Skybuck's Dream PC design for 2006 (Version 7)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Skybuck Flying, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Skybuck Flying

    Scotter Guest

    Benjamin -

    It seems like you are *choosing* to *try* to disparage Skybuck.
    I say "choose" because you could assume when he says "... Vista run
    smooth..." that he means using it to do things like play games, video edit,
    etc. Or you could assume, like you seem to have, that he just wants to use
    Vista's built-in calculator and maybe Microsoft Office? So you chose to
    assume something that would "make him wrong."

    And when I look at the components he chose, it looks like he did quite a bit
    of research and if you read his notes you would see he has been quite

    All it reveals to me is that you are having computer envy by looking at his
    "dream machine" or you have some fears that you are not as intelligent as
    you wish you were so you look for chances to attack other people's

    Skybuck seems like a nice person and quite intelligent and it's sad to me to
    hear people like you and Augustus attack him and waste all our time.

    I saw the thread and I got excited because I thought people would be chiming
    in with constructive ideas like oh yeah how about swapping that
    motherboard/cpu for a dual Opteron 254 setup? Or how about this or that
    different video card setup or whatever. And by the way here are some links
    to benchmarks, blah blah blah.

    And Theodore I take issue with your comment about "...doubt anyone with a
    brain in their head would spend 10% of their income on a computer." You are
    making a wide generalization with this blanket statement. I'm sure there are
    many types of people who would/do spend that % of their income on their
    computer systems. I'll list an example: Someone who works for themselves as
    a freelance videographer. And if you think that videographer is foolish for
    spending so much on the computer system that he may spend 8-14 hours a day
    using, then I must disagree. It's 2005 and the computer is a powerful tool
    that can be used for soooo much!

    MY assumption is this guy posted some valuable information in the spirit of
    community/sharing that is what newsgroups are all about! By posting, he is
    sharing info and inviting others to contribute. And I'm sad to hear few, if
    any (i haven't read every post here), of you are actually addressing the
    real issue, which is just the parts/performance of what he proposes here.
    Instead I hear a lot of name-calling. You can be sure I won't revisit this
    thread. I'm also sad to hear someone calling the original poster a "troll"
    when to me the trolls are the "people" who are attacking him. I'm betting
    that actually most of you are highly intelligent inviduals who, if you
    thought about this for a few minutes, would realize when you attack someone
    like this, you reveal much about your own inadequacies.

    And those of you who disagree with me PLEASE put me in your killfile because
    that would mean later when I post information or requests for information,
    less people like you will side-track the conversation with petty, bitchy,
    whiny noise.
    Scotter, Jan 4, 2006
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  2. Skybuck Flying

    milleron Guest

    I don't think you'd be defending Mr. Skybuck if you were aware of his
    history of silly trolling in this forum and apparently in many others.
    As you point out, he has done some research, but, as always, it's
    pretty pointless. I agree that he's not someone who should be
    attacked. If people don't have the time for his hypothetical posts,
    they should just ignore him.

    milleron, Jan 4, 2006
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  3. Skybuck Flying

    Folk Guest

    Folk, Jan 4, 2006
  4. Skybuck might seem like a nice person to you, and there's no doubt that he
    can be when he wants to be, but have you not considered that others may have
    more experience of him than you do?
    It's noticeable that your own "contribution" to the thread contains none of
    this either. You are merely attacking a couple of other posters for
    attacking someone else. Doesn't that make you just as bad as they are???
    That's YOUR assumption. Did you not consider that others may have more
    experience of this individual, and may be writing their responses in this

    The first time I encountered Skybuck, it was in a context where he
    was spitting abuse at someone who'd answered one of his posts factually and
    accurately. From what I've seen since, I conclude that he's only "nice" when
    someone is saying what he wants to hear, and also that he does indeed spend
    large amounts of time researching "dream" computer systems that he never
    seems to actually buy.

    You are entirely free to disagree with this assessment, and indeed those of
    Augustus and Theodore, but you have no right to question our ability to make
    our own judgments on the guy.
    Good grief, is that really your preferred option? Are you really so scared
    of genuine, adult debate that you would rather be ignored? That sounds like
    a really easy way to end up listening to nothing but the echoes of your own
    voice. Hell, even Skybuck will tell you to **** off the day you say
    something he doesn't like - he's got a track record y'know.

    Richard Hopkins
    Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
    (replace nospam with pipex in reply address)

    The UK's leading technology reseller
    Richard Hopkins, Jan 4, 2006
  5. No,

    512 MB is the minimum system requirement.

    I have read that windows vista already requires 750 MB of ram at boot time.

    You still need ram for applications so that's at least 1 GB just for

    Games are going to require 1 GB of ram real soon.

    So if you want to run Windows Vista smoothly and Games smoothly I might add,
    the requirements will be 2 GB at least.

    Now if you are a programmer like me and you would like to debug some open
    source code be prepared to add another gigabyte.

    However 3 GB is a bit weird... 4 GB is better for performance <- double data
    rate possible so might as well go for 4 GB =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jan 4, 2006
  6. I assume you mean me. If that's correct then please reply to my post as
    others might have problems finding what you're referring to.
    Nope, I just say how reality is.
    So what? You still don't need 2GB to play games smooth with Vista or
    edit videos...

    Point is that this guy simply has no clue, just making wild assumptions
    and taking them for real...
    Well, I'm quite sure he never touched Vista in real due to the nonsense
    he's posting. On the other side @work I'm also working with Vista as we
    are preparing some of our products to be compatible with it as soon as
    it ships officially...
    Are you kidding? The only research he has done is probably taking the
    most expensive components from some website. Well, if you call that
    "research" then you're right of course...
    Honestly, I don't give a sh*t on such a dream machine because it
    wouldn't fit my needs (too small memory, no hardware RAID, and it's a
    self-made computer which I never would buy). But then, I spend a lot
    more for my home PC than what all the stuff on the list costs, so it's
    hardly comparable...
    Well, if you think that this list is a form of "intelligence" then your
    limit isn't very high.

    And as to criticism: _he_ has posted his crap here so he opened it up
    for discussion. If he just wants to hear what a smart and clever guy he
    is he'd probably better gone elsewhere and paid someone for that...
    I don't care if he's a nice person or not because that doesn't matter.
    But from a technical point of view he posts a huge amount of BS, and
    that's what I want to comment. If he (or you) don't like it feel free to
    killfile me, or better avoid usenet at all as this place is where
    everywhere can post his opinions if you like it or not.
    Sure, that might be ok for the clueless. However, for people that _do_
    know anything about computers this is just a waste of time because what
    hardware is good or not depends heavily on what you want to do with it.
    Of course, for people that think of their computer as something like a
    penis enlargement or that just want a system to run synthetic benchmarks
    all day that's certainly a valid point...
    Right, but anyone with a brain in his head certainly won't spend money
    on a self-made system to work for a living. That's where complete
    systems from big brand names have their place, with support and
    Yeah, posting a list of expensive hardware and a bunch of other nonsense
    to _seven_ groups to which some of them are _totally_ unrelated to this
    topic. What a sign of intelligence if he even isn't able to choose the
    right newsgroups...

    I assume you are reading alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt, right? Well,
    there his posting probably has it's place, but I for example don't read
    this newsgroup. But he SPAMmed this BS in several other groups which
    most of them are not related to building a PC (i.e. several groups which
    are for gfx cards only, and one that is totally unrelated to homebrew
    And we are contributing... ;-)

    Benjamin Gawert, Jan 4, 2006
  7. Nope. Vista runs also with 128MB of memory...
    Exactly, you have _read_...
    Nope, even 1GB is fine for most games and also for most applications.
    2GB certainly is more than enough for all games that arrive within the
    next 2 years...
    I also do programming, but I doubt that this is comparable (honestly I
    doubt you'd ever heard about the programming languages)...

    Benjamin Gawert, Jan 4, 2006
  8. Hey Scotty,

    You're right Scotty.

    Skybuck's Dream PC is a SUPER PC.










    It's all that and more ! ;)

    So anybody assuming that I or anybody else would just want to use it for
    Office is being childish hihihihihiihihihih.
    Yup and thank you ;).
    That's ok. LOL.

    When I look at my own Dream PC design I get a little envious myself LOL.

    I am sure it will wear off as time passes away hehe.
    I am used to that :)
    Neh, that's rare.

    Besides it's already the best of the best... Not much room to improve on ;)

    The lack of improvement posts/replies kinda proves it ;)

    And Theodore I take issue with your comment about "...doubt anyone with a
    Exactly. I agree with you 100%. Also a more expensive computer will last
    much longer and therefore is worth it's money.
    Yeah lol, you tell em lol.
    I doubt it,

    Some people just like bitching all the time lol :)

    Attacking people is cheap.

    Saying that I am a troll is cheap.

    Saying that my current post is bullshit because I supposedly misbehaved in
    the past is also cheap and bullshit.

    Besides it doesn't work.

    Smart, intelligent people like Scotter simply look right through it ;)

    In a way it's a complement to my design. Because if my design was bad they
    would be all over it. Like nonononono, this is bad, nonononono that is bad.
    They are not doing that are they ? ;)

    Hehehehe, my design is SUPER/SUPERIOR. LOL.


    I would be a fool not to buy my own superior design, especially after
    spending so much time.

    My (design) goal has been achieved.

    So I must set new goal(s):

    My next goal is to buy all this stuff, and build it, which will probably be
    quit simple and quick.

    After that my new goal will be: to enjoy my soon-to-be computer to the
    maximum. Oh yeah.

    And then it will no longer be a dream pc but a real bad software eating
    MONNNNSTTERRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr argh argh argh argh =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jan 4, 2006
  9. Skybuck Flying

    kony Guest

    For any practical purpose, no.
    It'd be incredibly stupid to buy a box with vista that only
    had 128MB, or to buy Vista for such a box.

    256MB-512MB is the minimum, otherwise you have ran out of
    memory and are using swapfile. MS would like to redefine
    what a minimum is to sell more copies but that doesn't mean
    it's really true. You are required to have more than 128MB
    memory, so if you try to avoid it you just use hard drive
    space as more than the 128MB... so any way you look at it,
    you did use more than 128MB.
    kony, Jan 4, 2006
  10. Here is my counter attack on Benjamin :)

    Benjamin has made himself look quite redicilious:

    He thinks the following:

    1. Windows Vista will actually run smooth and play games smooth with 512 MB
    of ram.

    He's probably a retard who plays FreeCell all day ;)

    2. PC's from Dell and Hewlett Packard are better than home made PC's.


    3. PC's from Dell and Hewlett Packard are cheaper.


    4. He needs "come help me at home" support.


    (He's too stupid to do it himself hahahahahahaha ).

    5. He actually think's he knows what he is talking about just because he is
    using Windows Vista at work.

    He's thinking like a true retard should "I am running it so that makes me
    automatically a expert".

    6. He did not even bother to read my notes.

    That makes him clueless not me.

    7. He actually thinks I picked the most expensive components.

    No Sir Bob !

    I simply picked the components which performed the best in benchmarks.
    Because I want the best of the best and I have the money too, too afford it,
    and it will be worth it.
    The only component where I made an exception is the processor.
    Ofcourse he doesn't know that because he's clueless LOL.

    8. He thinks there is no RAID ?!?

    He clueless again.

    9. He contradicts himself.

    He says 4GB is too small for his needs. Yeah right. He probably running with
    512 MB ram lol.

    He is probably unaware of the fact that most motherboards don't support over
    4 GB.

    Let alone windows xp.

    10. He admits he spent way too much money on his Dell PC.

    When will this guy wake up ? Answer: NEVER LOL.

    11. He is trying very hard to come over more intelligent than you.... by
    saying that you're not so intelligent.

    Gje. How cheap eh ? ;) Is it working ? Ofcourse NOT, LOL.

    Only retards like him think that works.

    12. He is out of his league. This is a dream pc.

    If you want to run Office XP only get out of this thread man.

    His mind is too limited to think big. He sees it only as a penis enlargement
    and as synthetic benchmark test. Except from running Vista at work.. This
    guy has probably never ever played Doom 3, Quake 4 or run any other high
    requirement software ;) LOL.

    13. He actually thinks these newgroups are unrelated.

    He probably never ever heard of the NFORCE 4 chipset. He is probably
    clueless about SLI,
    PCI-E Express (Busses), Memory, Harddisks and how it all relates to each
    other and impacts each other's performance.

    There you go ladies and gentlemen.

    A nice attack on Benjami Gawert "The Clueless Troll" =D

    Normally I don't spent my time attacking people because it's not worth my

    But just for you, and just this once, and just because you're such a
    cluesless motherfucker LOL,

    I made an exception, Just to show my nice attacking skills :p ;) :p*

    PEACE :D


    Over and Out ! =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jan 4, 2006
  11. Skybuck Flying

    Scotter Guest

    Hey Skybuck -

    In the spirit of sharing info, etc, here is my "dream system" which is
    actually just now being finished being built. I merely have to find the
    final component, which is a 7800 GTX 512. Not easy so far.

    Tyan Thunder K8WE motherboard - over $400

    Two Opteron 252's (2.6ghz) - over $400 each

    4 gig Corsair XMS ECC Reg DDR 400 (2 gig per CPU as you see this motherboard
    has 4 RAM slots per CPU slot)

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 SATA 2 500GB drive - I'm sick of dealing with RAID. I
    don't need super fast hard drive access. I want capacity and reliability. I
    read good reviews of this drive. Already have an external/portable USB2
    drive and external DVD burner to use for backups, etc.
    I'll probably drop one or two of these 160gig Seagate SATA150 drives in the
    case for quick backup of project data in case the Hitachi ever goes down.

    Lian-Li PC-70 case (this is a very expensive case >$300 but WOW read the
    If you like to build your own systems, Skybuck, I HIGHLY recommend investing
    in a case like this.

    Ultra X-Connect (X2) Modular 550W power supply

    BFG 7800 GTX 512 - every store seems to be awaiting shipments of these... :(
    choosing this card because it is the fastest of nVidia's cards available at
    this time, running at core 580 and mem 1750 AND it has my preferred cooling
    solution, which is one that blows the warm air out the back of the case. I
    had to get aftermarket (nvSilencer) for my current 6800 GT OC to do that. If
    I can find an XFX or EVGA one any sooner, I'll snatch one of them up and
    live with them not having my favored cooling method.

    A few of the parts are coming from my current single Opteron 250 system --
    like two of those 4 gig of RAM the Lian-Li case, and the power supply, all
    of which (except PS) I've had for over a year now -- which runs on MSI's
    Master2-FAR motherboard, which SUCKS. Oh the motherboard is very high
    quality and has nice features for back when it came out but what sucks is
    that cpu spot #2 is very close to the AGP slot, and in my case, too close to
    even run a second CPU for very long; I had heating issues. But then I
    believe something else was wrong with the MB, causing CPU2 to get too much
    amperage and generate abnormal amounts of heat. So I've been running on one
    Opteron 250 for awhile now. And if you have ever run dual processors and
    then yanked one to run on just one, you'll know the feeling and *then*
    you'll understand why I've built this new system as I did. BTW I'm not
    disparaging your choice, Skybuck, to go with the X2 setup. I think those new
    dual core CPUs are great. My reasons for going this route were:
    (a) I can get a bit more ghz for less $ this way
    (b) I already have that ECC RAM in my current box
    (c) I'm not sure those X2's can run in "NUMA" mode right now
    Now I've heard conflicting messages about being able to run in NUMA mode
    with an X2 if you do some kludging but I'm not sure.
    You may wish to read here:
    and here:
    Scotter, Jan 4, 2006
  12. Yeah, right. You're definitely showing your intelligence here...
    You don't know shit so everyone must know shit?
    I never said that. Reading isn't your strongest point, eh?
    You're a moron, but then what should I expect from a guy that obviously
    didn't even hit puberty. FYI: if you have to make money with your
    computer you usually have no time fiddling around and searching for
    failures, or to wait several weeks until companies like Asusu get their
    asses up and send you a replacement for your broken mainboard. Loosing
    time means loosing money. Of course a teenager doesn't understand that...

    And if you are having problems with a professional software (i.e some
    expensive CAD package) that you use to earn your money, and the support
    asks you if you have a certified system and if you say "no, I'm so cool
    that I build a system by myself because I know everything better" then
    they will tell you to **** yourself with the problem. Period.
    Well, running and working is something different. Maybe you are running
    some more or less legal version of Vista, but you certainly don't get
    paid to _work_ with it, otherwise you'd show a bit more competence...
    Yeah, benchmarks. Of course you don't know the difference between a
    synthetic benchmark and real-world performance...
    If you have the money then go out and buy that thing and save us your
    BS. But honestly, if you can afford it, better go and let someone who
    knows anything about hardware to build the computer...
    Yeah, the great Nvidia software RAID. Very fast for RAID0 but fucking
    crap for anything that requires availability (RAID1, RAID5 etc). But
    what should I tell that to a kid that even doesn't know what a hardware
    RAID is...
    Well, my computer supports up to 16GB of memory, and Windowsxp x64 has
    no problems with the 10GB of DDR2 it currently has...
    Yeah, right. Besides that my main PC is not from Dell...

    Thinking also sin't a strong point of yours. I begin to wonder where
    your strong points are...

    How about you concentrate your BS in the groups it belongs to? Since you
    have problems with understanding, I'll give you a hint: the newsgroup
    name has "pc-homebuilt" in it...
    Yeah, if you say so, it must be right...
    You're even to stupid to understand what comp.arch ist for, or that the
    ATI- and Nvidia-groups are for Graphics cards. But a kid like you
    certainly doesn't even know what a chipset is...
    Well, no. You just showed the total inability to handle critics, besides
    that you already prooved to have no clue about computers which go over
    reading some websites. Of course you're attacking me directly because
    you simply have no arguments, and you have no arguments because you have
    no knowledge. But it's ok, kiddo. Google will save every piece of shit
    you posted, so that you will have someting to laugh about - later when
    you're grown up one day...

    Benjamin Gawert, Jan 4, 2006
  13. Skybuck Flying

    Scotter Guest

    Oh and Skybuck -

    Here is IMHO a superior monitor to the one you listed:
    Dell's ULtraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch Wide Aspect Flat Panel LCD
    12ms response. 1920x1200
    I have two of these and they rock.
    No ghosting in games, either.
    Right now my 6800 GT OC only supports one DVI and one VGA so, with adaptor,
    monitor #2 doesn't look quite as crisp as #1 but you are getting a dual DVI
    card so you'll be fine (and yay I will be, too, as soon as I can find that
    7800 GTX 512 card...)
    Scotter, Jan 4, 2006
  14. Well, I beg to differ. Basically you're right of course, WinXP accepts
    only diskettes during initial installation. But some BIOSes are able to
    mask a USB drive as diskette, thus making it able to use them for driver

    Benjamin Gawert, Jan 4, 2006
  15. Skybuck Flying

    Bernd Paysan Guest

    The way I deal with the PC "robustness" problem in the office is by having
    at least one spare PC, so when one PC breaks, work can continue. Under
    normal conditions, the spare PCs can be used to offload long-running jobs.
    I even do so at home, but then, the spare PC is the previous one or the

    The last boards that broke where Gigabyte boards, though (same lot). I
    replaced one with an ASUS board and the other with a later revision of the
    Gigabyte board, and both work fine.
    Bernd Paysan, Jan 4, 2006

    I don't think so... at least when reading this thread about the noise level:

    Yikes !
    Euhm :), what am I supposed to do with two DVI's on my graphics card ?

    Two of these monitors ??? Seems a bit overkill but ok <- for me at least ;)

    I am quite tired so I am keeping the posts short for now.


    Skybuck Flying, Jan 4, 2006
  17. Hmm interesting read.

    Your computer will have the following properties compared to mine =D

    1. More cpu power, 10% to 30%
    2. More memory, 100% to 300%
    3. More reliable/stable memory but also slightly slower.
    4. Probably faster graphics, thanks to the cpu... maybe also 10% to 30% or
    even higher in case 4 GB is not enough ;)

    The AMD opteron 252 in one of my "local" (meaning netherlands/europe web
    store) costs about 723 euro's ! OUCH.

    The AMD opteron 252 is only a single core 2.6 ghz processor so you'll need
    two as shown in the benchmark (see my list ;))

    So two of these would costs: 1446 euro's. HOLYSHIT.

    That really makes me go HOLYSHIT.

    The AMD athlon X2 3800+ only costs 346 euro's and it has two cores both
    running at 2.0 ghz. So it's almost like a 4.0 ghz processor.

    Both opteron's would ammount to: 5.2 ghz. So in theory: ((5.6-4)/4)*100 = 40
    procent faster.

    The benchmarks show only 30 procent faster in reality.

    Now let's look at the price:

    ((1446-346)/346) * 100 = 318% more expensive.

    The combined opterons are 318% more expensive than the x2 3800.

    I seriously think you are getting riped off at the processor front ;) :D

    Here is one last tip: Make sure to cool the hitachi harddisk with an extra
    fan, just in case.

    I read a review and it said the harddisks should be cooled to run at
    comfortable levels ;)

    So a case with fans for the harddisks would be nice.

    Otherwise I would recommend that you touch the harddisk while it's running
    and if it's really getting to hot you might have problem there ;)

    I think 60 degree's is still safe... but the review recommened 30 degrees.

    However I have no idea what 60 degrees since I never measured it.

    I simply touch with my finger, and if it burns my finger than that can't be

    60 degrees is probably just below the "burning finger syndrome" lol.

    But don't think my word for it ;)

    I'll investigate this some more later on...

    Thank you for sharing and have a nice day/night/evening/whatever ;) :D


    At least you're being smart to make a backup, we all know the horror stories
    about the gxp 60 etc...

    So just like you I am always a bit worried with the hitachi drives lol...
    but when they work well... it's sure worth it :D

    So a good backup strategy (for example by using ghost software) is a nice
    "peace of mind" to have :):):)

    Or simply zipping all important data...

    Now I also have two drives... and I haven't made a CD backup in probably 6
    months or a year.

    Maybe that's not so smart... both drives could fail at the same time... for
    example one drive overheats and causes the other one
    to overheat as well... and lately I have been hitting my computer case
    pretty hard because the power fan doesn't spin up right at the start...
    it keeps making this weird sound... as soon as I hit the case it spins ok

    One of these days I might damage both harddisks at the same time and then
    it's boom/crash lol :)

    Oh well ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jan 4, 2006
  18. Skybuck Flying

    Ed Forsythe Guest

    Hi Skybuck,
    Lots of critics but few constructive suggestions. Maximum PC has put
    together dream machines in the 10K range. I can't afford one but if I could
    I'd build one because it's one of my hobbies (all expensive <G>). Is there
    a problem with that or are all of you counter- trolls a little jealous? Back
    to my purpose - Skybuck did I miss something or are you proposing a super '
    puter based on DDR memory? Why not DDR2? I would prefer WD drives and I'd
    start with 2GB of DDR2 RAM and up the ante when it became desirable.
    There's no such thing as too much memory or power supply. Provide your case
    and MB can handle both. It's like the performance car troop favorite -
    "There's no substitute for cubic inches!" ;-)
    Ed Forsythe, Jan 5, 2006
  19. Skybuck Flying

    FredK Guest

    Constructive suggestion: Stop crossposting where nobody is interested in
    Skydopes pre-teen nightmare.
    FredK, Jan 5, 2006
  20. Skybuck Flying

    Bernd Paysan Guest

    Bernd Paysan, Jan 5, 2006
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