Skybuck's DreamPC Fourth Build, 116 Pictures available !

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Hello There !

    Skybuck's DreamPC has been rebuild for the Fourth time and now pictures
    available online !

    (Rebuild using a new motherboard from ASRock and a new graphics card from

    It's now pretty much ready and I made and uploaded 116 high resolution (4
    megapixels) delicious pictures for you !

    Be sure to look at the picture filenames for a description of each picture !
    (This can be done by changing the "view")

    The pictures can be viewed here on Microsoft's Skydrive:

    If for some reason the link don't work then google for: "Skybuck Skydrive"
    and go to "hardware" and then "DreamPCFourthBuild".

    AMD should definetly take a look a picture numbers:

    63, 64, 65

    To show a plastic-break-off problem with the heatsink fan holder design and
    it's metal screws and round plastic rings on the holder.

    Fortunately the fan case was still attacheable.

    Also many interesting "dust" shots ! LOL.

    And also many interesting "cleaning shots" (how to clean cpu heatsink and
    fan and antec 1200 front drive bays and their fans)

    Many other shots show: power supply, motherboard, boxes, cables, case,
    windows, cd's, gui shots, driver installation menu shots, nice lights,
    manuals, simply a whooooollleee lot of stuff !

    Definetly a must watch for all people with AMD x2 3800+ or Antec 1200 case
    or both ! ;) =D (Or just random people to see what I have been up too lol !
    ;)) =D

    Also people interested in the asus gt 520 silent/passively cooled graphics
    card (dx11/cuda 2.1) might also find some very interesting shots showing the
    two slot heatsink design.

    There is some stuff in there for pretty much everybody ! ;) =D

    I cleaned the front fans as an experiment, in the coming months/years I will
    leave the dust filters out for much much much better airflow and cooling
    properties and to see what effect it has on the dust build up inside the
    drive bays, cpu heatsink and front and rear and top fans, I suspect the dust
    will be much less without the dust filters because of higher air speed, the
    dust will simply be blown out the back and the top. (I do wonder if the top
    blow hole might have health consequences though, because of more dust in
    air, maybe somebody should investigate this ! ;) :))

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
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  2. Ok,

    Microsoft's Skydrive is a bit retarded and it doesn't show full filenames.

    Anyway for the sake of discussion I shall post the filename descriptions

    (I shall also upload two more pictures showing the filenames of all the

    1 - New Motherboard Box Front.JPG
    2 - New Motherboard Box Back.JPG
    3 - New Motherboard Box Contents.JPG
    4 - New Motherboard Back Connectors.JPG
    5 - New Motherboard Heatsinks.JPG
    6 - New Graphics Card Box Front.JPG
    7 - New Graphics Card Box Back.JPG
    8 - New Graphics Card Heatsink.JPG
    9 - New Graphics Card Heatsink Sharp.JPG
    10 - New Motherboard Heatsink Height.JPG
    11 - New Graphics Card Back.JPG
    12 - New Motherboard Front CloseUp.JPG
    13 - New Motherboard Back CloseUp.JPG
    14 - New Motherboard Back SideWays Pins Height.JPG
    15 - New Graphics Card Heatsink Height Back Connectors.JPG
    16 - New Graphics Card Heatsink Height Front.JPG
    17 - New Motherboard Back Connectors CloseUp.JPG
    18 - New Motherboard Weird Metal Lines Going Up To Back Connector.JPG
    19 - New Motherboard Installed with Dirty CPU heatsink and Dirty Fan Overal
    20 - Micro ATX fits in Antec 1200 case, notice the weird screw placements
    but it fits, parts of mb are floating in air.JPG
    21 - Micro ATX side ways.JPG
    22 - Backplate which came with new motherboard fits.JPG
    23 - Dust inspection of old Seasonic S12 600 watt power supply from the
    back, looking good no burned glue spots.JPG
    24 - Dust inspection of old Seasonic S12 600 watt power supply from the
    25 - Overal case dust inspection near power supply (bottom of case).JPG
    26 - Top of case dust inspection near top fan blow hole (top of case), quite
    some dust on large fan and blowhole.JPG
    27 - Street under construction, just included for fun, PC build continues on
    next picture.JPG
    28 - Seasonic S12 power supply power cable to short, ASRock motherboard
    micro-atx power socket to far away.jpg
    29 - Replacement power supply box front (ocz mod x stream 780 watt).JPG
    30 - Replacement power supply first close up, some glue is noticeable,
    transparent fan.JPG
    31 - Floppy cable barely makes it, I folded it double so it takes less space
    for better airflow.JPG
    32 - Replacement power supply power cable is long enough, thank god, all
    important cables reach too, good.JPG
    33 - Close up of folded floppy ide cable.JPG
    34 - Close up of CPU Fan 3 pin connector connecting to motherboard's 4 pin
    connector, good.JPG
    35 - New graphics card installed and creative labs soundblaster x-fi
    installed too, both fit.JPG
    36 - Case motherbord back side after pulling cables loose from old power
    37 - Soundblaster power cable too short, harddisk bay not moveable, not
    really a problem, replaced later with other cable.JPG
    38 - Oopsie, very dirty cpu heatsink and cpu fan (front), should have
    cleaned it first, probably failed dropped in oil plus dust.JPG
    39 - Oopsie, very dirty cpu heatsink and cpu fan (back), that's a really
    dirty poopert ! I better clean it ! LOL.JPG
    40 - Shit now I gotta pull CPU loose again and clean it again for the second
    time oh well, it gonna be worth it.JPG
    41 - Cleaning CPU heatsink with water, I am using wrong photo camera mode,
    sorry, showing water droplets.JPG
    42 - Cleaning CPU heatsink with water and toilet paper to get black dirty
    stuff out, showing water droplets.JPG
    43 - Cleaning CPU heatsink fan with water too, front.JPG
    44 - Showing backside of CPU heatsink fan, showing the important black metal
    washer, dont break it if you decide to remove it !.JPG
    45 - Showing the black metal washer removed, fortunately I didn't break it,
    it's necessary to hold the fan properly in place as I found out later !.JPG
    46 - Surprise, Surprise, there is a metal spring around the cpu's heatsink
    fan blade shaft ! Also in the process of cleaning coils and printboard and
    47 - The sticker which was on the cpu heatsink fan, could provide searchable
    information, also better keep sticker to place it back later just in case
    washer comes loose.JPG
    48 - Trying to capture the cpu heatsink's fan AMD hologram on photo, it's
    green in reality but different colors on photo such as red too, here it's
    blue, purple and pink.JPG
    49 - CPU heatsink fan hologram pink and yellow.JPG
    50 - CPU heatsink fan hologram red, see I told you it was red too !.JPG
    51 - The almighty AMD CPU X2 3800 plus (dual core), these serial numbers
    prove that it's indeed a 90 WATTS cpu, look it up sometime ! (wink).JPG
    52 - What a fokking mess (desktop full with stuff while rebuilding computer,
    cleaning and letting components dry).JPG
    53 - Did somebody take a shit in here or what question mark (desktop full
    with toilet paper, yeah for toilet paper ! smile).JPG
    54 - New motherboard and new graphics card manuals in between.JPG
    55 - Old power supply detached, it looks like a monster from the matrix,
    also some cables removed from new power supply which is modular.JPG
    56 - This nice sewing machine oil will make the cpu's heatsink fan run like
    new ! I'm all ready to oil it, can't wait to oil it, letting it dry first
    57 - More surprises, the cpu heatsink's fan holder actually has a little
    detachable magnet inside of it ! Hmmm.JPG
    58 - CPU Fan and heatsink cleaned, good as new (front of fan) what a
    difference eh question mark.JPG
    59 - CPU Fan and heatsink cleaned, good as new ( back of fan), notice the
    missing washer, this will give problems with spinning up, it will fail.JPG
    60 - Power button cable correctly attached, notice the black cable which is
    ground, notice the labels pointing towards other side of motherboard.JPG
    61 - CPU heatsink fan metal washer gently re-attached, thank god for that,
    it's absolutely necessary to make the fan spindle up !.JPG
    62 - CPU heatsink fan sticker put back just in case the washer gets loose,
    the washer is probably firmly attached, also sticker info might come in
    handy for future.JPG
    63 - CPU heatsink fan holder metal screws, Hey what's that, looks like
    something broke off, some kind of rings.JPG
    64 - CPU heatsink fan holder plastic rounds broke off, holyfok, how the fok
    did that happen, perhaps warm water caused it, perhaps bad design, perhaps
    diagonal de-screw.JPG
    65 - CPU heatsink fan holder screws still fit in, plastic rings can be
    removed from screws.JPG
    66 - CPU heatsink fan holder plastic rings from screws removed, the plastic
    rings looked cracked, see picture 63 for cracks.JPG
    67 - Windows 7 Ultimate boot screen, showing Backup administrator and
    68 - Windows 7 showing devices for new motherboard and usb 7in1 card reader
    cable and floppy drive attached part 1.JPG
    69 - Windows 7 showing devices for new motherboard continued, graphics
    driver not installed yet, notice the non-transparent gui.JPG
    70 - Windows 7 graphics driver not yet installed, notice the non-transparent
    gui, demonstrated by 3 window slash computer explorers.JPG
    71 - ASRock motherboard driver CD (cleaned) came in a shitty plastic bag
    with a sticky tape, this sticky tape almost ruined my CD when it got stuck
    to it (when placing it back) !.JPG
    73 - Asus Graphics Card driver CD came in a nice paper bag, much better !
    (However the graphics card came with a general installation manual, nothing
    specific for this card).JPG
    72 - ASRock motherboard driver CD from the front in shitty plastic bag.JPG
    74 - Showing ASRock motherboard driver installation menu (after tools
    already installed), nice no problems.JPG
    75 - Asus Graphics Card driver installation menu.JPG
    76 - Asus Graphics Card driver installation taskbar icon looks kinda funky
    and magic like, like a black box with green magic bubbling out of it.JPG
    77 - Asus Graphics Card driver installation, most interesting part, it is
    indeed installing 3D Vision support, most interesting (but maybe requires
    new monitor I found out later sad smiley).JPG
    78 - After graphics driver installation the windows menues do look
    transparent, it looks very nice and funky ! and modern !.JPG
    79 - Cable wiring job for power supply replacement, I re-used the sticky
    tape as much as possible, looks less cable crowded then old power supply,
    80 - Cable wiring job from the front, nice.JPG
    81 - Cable wiring job from the front wide shot.JPG
    82 - Cable wiring job from the front close up, nice natural flare there.JPG
    83 - Looking into harddisk section from the front, wideshot.JPG
    84 - Looking into the back slash rear fan section from the front,
    85 - Some glue there on the left copper coil of ocz power supply, that
    worried me a bit, and probably caused some smell, not sure, but future
    inspections might reveal it.JPG
    86 - Glue also slightly visible on this photo, also showing modular system
    of power supply a little bit as well as x-fi soundblaster logo and dust and
    87 - Looking into the top blow hole big fan section from the bottom, also
    showing x-fi soundblaster components on it's circuitboard, wideshot.JPG
    88 - The antec 1200 case window.JPG
    89 - The antec 1200 case from the back with the new motherboard installed,
    90 - Another final inspection of the new ocz power supply, the glue is hard
    to see on the photo but it's there, I hope it does not become conductive and
    short circuit !.JPG
    91 - After installing the harddisks by borrowing two screws from other
    harddisks I found this bag of screws, damn ! I needed those sooner ! Didn't
    realize at the time what they were for !.JPG
    92 - Antec 1200 screw bag labelled for the future ! These are special long
    screws for screwing in the harddisks via the long holes in the drive bays
    93 - Impression of how system looks when it's turned on, front fans not
    cleaned yet.JPG
    94 - Impression of how the system looks so far, camera mode is wrong (set to
    landscape instead of museum), front fans still not cleaned.JPG
    95 - Front impression of antec 1200 case, fans are looking very dirty, this
    probably convinced me to clean it after doing that whole build ! LOL !,
    96 - The 7-in-1 floppy and card reader is working with this motherboard,
    awesome ! Look at that nice shiny red light ! It's evil looking ! LOL !.JPG
    97 - Side left window impression of antec 1200 case, front fans still
    98 - Side right impression of antec 1200 case, not much to see here except
    door closes.JPG
    99 - I decided to clean the harddisk drive bays and their fans as an
    experiment for the future to see how much dust they collect without the dust
    filters in front of them.JPG
    100 - The fan section can easily be de-tached by simply pushing it out
    gently, guide the fan power wire through the holes, the fan grills can be
    de-screwed for access to the fan from the front.JPG
    101 - Lots of dust even in the drive bay itself, this is the bottom drive
    102 - Bottom drive bay cleaned.JPG
    103 - Bottom cleaned, Middle not cleaned, the difference is definetly
    noticeable ! Smile !.JPG
    104 - Impressionistic shot without the camera flash (still wrong camera
    mode, landscape instead of musuem, landscape focusses on background DOH
    105 - Second harddisk drive bay's fan without camera flash (and wrong camera
    mode, landscape).JPG
    106 - Second harddisk drive bay's fan with camera flash, look at all that
    dust ! My theory is the filters reduce the airflow 90 procent which makes
    the dust travel slow and stick !.JPG
    107 - Second harddisk drive bay and fan cleaned with dust towel, and
    remaining dust blown off in open air, what a difference, nice and clean
    again !.JPG
    108 - Third harddisk drive bay and fan dust shot without camera flash.JPG
    109 - Third harddisk drive bay and fan dust shot with camera flash (nice
    golden antec logo's, it's probably the wood that make it look like gold,
    it's probably actually silver lol).JPG
    110 - I also cleaned the rear and top fans a little bit, I was thinking
    about de-taching the top fan and I tried it too but the CPU heatsink would
    be in the way for the screw driver so I wisely aborted it.JPG
    111 - Be carefull that these fan power wires do not get stuck when trying to
    re-attach the fan section, otherwise it might get jammed, also pull wires
    through holes one at a time is best to avoid wire scratches.JPG
    112 - All front fans cleaned, impression shot with camera flash.JPG
    113 - All front fans cleaned, impression shot without camera flash (still
    using wrong camera mode, landscape).JPG
    114 - Last impression shot with camera flash before closing the case
    115 - Case door closed, hopefully for a long time, shot made with camera
    116 - Impressionistic shot without camera flash and with museum mode (only
    now did I discover that landscape mode produced blurred front objects, at
    least the flash mode pictures are sharp).JPG

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
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  3. Ok, three pictures with the filename descriptions are uploaded as well, they
    are on the bottom, make sure to click on them for a full view.

    I also just noticed that empty files seems to be corrupted on windows 7, I
    think I read something about that on some tech-new site.
    So this could be a quite serious issue with windows 7, I'd better
    investigate ! ;) =D

    (I suspect I will have to install windows 7 service pack 1 to get rid of the
    empty file corruption ?!? I wonder if this corruption is at the end of files
    as well, could be, so how far this corruption reaches I am not sure...)

    (also windows live mail looses make-up of my text ;) for now it's
    liveable... but I'd rather have it keep my spaces and end of lines intact !

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
  4. "

    Microsoft's Skydrive is a bit retarded and it doesn't show full filenames.

    Ok it's a little bit less retarded/less bad then I thought... when viewing a
    single picture it does show the complete filename on top,
    so it's at least possible to read the "current" picture's filename.

    Though some picture descriptions are placed in a context relating to
    previous picture or so, so I would have liked it better
    if previous picture filenames could be read as well...

    Also it's kinda funny... I didn't bother to put a dot at the end of each
    line, because .JPG already has a dot ! ;) =D

    All-in-all Microsoft's Skydrive isn't too shabbbbyyyyy and it isn't too

    It does provide for a nice overview, and it provides nice browsing
    capabilities and it probably even provides a slight show, so you can sit
    back and watch it like if it were pr0n or something ! ;) =D (LOL)

    It probably even has more options... like "download" and what not... I've
    never tried that before, I simply don't have the time for it, but you may
    be my guest and go for it ! ;)

    (It could be nice for you having them all on your local disk for your
    viewing pleasure ! ;) :) =D)

    Ok I now have lot's and lot's and lot's of other stuff to do... so peace out
    and perhaps read you later if you have any feedback on the piccies ! ;) =D

    ! ;) =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
  5. Actually Skydrive is pretty great !

    If one simply navigates to the page one get's an overview (thumbnails !)

    When holding the mouse cursor over a picture it will show the filename !

    So then you can read the description !

    This allows you to quickly select those pictures that look interesting to
    you, or perhaps have interesting descriptions.

    Then clicking on it, gives bigger picture, and if you click again it gives
    the FULL picture for every little detail inspection !
    Nice ! ;) =D

    I hope you guys have lot's of fun viewing the pictures !

    Let me know which picture you find the most interesting ! ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
  6. Ok,

    False alarm about the new text file corruption.

    I accidently created a new "journalism document" who's icon looks like a
    text file.

    I guess I am used to having the real text file icon about that location (but
    it's way down in the pop-up menu).

    The standard size for a "journalism document" is 4.3 KB's I renamed it to
    "date is wrong etc.txt" and then opened it with notepad which shows garbage

    I repeated it for a new journalism file and it was again 4.3 KB as was the
    "date is wrong" text file... so that's what happened I am pretty sure of it
    ! ;) =D

    Pfew ! ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
  7. Hmmm Skydrive did manage to screw up the order of the pictures...
    (For example picture 30 comes before picture 29 instead of vice versa.)

    This probably happened during upload all, maybe it was because I re-arranged
    some of the pictures which have slightly different date times... I tried to
    keep pictures as chronological as possible, but here and there I swapped it
    a little bit.

    But the numbering of the pictures is what is important.

    But all in all it's not to bad ! ;) =D

    (It might confuse some of the description, and it might ruin a joke here and
    there, but still not to bad ! ;) =D)

    If Skydrive has a "re-arrange" pictures functionality I might correct it,
    otherwise so be it ! ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
  8. Ok,


    SkyDrive does have a re-arrange function !

    The basic function does not provide the "hint/filename" pop-ups.

    But fortunately there is a link at the bottom which reads: "standard
    re-arrange" (for when you having problems re-arranging)

    Ofcourse I needed the filename information so this "standard re-arrange"
    page which does have the "filename/hint" pop-ups is very helpfull !

    It also has nice boxes to simply type in the new number for the picture and
    press enter, and voila/hopla ! it swaps the picture with the next high
    number picture and renumbers the boxes.

    Very nice feature of SkyDrive so now my pictures are in proper order !

    Enjoy it.

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 1, 2011
  9. Nobody cares, you incredible moron...
    personaobscura, Jun 2, 2011
  10. Skybuck Flying

    ik Guest

    Ik zie dat je niet werkt op een antistatische taf/mat om je PC te bouwen
    Ook als je handen zie zie ik geen anti statische posband o.i.d.
    Ik hoop maar dat er zo geen schade is opgetreden tijdens het bouwen
    uitpakken etc.

    ik, Jun 6, 2011
  11. Vergeten naar te kijken op een webstore...

    Maar hoe kom ik aan zo een ding ??!? Hebben webstores dat wel ? ;)

    Ik betwijfel of het eigenlijk wel helpt hoor... ! ;)

    Tot nu toe doet mijn pc-tje het weer goed ! ;) =D

    Skybuck ;)

    "ik" wrote in message

    Ik zie dat je niet werkt op een antistatische taf/mat om je PC te bouwen
    Ook als je handen zie zie ik geen anti statische posband o.i.d.
    Ik hoop maar dat er zo geen schade is opgetreden tijdens het bouwen
    uitpakken etc.

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 7, 2011
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