broke" the top fan washer... I felt gutted I was like oh
    my god... I may have to "junk" the entire system...

    But nope... I could have left the top fan out of it... and fortunately I had
    spare parts... like the Scythe Zipang cooler... so it's kinda cool and
    happy... this cleaning session had a happy ending ! ;) =D

    It was a close call though... I consider this Dream/Nightmare PC to be:
    "Computer evolution" All the bad/weak parts are thrown out and the
    better/good/strong parts remain.

    This blacknight will have some more years of usage... as I wrote in the
    post... I plan to only buy a new computer in the year 2016 !

    I am not sure yet what it will be, maybe an ARM chip, maybe a sealed PC so I
    don't ever have to clean it ever, maybe an intel chip, maybe a noiseless

    All I know is it will have to shit diamonds, it will have to be a diamond...
    it will have to have overheat protection, dual bios, low noise, low heat,
    and hopefully no cleaning and still good capabilities.

    Cause quite frankly... I don't like this blacknight anymore... it's like
    fokking batman... it's brutal and it's mean... it has it's own will and it
    wants to die a lot... it's under attack from all kinds of baddies... yeah
    black computers/niggers ?! attract lot s of baddies like: Mr Dust and Mr
    Overheat and Mr Electric and Mr BugUpYourAss and Mr BreakOff and Mr
    BiosBadSetting (yeah I set clock multiplier to 4x lol that didnt work lol.
    Had to remove bios battery so dont do that ! ;))
    Mr ReoilWasherProblem and so forth. But so far... just like Batman... he
    hangs on... kicks their asses and survives in it's batcave ! ;) =D

    (Many lessons learned.. hopefully I don't forget most... also this posting
    will remind me of some of them).

    This report not too good but I ll include it anyway, gonna do some
    temperatures manual above^:

    CPUID HWMonitor Report


    HWMonitor version


    Mainboard Model NF-CK804 (0x000001EB - 0x00B41AC8)


    LPCIO Vendor Winbond
    LPCIO Model W83627EHF
    LPCIO Vendor ID 0x5CA3
    LPCIO Chip ID 0x88
    LPCIO Revision ID 0x63
    Config Mode I/O address 0x2E
    Config Mode LDN 0xB
    Register space LPC, base address = 0x0290

    Hardware Monitors

    Hardware monitor Winbond W83627EHF
    Voltage 0 1.11 Volts [0x8B] (CPU VCORE)
    Voltage 1 1.86 Volts [0xE9] (VIN0)
    Voltage 2 3.34 Volts [0xD1] (AVCC)
    Voltage 3 3.34 Volts [0xD1] (+3.3V)
    Voltage 4 1.72 Volts [0xD7] (VIN1)
    Voltage 5 1.73 Volts [0xD8] (VIN2)
    Voltage 6 1.73 Volts [0xD8] (VIN3)
    Voltage 7 1.46 Volts [0xB7] (VIN4)
    Temperature 0 24°C (75°F) [0x18] (SYSTIN)
    Temperature 1 27°C (80°F) [0x36] (CPUTIN)
    Temperature 2 40°C (104°F) [0x50] (AUXTIN)
    Fan 0 7337 RPM [0x17] (SYSFANIN)
    Fan 1 927 RPM [0xB6] (CPUFANIN0)
    Hardware registers
    Register space LPC, base address = 0x0290

    Hardware monitor ACPI
    Temperature 0 40°C (104°F) [0xC3C] (THRM)

    Hardware monitor NVIDIA NVAPI
    Voltage 0 0.90 Volts [0x384] (VIN0)
    Temperature 0 29°C (84°F) [0x1D] (TMPIN0)


    Number of processors 1
    Number of threads 2


    Processor 0
    -- Core 0
    -- Thread 0 0
    -- Core 1
    -- Thread 0 1


    ACPI timer 3.580 MHz
    Perf timer 3.580 MHz
    Sys timer 1.000 KHz
    BCLK timer 200.92 MHz

    Processors Information

    Processor 1 ID = 0
    Number of cores 2 (max 2)
    Number of threads 2 (max 2)
    Name AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
    Codename Manchester
    Specification AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
    Package Socket 939
    CPUID F.B.1
    Extended CPUID F.2B
    Brand ID 5
    Core Stepping BH-E4
    Technology 90 nm
    Core Speed 1004.7 MHz
    Multiplier x Bus Speed 5.0 x 200.9 MHz
    HT Link speed 1004.7 MHz
    Stock frequency 2000 MHz
    Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64
    L1 Data cache 2 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line
    L1 Instruction cache 2 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte
    line size
    L2 cache 2 x 512 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64-byte line
    FID/VID Control yes
    Max FID 10.0x
    VID range 1.100 V - 1.400 V

    K8 Thermal sensor yes
    K8 Revision ID 4.1

    Thread dumps

    CPU Thread 0
    APIC ID 0
    Topology Processor ID 0, Core ID 0, Thread ID 0
    Type 02002008h
    Max CPUID level 00000001h
    Max CPUID ext. level 80000018h
    Cache descriptor Level 1, I, 64 KB, 1 thread(s)
    Cache descriptor Level 1, D, 64 KB, 1 thread(s)
    Cache descriptor Level 2, U, 512 KB, 1 thread(s)

    CPU Thread 1
    APIC ID 1
    Topology Processor ID 0, Core ID 1, Thread ID 0
    Type 02002008h
    Max CPUID level 00000001h
    Max CPUID ext. level 80000018h
    Cache descriptor Level 1, I, 64 KB, 1 thread(s)
    Cache descriptor Level 1, D, 64 KB, 1 thread(s)
    Cache descriptor Level 2, U, 512 KB, 1 thread(s)

    Display Adapters

    Display adapter 0
    Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
    Revision A1
    PCI device bus 5 (0x5), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
    Vendor ID 0x10DE (0x1043)
    Model ID 0x1040 (0x83A0)

    Skybuck and his Batcomputer ! ;) =D
    Skybuck Flying, Dec 10, 2013
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