Sleep/wake problem with PM G5

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ron Shepard, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Ron Shepard

    Ron Shepard Guest

    I have a new dual 2.5GHz PowerMac G5 that has problems waking from
    sleep. If I put it to sleep and then wake it after a short time (a
    few seconds up to 5 minutes or so), then everything is fine. But if
    it sleeps overnight, then it does not wake up. When it has wake
    problems, the fans start up but the display remains dark. If I let
    it run in this state (which is loud), the fans never shut off.

    I originally had 10.3.5 installed on the machine. I thought that
    the 10.3.6 update might fix it, but I just installed it yesterday
    and the wake problem persists.

    I've read that some 2 GHz machines had a similar problem, but I have
    not seen anyone else complain about the newer 2.5 GHz machines.
    Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone know how to fix

    $.02 -Ron Shepard
    Ron Shepard, Nov 7, 2004
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  2. Ron Shepard

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    If it does this regularly, then it could be a duff graphics card, in
    particular if you have an ATI fitted.

    I have had this happen myself from time to time though (like twice in 8
    months), and there are some tricks. First, always do a permissins
    repair, and check the disk for errors - I like doing a single user start
    up (command-s at boot), then type '/sbin/fsck -yf'. If there are errors,
    do it again until there aren't.

    Next I use Onyx to clear all the cache files, and run the maintenance
    scripts. If you let your Mac sleep the maintenance scripts won't run, so
    you need to do this manually - once a week should do.

    Other reported causes have been duff USB devices, in particular hubs.
    Unplug these for a while and see if the problem goes.

    The final thing to do is to turn off all the sleep options. I did this
    for a while myself, and run [email protected] (or SETI), so your Mac is
    working while your away from it.

    I also find that manually setting it sleep work OK too.
    Andy Hewitt, Nov 7, 2004
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  3. Ron Shepard

    applebeer Guest

    NOTE: This message was sent thru a mail2news gateway.
    No effort was made to verify the identity of the sender.

    to much waffle. you just needed to say:

    repair permissions
    run fsck -y

    In fact this needs it's own web abbreviation how about: RPRF or RPRDU
    (Repair Permissions Run Disk Utility)

    it cures everything.

    You should have added though:

    Apple is perfect. The integrity of OS X is never in question. Opensource
    software is flawless and up to the rigors of everyday use. It was an ugly
    rumor invented by callous trolls that 10.3.5 fucked up sleeping on G5s.
    Whoever started it must be burnt at the stake. Bad cache files and bad
    install results are entirely the fault of the end user who must be
    'cursed' and not one of us. There are no Apple sock puppets in this group.
    Stop saying they are.
    applebeer, Nov 7, 2004
  4. Ron Shepard

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    No, you need the -yf, the f is needed to force the run on a journaled
    Quite a lot of the time it does yes.
    LOL, nice.
    Andy Hewitt, Nov 7, 2004
  5. Ron Shepard

    Ron Shepard Guest

    I have the standard Apple graphics on this machine. Are there
    diagnostics that I can run? BTW, I have an Apple 20 inch LCD
    display attached to the DVI port.
    I did a permissions repair after the 10.2.5 install and again
    yesterday after the 10.2.6 update. I will try the fsck and see if
    it makes a difference.
    I do not have a USB hub installed. There are USB hubs in my display
    (these ports are not used) and in my keyboard (my mouse is plugged
    into my keyboard).
    This is what I'm doing now. If it doesn't sleep, then the machine
    appears to be stable for weeks at a time (at least it was under
    This works alright if I wake it within a few minutes, but if I let
    it sleep overnight, then it will fail to wake. I'm not entirely
    sure, but I don't think it has successfully woke up from an
    overnight sleep a single time since I've had the machine (for about
    a month now).

    I have not contacted Apple about this yet. I thought I'd check here
    in c.s.m.s first to see if this was a common or well-known problem.
    Thanks for the suggestions and the comments.

    $.02 -Ron Shepard
    Ron Shepard, Nov 7, 2004
  6. Ron Shepard

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    Yes, the high end models get the Radeon cards, which can be iffy,
    although the new models should be OK now.
    Worth a go, you should do that once a month anyway.
    No they don't count, it's the normal external 4 port kind of things that
    cause trouble.
    Yes, Mine has run since about March without a single issue, mostly left
    running 24/7.
    Hmmm, mine was OK most of the time, but there was the very occasionalt
    time I'd find it revving away.
    It's certainly well know, pop along to the Apple support forums and just
    have a look.

    There's also the G5 users group too:

    As yours is so new, it's probably worth logging a call anyway.
    Andy Hewitt, Nov 7, 2004
  7. Ron Shepard

    Alain Birtz Guest

    Turn off "Wake for Ethernet network admistrator access" in "Energy Saver"
    if you don't need it.
    Alain Birtz, Nov 8, 2004
  8. The machine is kernel-panicking on wakeup. Check
    /Library/Logs/panic.log and possibly you'll get an idea of what is
    Matthew Russotto, Nov 8, 2004
  9. Ron Shepard

    Ron Shepard Guest

    I downloaded the firmware update yesterday, and it appears to have
    fixed the problem. I won't know for sure for a couple more days,
    but so far so good.

    $.02 -Ron Shepard
    Ron Shepard, Nov 19, 2004
  10. Ron Shepard

    Ron Shepard Guest

    I got another crash upon trying to wake the machine today, so I
    guess the basic problem is not solved after all.

    BTW, I have done several of the suggestions in this thread (thanks
    to everyone who replied), including a repair permissions in disk
    utility, reseating the video card, and running fsck in single-user
    mode. The machine appears to be stable if it never sleeps, the only
    problem is when it tries to wake from sleep (and then only if it has
    been asleep for several hours).

    $.02 -Ron Shepard
    Ron Shepard, Nov 20, 2004
  11. Ron Shepard

    clw Guest

    There is an Apple FAQ on resetting the Systems Management Unit as a
    "repair" for sleep problems. For more recent G-5's all that is involved
    is to shut off the machine, unplug the power line for 15 seconds and
    plug it back in. for older machines it involves opening the case and
    pushing a button (in older machines this is called a PMU rather than an
    clw, Nov 20, 2004
  12. Ron Shepard

    Steve Guest



    I suspect what you're dealing with is not unique to your machine. I've
    gone thru 2-different uniprocessor Powermac's within the last 2-weeks &
    ea. had problems not waking properly. Every reset, repair, etc.,
    mentioned in this column was tried without success. Looping T&D's were
    run for up to 8-hrs. one night with no hardware abnormalities found.

    I made sure all of the latest software downloads had been installed. I
    also tried disabling the sleep mode such that the machine stayed awake
    constantly. Even with this later step, the machine tended to lock if
    left unattended for more than an hour.

    In desperation, I reloaded the system from the install disks & ran it
    "barefoot" (i.e., no peripherals attached) for 2-days. Same game; the
    machine still locked. I swapped out keyboards & mice with no
    improvement found.

    Bottom line, it would appear that there's a flaw between the
    interactions of 10.3.x vs. apple's hardware. Interestingly, my G4
    Powerbook has no such problem(?)

    I dealt with tech support for over a week on this issue & finally gave
    up, returning the machine to the seller. I find this whole issue
    extremely disappointing. I'm a big believer in Apple's products & I
    definitely do not wish to replace the vacancy with another
    piece-of-crap windows box. Bottom line, though, I need something that
    runs, not something that has to be rebooted on a daily basis.

    Steve, Dec 13, 2004
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