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Skybuck's (First) Review of Aliens Colonial Marines (for the PC) (and it's reviewers ;) :))

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    After reading all of the negative reviews this game has been
    getting/receiving I do feel it's time that I write a little review about it.

    Unfortunately I feel I am not completely in the position to write a
    full/fair review about it because of two reasons:


    1. I played the game on a 7900 gtx 512 mb graphics card which only supports
    dx9 and the experience was stuttery, not knowing at the time that my gt 520
    would actually play the game butter smooth... the reason for the graphics
    card switch was startrek online... I was wondering if maybe this game would
    play faster on the old graphics card, I was surprise that it did not really.
    I was also very surprised that the GT 520 graphics card plays Aliens
    Colonial Marines much better, this is a win for people reading this text,
    but first I want to express my amazement about this shocking discovery. So
    let's sum it up a little bit:

    More interesting techno/stutter/ruin/fix-babble:

    The 7900 gtx 512 mb ram costed me 700 euros at the time in 2006, the gt 520
    as of late only costed me 79 euros or so... and it plays the game like 1000
    to 2000 times better, which is very surprising... why this is the case ? I
    have no idea... perhaps the memory system of the gt 520 is faster but that
    doesn't make much sense... the 7900 gtx has 70 GB/sec transfer rate. the gt
    520 only 12 GB/sec transfer rate or maybe even slower... 4 to 8 GB/sec
    transfer rate, it's also th 64 bit version. Perhaps the memory access time
    has something to do with... perhaps gddr3 is faster in that regards, however
    it makes more sense to assume that it is some kind of
    processing/computating/calculation bottleneck on the 7900 gtx... perhaps all
    the lightning and shadows are too much for this older card. The point being
    it might have ruined my experience a little bit as well as other people
    playing on older dx9 hardware. If you experience stutter in the game then it
    could very well be that your hardware is too old and does not support
    directx 11. There is also one last possibly theory... it could be that this
    game actually uses cuda... which is an nvidia-only technology... so if this
    game also stutters on the latest ati/amd hardware then we found the smoking
    gun ;) So far I am amazed about the processing speed of the gt520 in this
    game but more about that later. So to sum it up for this game you simply
    need an nvidia/dx11 graphics card which can be bought cheaply... it's well
    worth the money... however I must say that seeing a 700 euro card with
    superior memory performance be out performed by a 79 euro graphics card
    makes me sick to my stomach... and I will probably not be purchasing any
    expensive graphics card in the future from nvidia and simply saving my money
    to upgrade my cheapest graphics card by a new graphics card whenever that
    may be necessary.. none the less I had a huge blast/fun with two 700 euros
    costing cards with battlefield 2 so it wasn't completed wasted... also other
    games gave me a blast at the time.

    Also there is a second reason:

    2. I have not really played all multiplayer modes to it's fullest extent
    possible... I simply skimmed over these... played them a little bit.. but
    perhaps they deserve to be played a little bit more... though having played
    a lot of shooters... I kinda know what I like and what I dont like... the
    other modes dont interest me as much... for now team deatchmatch seems to be
    the most fun... but perhaps I will try to play the other modes later on...
    it might or might not grow on me... this game does have some potential to
    grow on me... simply because it's the only shooter at this moment that I
    think is slightly worth playing my time on so to speak... which already says
    a little bit where this review is going... though the game is not fully
    statisfactory also more about that later... for now the other modes dont
    really feel like it's worth playing my time on... also I am quite bored with
    shooters nowadays though I feel this game deserves some comments from a well
    experienced shooter player/veteran though I am starting to wonder if I lost
    my touch... other people seem to outperform me in the game especially when
    it comes to aliens, which kinda annoys and frustrates me a little bit... I
    dont know why... perhaps they have a better system or more tactical insight
    or more experience with this game already... it's kinda odd, usually I am
    number 1, 2 or 3 but with this game I end up frequently being bottom, which
    is odd to me, perhaps a lack of effort on my part, and a lack of wanting to
    win badly... I have won enough in my life and just want to enjoy the game to
    a certain degree and let perhaps other noobs take the cake... I do want to
    win and try and do my best but still it's not really happening except for
    the rare occasion/exception... perhaps I ll get better at the game...
    however it could also indicate some kind of flawless within the game itself
    which are definetly present so more about that later and how to hopefully
    fix that by the developers.

    So with all that information out of the way I shall now tell you what I
    think of this game based on my experience with all other alien shooter games
    and other shooters in general.

    Let me first start with saying that reviewers having played Dead Space 3
    piss me off. I have not played Dead Space 3... Dead Space does not really
    interest me... quite frankly... it's Dead Space which is boring me to death,
    conceptually speaking. I quite frankly hate third person shooters.. it's the
    most fokked up concept ever, and a disgrace to the genre. It's fricking
    frustrating to watch somebodies back be in the way constantly/all the
    time... it's even gayish. The only game which I ever forgave is ghost
    busters because that game was damn good for a ghostbuster games, fun and
    good graphics.

    I am a little bit pissed off at reviewers who played Dead Space 3, which is
    a totally different genre... and then compare it to a shooter game... like
    ACM (aliens colonial marines). I suspect that these reviewers have been
    biased towards RPGS/THIRD PERSON shooters... and compare it to this game...
    which makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

    I shall tell you what I want from a shooter: I WANT TO SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT
    SHOOT SHOOT AND SHOOT. And I want a LITTLE BIT of STORY.... and just a
    little bit of puzzling maybe... but just a little bit.... and I CERTAINTLY
    don't want to be playing some kind of roll playing game... and a puzzle
    game... or whatever to run around in a maze trying to find my way all the
    time... perhaps a little bit... but certainly not to much... and upgrading
    weapons like in DEAD SPACE just takes away from the action most of the
    time... the interaction with all the items in that game bores the game big
    time... I tried to play Dead Space 1 because the music was so nice.... but I
    just couldnt get myself to play that game any further... the enemies looked
    like walking dead corpses/turds... and just stupid fokked up dolls... it was
    sick and it just couldnt entertain or intrigue me.... especially after
    reading that the developers look at car accidents for inspiration... I dont
    need to see car accidents... I was amuzed by the youtube video of an
    exploding baby ! LOL. But I will not play a game just to rott my brain and
    get nightmares from that kind of shit... or just play the game just for
    those kinds of moments... This is more starting to look like a dead space
    review than an aliens review lol.
    But I do feel the need to put some REVIEWERS STRAIGHT.

    If you REVIEW BOTH KINDS OF GAMES AND COMPARE THEM then you probably suck...
    and shouldn't be writing reviews of shooters anyway.
    The point being: Just because the word "shooter" is in it doesnt mean that
    they are comparable.

    I shall spell it out for you one more time: FIRST PERSON <> THIRD PERSON
    !!!!!!! (pascal style).

    FIRST PERSON != THIRD PERSON !!! (c/java/curley brace style)

    There ya go... I've been fair to you... both language styles included for ya
    so you can take your pick ! ;) :) =D

    Ok now, after this silly bit, back to a little bit more seriousness and
    trying to review aliens colonial marines.

    So here we go, straight off the bat, perhaps this will be more of a review
    of the reviewers, then a review of the game, though I will review that as
    well ! ;) :)

    Some points the reviewers make are spot on/valid.

    The most annoying being:

    1. The characters (NPCs is the game-industry-term for them: non playeable
    characters) cannot be shot, cannot be hurt, cannot be terminated.

    It's easy to call it a mistake without having played the alternative...
    which might have been frustrating... but right now... this does feel like
    the BIGGEST mistake this game could ever make.

    Straight of the bat I started shooting my own teammates out of pure
    accidents/fair/reaction speed.... that is how it should have been... this
    game should have had many fok ups by me... to make it more impressive,
    fighting these aliens off... making it more realistic...

    Every bit of realism... has been taking out because of this mostly.... which
    gives the game an empty feeling... a sense of uselessness/nonsense/easyness
    which it cannot overcome.

    Even at the ultimate badass difficulty the NPC will not die... it will not
    even get hurt... it might temporaly fall down and not fight but that's it.

    2. The squad size is also too small compared to the movies... though later
    on the game makes up for this.

    3. Another big mistake is the ANNOYING smart gun. This guy O'NEAL which will
    probably become the MOST HATED NPC EVER to feature in a game pretty much
    MOAWS the grass right in front of your FEET. It's even WORSE... IT'S LIKE A
    CHASE IT ALL THE FOKKING TIME... and the FOKKING DOG just keeps running
    away... it will RARELY/SOMETIMES stop to give you some breathing room and to
    decide your own pace but IT'S FOKKING ANNOYING.

    Though sometimes helpfull in the MAZE of the game that it sometimes is...

    THE MOAWING of the grass is a reference to the FOKKING SMARTGUN... this
    "FOKKIG BAD-ASS" O'Neal pretty much does YOUR JOB the WHOLE GAME ! ;) :) It
    will pretty much shoot EVERY FOKKING ALIEN... with some exceptations here
    and there... and when YOU MOST NEED THIS FOKKER... he is stuck in the TUNNEL

    This GUY ruins the game in such a BIG WAY I almost want to commit SUICIDE to
    have experienced SUCH A SHIT OF A TURD OF A GAME... THIS IS NOT A GAME....

    I imagine that MANY LAZY BUMS... in hollywood perhaps... or just random...
    none-real-gamers... might enjoy this a lot... if you are just there to enjoy
    the story... and not have to work at it... then you will find this game just
    THIS ONEAL FOKKER... that I just didnt care about playing the game seriously
    anymore... I just let him clean up all those ALIENS... I kinda enjoyed... I
    guess I just got sick of the aliens anyway... and was a bit glad that ONEAL
    was there to clean the shit up... otherwise I would have just continued the
    next day... at least this allowed me to finish the game in record breaking
    time... and finish it in one day... (on a stuttery machine!) which could
    explain the claimed short play time of just 5 hours... This reminds me of
    "AIM BOTS" in call of duty 4, which would CLEAN THE HOUSE... I would be
    running around having NOBODY to shoot in the multiplayer, because there was
    1 or more cheaters on the team, SHOOTING/KILLING all enemies.... by the time
    I got there... all the enemies were DEAD.
    This is called: "game-spoiling"... (spel bederf in dutch).

    Aliens Colonial Marines EXCELLS at game spoiling... it's pretty
    frustrating... it's ALMOST AS IF SOMEBODY DID IT ON PURPOSE... perhaps it
    was REVENGE from the developers...

    learn for the publishers... DONT PISS OFF YOUR DEVELOPERS. I HAVE READ
    stories about not enough DEVELOPMENT TIME for the final bunch... and
    switching development teams, BLABLABLABLABLABLA.... In the end I dont care
    so much and I will explain later why.

    But first on with the review.

    4. Apperently there is a bug... which prevents shooting through doors ? This
    makes ultimately bad ass really hard to play as far as I can tell ?! perhaps
    this difficulty mode is too hard.. I died pretty easy... though on guy on
    youtube or some other guys claim that it's easy finishable... I dont really
    believe that... or maybe I have lost my touch... whatever, point being this
    could be a nasty bug... which is claimed to be solved already... not sure if
    it was solved in my case... might have to investigate further... it s a
    small little issue but worth mentioning.

    Now on to bigger things.

    Let's go on with something else which is very important the multiplayer and
    MORE SABOTAGE OF GAME DEVELOPERS, which is pretty obvious.

    5. NO TEAM DAMAGE... again a MAJOR OMMISION in this game... WHY IS IT NOT

    All great shooters have this options... some people prefer it on... some
    prefer it off. It could have made a hell lot of fun.

    6. Aliens can kill marines real easy with 1 swing... then again for me it s
    super hard to do... it's a very inconsitent experience.

    7. The third person view of the aliens is FOKKING frustrating... you will
    never really know for sure if you are TRUELY in range... to do a MELEE
    attack.. it's just very hard to see... another valid nail in the grave of
    third person gaming. AVP2 was way better because it was in first person mode
    and not third person though again it was optional, in this game as far as I
    can tell it was not.

    8. The firing modes of the aliens are also very bad and frustrating... it
    takes multiple seconds to perform a jumping action... it's just utterly
    weird... and badly implemented... can't really tell where you are going to
    jump or how far... it makes very little sense.. and the delay time takes
    away from the action... none the less perhaps with some practicing it might
    become better.

    9. Information about the alien weapons during play is not available... I
    find this somewhat frustrating... I do not really understand the alien
    weapons/specialities... there is no in game menu to access this
    information... it's only available after the game is over... in the load out
    menu... for some reason I cannot remember this information... perhaps it's
    just me getting older.. or the alien weapons make little sense to me... it's
    a bit much information to remember... having some in game info would be
    nice... I am pretty sure avp2 had this information... actually I know it for
    sure... it's a fact.

    10. Having to switch to LAN all the time to find a multiplayer game on the
    lan is a slight annoyance which could have been avoided if it was all
    integrated into one big menu... one possible reason against this could be so
    that the gui remains scalable to smaller screens... though it does seem as
    if the screen was large enough to contain more information...

    Thus the multiplayer menus are unnecessarly deep. It could and should have
    been more consolidated/integrated, it s a small minor thing which can be
    corrected with patches me thinks but ok.

    11. Another big ommission is a usuable console... it seems to be disabled..
    it also displays a chat message ?! I wonder why this is ? Is this perhaps to
    prevent console cheats ? Or other forms of graphical cheats ? It s a
    plausible theory... none the less it's pretty fricking annoying and
    stupid... it won't take long for a determined hacker to find a way around
    this little coding trick I am pretty sure about that.. unless they ripped
    out the whole console code which doesnt really seem likely, since the
    configs seem full with key binds and other console commands. The reason for
    this frustration is the missing SHOWFPS command... I pretty much always want
    to know what my FPS is in a game, frames per second... because this is
    pretty much ineviteable with todays hardware requirements... I'd like to
    know if my PC is up to snuff for whatever game/shooter. Showing frames per
    second is pretty much a requirement to be taken seriously by me. That this
    tiny little future is missing is an obvious signal that the DEVELOPERS were
    either IDIOTS or PISSED OFF or a bunch of fokking noobs.. that last part I
    refused to believe... implementing an FPS shouldn't take long... it's about
    5 lines of code or less... assuming that timing apis/code is available and
    fonts... and that's basically it... not really that much of a big deal....
    it's pretty much that easy... surely unreal engine 3 has timing information
    and fonts... so it's highly unbelievable that it was too diffifcult to
    implement or show... it's more like a delibrate attempt to frustate
    people... is it perhaps a marketing strategy ?!?!? ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD

    12. The weapons are shit and don't do appriorate damage... some shotguns
    should have been one-shot one-kills, sometimes marines die to fast,
    sometimes aliens die to fast...

    The whole experience is one big un-orchastrated mess... it's not clearly
    thought out... it's not clearly tested and well balanced or played... it's
    just a gigant big mess of unbalancy and just bad gameplay/bad weapon stats
    balacing etc... I hope/think you get my drift... it's pretty fricking
    blunt/obvious if you actually played it yourself... if you didnt noticed...
    then congratulations you are now officially stamped as nnnnooob by me... but
    that's ok... that's why I exist on this planet to help you out... I cannot
    believe that anybody would have missed though... it takes 3 shots at least
    from a bad-ass shotgun to kill an alien ?!?!?! HOLY FOKKING SHIT.... when
    did you have to spent 3 shotgun shots on an alien in doom 1 huh ?
    Can you imagine how much doom1 would have sucked it if took 3 shotgun shots
    to kill every fokking alien ?! FOK THAT. (It can even be worse in ACM... 4
    to 5 shots... it makes no sense). One last example: the FLASH gun... from
    far away aliens can be 1 or 2 shotted, for up close even 30 shots dont kill
    the fokking alien... at least that's how it feels like totally weird. I am
    defending myself... not really... but I can imagine that perhaps people who
    haven't played yet wonder about this... well there ya go a nice tiny little
    explanation... I won't waste my time on explaning some other weapons... but
    it's pretty fokked up... maybe I should... mines dont seem to do much
    damage.. sometimes maybe... but it should be a 1 shot 1 kill thing... if a
    claymore can kill an alien at once... then a promixty mine should as well me
    thinks... this was how it was like in avp2 as well... anyway.. there is
    something else annoying about the proxies... they are only trigged if the
    alien walks exactly over them... sux... aliens can actually walk right
    passed them.

    I am doing developers a little bit of a favor describing this crap... I
    really shouldn't... is there bloody job to do it right... so I will stop
    right here... they can ask me if they really want to know... but then I
    would require some credits in the title screen at the very least... perhaps
    even payment for it lol...but I dont go that far... instead hire some decent
    gamers/beta players out there... or listen closely to the "acm" community if
    there is such a thing... I am sure there are many players who can tell you
    about this fart-shit-of-a-weapons/balacing.
    Even the third person reviewers noticed it... perhaps the developers already
    know it... and just didnt give a damn and it's all part of the ruining-plan.

    13. One last remark... aliens should die slower, marines should die
    slower... more balacing... more fun... more hand to hand combat would also
    be fun... it's pretty obvious... but I thought it's worth to mention this in
    a seperate point to make this clear.

    14. What is really fokking annoying is the WALL HACKING on the alien side...
    IT"S SO FOKKING ANNOYING... you can't really tell if you shooting at the
    enemy or at a WALL that is IN FRONT of the enemy... Enemies always LIGHT
    UP.... I have not yet figured out if there is a way to tell if they are
    behind a wall or not ?!

    This is a big OMMISION from the developers... THEY COULD have made it real
    easy to tell... if they enemies where BEYIND a wall by for example making
    them BLUE.... and making then green or RED if they were in front or
    something ?! But this does not seem to be the case ? I could be wrong...

    There is something else though... hurt enemies will turn yellow and finally
    red... so those can be killed more easy...

    The constant blinking/lightning up of enemies is just fricking annoying...
    especially in combination with the WALL HACK=seeing through walls... it
    ruins the game.

    Why the developers tought it was easy/necessary to make the aliens look
    through walls I dont know... did they think this was a way to balance the
    game ?!? PRetty fokking hog-wash... I dont think AVP2 did this... and it's
    not really necessary or maybe it was but I dont think so... this just sux
    badly... and the green alien visor is also pretty annoying... it cannot be
    turned off... it s fokky/annoying doesnt really add much to the game... it
    could have been a special alien visor mode... but it would have been
    appreciated if the level can be enjoyed in all it's glory even on the alien

    All in all the game is not to bad to be honest... I have dissed this game
    enough now... I have slapped some people silly enough now... it's time to
    bring out the positive side of this game... which there is plenty off... IS


    So now it is time to start with the enjoyment/the positive side of things,
    and then maybe later some more negativity.

    BEING CLAY like... FOKKING BS... yes maybe sometimes... PLEASE REMEMBER...
    BISSHOP IS AN SYNTHETIC... he is not supposed to look human ! The other
    characters are not bad... O NEAL IS ACTUALLY quite amazing... I suspect he
    even looks like one of the developers.

    HIS TATOES ARE PRETTY AWESOME. I have never seen that kind of detail ever
    before in a game ! Perhaps it's you me... BUT THAT LEVEL OF DETAIL IS

    A master piece of a TATOE... it will surely be enjoyed by TATOE lovers ! ;)


    3. THE LIGHTNING and LIGHTNING LEVELS in this game ARE and IS AMAZING ! ;)
    :) I think I even tweaked the game to try and speed out the 7900 gtx, then
    I swapped gt 520, then I played, then I restored original settings and I was
    like: "holyshit ?! is this the same level !?" It looked gorgious as I turned
    on dynamic lightning which was the default... I am not actually sure if this
    is what happened... it could also be that switching from aliens to marines
    was what caused the shock effect... I suspect the game turns of the
    lightning effects when in alien mode and replaces it with green gue... which
    looks horrible really... when you go back to marines it look gorgious
    again... I suspect this green gue/turning off lightning is done to speed up
    the game so the aliens can run fast or so... just a suspicion.

    That reminds me I have to complain about something else I will do so above.
    at point 14.

    4. Back to the goodness.. the SOUND IS LOVELY.... finally true sounding
    pulse riffles ! ;) The screams of the aliens are not to bad ! ;) The voices
    of the humans are funny.

    Try pressing U once in a while for taunts ! ;) :)

    5. Back to the graphics... THE MODELS ARE AWESOMELY DETAILED.... it's
    fricking terrific... the aliens look good much better than avp2.

    6. The network code is MUCH better... AVP2 used to have pings of 500... this
    game goes as low as 80 maybe even 16. This is a big win ! ;) :) And will be
    highly appreciated by online gamers/multiplayer gamers... and best of all
    this was even tested on tunggle ?! which probably should add a little bit of
    latency... but apperently not ?! well done on the networking part... which
    can probably be contributed to the unreal engine 3.... so using this engine
    did have some adventages.

    I have seen some fokkers complain about the graphics versus the demo ?!?
    Apperently there was a demo once... I saw the youtube comparison and I
    thought the demo looked like shit... I like the final version much better
    some I do not agree with that assement from those youtubers. FOK YOU GUYS
    YOU SUCK. The final is much more colorfull than that greyish bullshit from
    the demo... it was fokking depressing to look at... IF YOU WANT A DARK GAME
    GO PLAY DOOM 3. Doom 3 NEVER AGAIN PLS... keep it colorfull...

    I LOVED the colorfull look of ACM.... as far as I can tell there is nothing
    wrong with it, it was gorgious. Even John Carmack can suck a point to it...
    no disrespect.. I am sure he will appreciate and marvel at this game as

    However perhaps the developers did fok up with some settings here and there
    it's plausible seeing the mess this game is in... I am not a graphics
    expert... perhaps the game could have looked even better... but I don;t
    think so... this game already looks beautifull... so I stand by my ground
    and say: There is nothing wrong with the graphics in this game.

    I saw some bitches complain about "sprites" and "fire sprites" ?!? WTF is
    that kind of criticm ? Where you expecting volumetric FIRE ?!? What kind of
    nonsense ?!? There is nothing wrong with the fire sprites... it looks kinda
    old school I LIKE IT.

    This game does feel like OLD SKOOL shoot shoot shoot, I LIKE IT. That's
    Perhaphs the flame sprites could have been blended a little bit better so it
    appeared to be more part of it... but it was already blended... perhaps it
    could have been a little bit more glowy... but all in all it was not to
    bad... I have seeeen far worse fire effect in games... this fire effect was
    ok-ish and definetly acceptable.

    I have seen all kinds of other nonsense critism... like story not making too
    much sense... a little bit valid... but still who cares about story
    ultimately in a shooter ?
    Also... some strange remarks about cutting people down... somehow that was
    not done well enough ? really strange remarks here and there... I guess
    everybody is entitled to there own critism... but I can't help but feel that
    some of it is just drama and criticm because they want to just diss this
    game... or make a bit drama out of it ?!

    What's the big deal ?!?! This is just another shooter... it's not just
    another shooter.. It's actually an ALIENS shooter... one of my favorite
    themes... and I am really HAPPY that it got a make-over.

    That's more or less how you should see this game:

    sucky gameplay.

    I did feel a little bit bad for all the ARTIST who put a lot of work and
    effort into making this game a reality and making all those GREAT pieces of
    ART !

    One thing is for sure:

    THE ARTISTS OF ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES deserve a better FAITH than this !

    The developers/publishers/whoever is responsible for this bad
    programming/gameplay have done A GREAT DISSERVICE to these ARTISTS...

    The developers have DONE SOMETHING GREATLY SHAMEFULL.... it's shamefull to
    all developers...


    Perhaps there are reasons for it...

    The BOTTOM LINE IS I am eventually GRATEFULL that this game was released
    anyway.... because it's still somewhat ENJOYABLE.

    And I have been wanting to see a proper graphical and sound wise remake of
    this game for a long time now ! ;) Perhaps even as long as 10 years maybe
    even more.

    Graphics wise this game is ok/done/good.

    Sound wise this game is ok/done/good.

    The programming is not that bad... but it needs more tweaking/more time.

    The game plays actually quite smooth.

    The biggest gripe is with the balancing.


    Perhaps not enough beta testing... perhaps fear of leaking the beta to the
    public... whatever the cause may be... I can remember a demo of avp2 being
    spread around to learn from it or so... though that demo was already pretty
    good but probably needed tweaking as well...

    Hopefully the developers will learn from their serious mistake... next time
    do a proper beta test or a demo test... and listen carefully to players...
    because this gameplay/balancing that the game currently has is just fokked
    up big time... a big shame really because the game is actually quite good at
    every other department... Small things ruin this game.

    This can only mean one thing:

    This game can still be saved somewhat... this game can still become a good
    game... perhaps in a next version/release.... or perhaps even through
    patches... or downloadable additions/content...

    It would not be the first time that a shitty game turns into a good game.
    Civilization 3 Play the world comes to mind... it was shit... but the
    conquest expension turned it into gold for me and many others.

    Hopefully Aliens Colonial Marines can be SAVED by a GOLD edition... where
    all the crap/balacing is fixed.

    Finally a score must be given...

    Graphically/sound wise/music wise this game simply gets a 10.... I could not
    ask for me... gameplay was it gets a 3 to 4 to 5 depending on your milage my
    vary... it's subpar compared to other shooters...

    None the less.... ACM is the most fun shooter out there at the moment which
    says something about the rest... COD bores me to death... battlefield is
    boring... so at least ACM is refreshing.

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 16, 2013
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