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Skybuck's Review of Call of Duty 7: Black Ops (4.5 out of 5 stars).

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Hello People,

    I'm a bit tired and feeling a little dizzy/weird but I am gonna write a
    review of Call of Duty 7: Black Ops anyway cause you kinda expect it.. don't
    you ?! ;) :)

    Let me start by saying that Call of Duty is definetly not my favorite
    game... so I was a bit reluctant to play especially after seeing some
    youtube movies...

    None the less, everybody seems to play it... and I kinda got convinced by
    nice looking screenshots that I should play it...

    I should give the makers of Call of Duty a chance to reestablish
    themselfes... because CoD6 was a bit disappointing storywise...

    Always the hot blond chick which I mention in CoD6 story lol... is actually
    playing CoD7 too ! LOL. How funny is that ?! ;) :)

    Anyway hot blond chick or not... a review must be written so here it is:

    First I am going to start with the bad:

    1. Originally the PC version had huuuggeee LAG/STUTTER issue which might it
    pretty much unplayable in single player... like 0.2 FPS... not every PC was
    affected by it... but plenty were... including my by now old PC from 2006...

    Fortunately a patch came out the next day... which fixed most of these
    lag/stutter issue... though the game does lag/stutter now and then so
    perhaps not completely solved or maybe it's just the hd loading or a

    2. The game still seems a bit unoptimized or perhaps there is simply to much
    graphics on the screen for my older system to handle so I had to play it on
    low settings at 1024x786... which is a bit unfortunate (phone...) ok where
    was I ;)

    Yeah I believe I could play CoD4 on 1920x1200 so that's a bit weird but ok.

    To me it's amazing how a billion dollar game can have such a huge bug in it
    Pretty much unacceptable really... but that's for the company to figure
    fortunately for gamers it's solved with a patch mostly.

    Don't they have like 100's of computers to test on ?!? I would think so...
    so perhaps it was rushed and somehow slipped by... it's very strange... well
    enough about that...

    And that pretty much was the bad... now the good:

    1. The number one question on everyboy's mind that hasn't played it yet is:

    "Is it worth to play this game ?"

    The answer to that question is a very definite: "YES !"

    This game is still pretty unique and has a lot of uniqueness to it that
    makes it interesting and a must play to see what has been done.

    2. Another question could be:

    "But isn't the terrorist/russian/spy theme getting old ?"

    The answer to that question is:

    "First of all NO ! Second of all: It doesn't matter !"

    It's the way that the story is being told that is unique... I have not
    really seen anything like this before... and that makes it fun and
    interesting to play...

    You, the main character, are being tortured and interrogated... and as this
    happens you get flashbacks which you get to play... and it's a joy to do so
    ! ;)

    3. "How are the graphics ?"

    Well the graphics are what you would come to expect from a Call of Duty
    game... it's pretty good... some are better than others though....

    The vietnam heli level was good/nice... the vietnam with water level was
    nice... and the battle for the vietnam hill was nice...

    4. "What did you enjoy the most ?"

    There is a lot of stuff to enjoy about this game... but I particularly loved
    the snow level... it's like an "ode" to RTCW... which you get to run
    old-fashionly around with a tommy-like-gun and simply blast the shit out of
    everybody non stop... quick reloading, quick running around... I made me
    miss RTCW a bit ;) :) and ofcourse also the original Call of Duty... it's
    pretty much an ODE to CoD1 and CoD2... it had the true old-fashioned COD
    feeling to it ! Which was nice.

    It's quite remarkable that that part is what I enjoyed the most but then
    again I am also a big fan of Quake 3... running and gunning ! ;) :)

    The new CoD4 like games have a lot of reloading, and a lot of slow moving,
    hiding and more reloading to it... which frustrates the game a bit... but
    makes it feel more realistic...

    5. "What was the worst part of the game ?"

    Well the worst was the controls of the HELI.... it was super weird... I am
    used to Battlefield 2 kind of controls... and I couldn't control the HELI
    that well... but I managed... it's gonna bad/sad really because that ruined
    the level a bit.. but was also kinda funny... made me feel like a newb pilot
    or something ! ;) :)

    6. "What was the best part of the game ?"

    Again the Heli Level... it had the best sound, and the best effects and the
    best explosions... and it was just nice... heli getting damaged...

    It made me feel real powerfull and stuff... and my neighbours were probably
    wondering what the hell I was playing lol.

    Another great part which is not really part of the game but an add on is:

    "THE ZOMBIE MODE !" which is pretty god damn cool because of the president
    in it ! ;) :)

    There are a lot of good parts in this game so picking out one isn't really
    fair... but if I had to pick one... it would be the heli sounds... terrefic
    ! And that was even without a subwoofer... makes me wonder how it would
    sound with a subwoofer ?! ;) :) Most be even more terrific ! ;) :)

    7. "Other stuff I liked:"

    The dragon breath weapon... was cool... blowing people away and setting them
    on fire all at the same time... like an explosive shell... like an explosive
    shotgun... yeah... it's like quake fire bullits all over again ! =D But 100x
    times better ;) :) Also nice explosive particles coming out of it...

    I kinda liked the crossbow as well... nice silent weapon...

    I also like the color/smoke stuff at the end... the gas level... was kinda
    cool... first it was a bit frustrating... "like oh no... do I have to use
    this crappy vision mode all the time ?" But then again it was also kinda

    And the ripping/tearing of the suit/glasses and the choking was absolutely
    awesome... made me grab my throat ! ;) :)

    Definetly more choking in next games ! ;) :) I was like enjoying dieing like
    that... becayse it wasn't really me... Like: "YEAH ! Choke to death
    motherfucker !" ;) :)

    Maybe we need knew choke weapons ! ;) :)

    Like a gas canister blaster... like ARNIE in Terminator 2 and then everybody
    starts choking ! ;) HA-HA ! ;) :)

    I really liked the swimming... and I'm still a bit sad that it was so
    short... then again it shouldn't become to long... but some more land then
    water, then land, the water might have been nice... also perhaps a bit more
    swimming at the end... but all in all not to bad... at least it had a bit
    more swimming then last time ;) :)

    Pulling the motherfucker out of the boat was also fricking nice ! ;) :)

    Seeing the fishies and the snakes under water was also cool....

    Can the snake be killed ?! I don't think so but I am not sure... to bad
    about that ! ;) :)

    Maybe a little snake fight underwater when getting to close could have been
    funny ! ;):)

    No oxygen indicator ? No blub blub ?!? Hmmmm....

    There was a bit too much screaming in the game... I know I wanted more...
    but there was too much noise going on... like music + multiple voices +
    sound effects...

    Sometimes it was just a bit too much... but all in all not to bad...

    Sometimes story teller and charater were talking at same time that wasn't
    too great... but minor points here...

    A bit too much flashing in the cut scenes... might give people sijures...
    the number thing was kinda funny and original.

    The tunnel with the pistol was cool... a bit too short... and the enemies
    pretty much only came from the front...

    Not enough flanking... not enough excitement there... that could have been
    better ?!

    No booby traps ?!? Hmm...

    Sometimes the game made me smile... the rolling stones music made me smile a
    bit too... which was pretty cool but also a little bit weird...

    The scene where the heli's land on the base was absolutely the coolest part
    of the whole game !

    "Welcome to vietnam baby !" ;) :) The purple smoke was amazing ?! Was it
    real-time or pre-calculated... I don't know but when I saw it for the second
    time it was pretty cool.

    A bit too much heli sounds... the game has a lot of heli's in it... it's a
    bit too much for my taste...

    Again too little different weapon sounds.... yes that's my oppinion... for a
    shooter game I cannot say that this game has great weapon sounds... I have
    heard better sounding games... so again CoD fails to impress me with the
    weapon sounds... it was sufficient to play the game but it wasn't anything

    The flamer thrower was nice... but again not state of the art... I have seen
    at least one other person mention this... RTCW probably had a better flame
    thrower... I am not going to nag about a flame thrower because it just
    forfills a roll... but I thought I'd mention it as well... it didn't sound
    too good... I have heard better.

    Finally I was pretty amazed that J.F. Kennedy is in this game ?! Do they
    have permission to use his character/face ?! I don't think so... I would be
    surprised if they did... Also what about the CUBA dude...

    I think this is just a lawsuit waiting to happen... I hope it don't
    happen... if it does happen... then it will be to late... because
    fortunately I already have the game ! ;) :)

    So get it while you can ! ;) Before it gets banned or something ! ;) =D

    Finally the zombie mode... it's noting like Left 4 Dead or anything... but
    it gets close yes... close.... it's a nice extra to have....

    Quite frankly I love the zombie... and I will probably play it some more !
    ;) :)

    Maybe they should make a Call of Zombie game or something ?! ;) :) but that
    should come after CoD8 the futuristic shooter ! ;) :)

    I am up for more Zombie shooting ! ;) :) I can definetly use some more nice
    cool Zombie shooters ! ;) :) But it has to be something really cool... not
    just zombies... but a mix of something... otherwise it would just be a Left
    4 Dead rip-off... people would probably not like that... so it has to be
    something special ;) :)

    Maybe Call of Duty 8 could have futuristic zombies ! ;) :) I would like that
    ! ; =D

    Zombies in spacesuits... throwing up inside of their own space suits ! I
    would love/like that a lot ! ;) =D

    And then when you blast them... all the guts and splatter comes out of it
    and their helmets and guts ! ;) =D Yes Yes Yes ! ;) =D

    I can already see the fun in front of me ! ;) :)

    Could also be an alien virus... turning people into zombies ! ;) =D

    Perhaps a virus from asteroids hitting the space stations and penetrating it
    and infecting the people and modifieing them into awfull creatures/mutants !
    ;) :)

    Rotting flesh too... of failed mutations ! ;) =D

    And lot's of gassie motherfuckers... farting gas every fucking where lol.

    And lot's of blood trails or green slime trails on the ground... where they
    drag their failed zombie bodies/limbs over the floors...

    And lot's of puke everywhere... where they threw up..

    And some destroy equipment from when they went insane and thrashed the
    base... and screamed bloody murder from all the horror ! ;) :)

    And ofcourse blood signs on the walls.. "HELP ME !" written in blood...


    "GOD SAVE US ALL !" written in blood ! ;) :)

    The help me could be a plea of somebody hiding in a room... waiting for
    others to find him... oh well... be quiet and the zombies might not come...
    make noise and they will start to search for you, find you and hunt you

    But they not too smart so they don't notice the plea for help...

    8. The most inspiring part of the game ?

    Definetly the zombie part in the pentagon + J.F.Kennedy...

    Truely like a last stand... the president himself as the final defender of
    earth or something ! LOL...

    Just too funny and too cool ! ;) :)

    To bad I can't play it with others ? ;) :) Solo is pretty difficult but was
    fun too... maybe I can find a cheat so I can get further in the levels...

    I didn't understand how to operate the elevator strangely enough... but I
    saw it later on on you tube how to activate the thing... it's logical...
    need to press a button ! LOL.

    Ok truely truely finally... what kind of rating am I going to give this
    game... well I will have to go through it bit by bit to make up my mind so
    here we go:

    Story telling: 10+ (Couldn't be better, it's fricking perfect)
    Story itself: 9+ (It's a bit whacky.. it pretty much returns to CoD4-kinda
    Originality: 10+ (No lack there)

    Graphics: 8.5 (It's between an 8 and a 9)
    Sound: 9 (Definetly better than previous cod games so it gets a 9
    from me)
    Gameplay/weapon handling: 7 (I found this a bit lacky here and
    there... like heli control bad... and a bit boring.. pretty much the usual
    stuff.. nades, guns, pistols knifes... nothing to spectacular).

    Music: 7.5 (A bit too much music now and then... sometimes it was
    nice though).

    Menu: 7 (nothing too special).

    Installation: 9 (I had almost no problems with it, though I didn't install
    DirectX and the other thing... I wanted to do that later on but then had to
    reinstall the game completely... I was expecting just to install the extra
    stuff to see if that could get rid of the lag which it didn't.)

    Effects: 9.5 (Explosions, fire, water explosions, smoke... it was all
    pretty damn good ! ;) :))

    Extra's: 9 (The zombie mode... highly appreciated ! ;) :))

    I think all elements are equally important in this game so I am gonna make
    it easy for myself and sum it up and then divide it... so let's see:

    (10 + 9 + 10 + 8.5 + 9 + 7.5 + 7 + 9.5 + 9)/9 = 8.833333333

    Which is almost a 9 !

    So there ya go folks... This game gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from me !
    ;) :)

    I am not too happy about such a high rating... because it's not my favorite
    game lol... I hope other developers will do better in the future ! ;) :)

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2010
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  2. Well I was wrong about one thing...

    Call of Duty has awesome weapon sounds, and awesome creature sounds in the
    zombie mode !

    It has awezome nazi doctor sounds... !! ;) :)

    And it has an awesome raygun !!!


    Also the hellhounds is great sound !!! ;) =DDD

    Therefore I am going to give Call of Duty Blacks Ops

    5 out of 5 star rating!!! MAXIMUM ! / THE MAX ! ;) =D

    I had so much fun with zombie mode it's fricking amazing ?! ;) :)

    There is also a FREEEEZZEEE GUN in there !

    And also a BLAST EVERYTHING AWAY GUN ! ;) :)

    The doctor is really good with it... it's hard to get though... from the
    random boxes... maybe there are cheat codes to get those guns... so far
    there is a god mode and a give ammo mode ! ;) :) (give all is there too but
    it seems buggy unfortunately ! ;) :))

    And also the chatter from all the characters is cool, they have chats per
    gun... and also the specialities like nuke is pretty cool...

    And breaking glass... and perhaps even undiscovered guns...

    And just a whole lot of stuff going on... like enabling switches to get to
    the punch a bunch device which can be used to upgrade stuff...

    Just lot's of stuff in zombie mode ! ;) :)

    GREAT ! =D

    Skybuck ;) =D
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 15, 2010
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  3. Skybuck Flying

    -= timm3r =- Guest

    Have you ever played the first MW? Not to say BO's is a bad game but MW was
    superior in every technical aspect. Treyarch is somehow piggy backing on the
    success of the MW games and it shows that people don't know the difference
    by record sales and preorders. I can almost assure you that the next IW
    installment topples BO's sales numbers.

    Playing BO's is like looking at WaW through a soapy window. The visuals are
    dark and it looks too cartoon-ish. They managed to create a more balanced MP
    experience but there doesn't seem to be enough "counter" perks. One of these
    days we'll see a perk that properly counters a lightweight/marathon combo. I
    am truly digging the decoy grenades though. For those radar watching
    noob-campers, be more careful bending corners on what you think is an enemy

    This series needs to stop making games about wars from yesteryear. I am
    tired of playing through WWII and the shitty weapons that come along with
    it. This game intends to bridge the gap between 3 and MW but again, the
    sooner they learn to keep the weaponry modern to futuristic, the happier we
    all will be.

    The only reason people are buying this is for MP and I don't blame them
    because the campaign has such a slow pacing and makes you play entire levels
    over if you have to stop playing near the end of a level.
    -= timm3r =-, Nov 22, 2010
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