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Slight help with new 6800 card

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skipai Otter, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    I bought a Asus 6800, 512mb agp card. But trying to work out my memory
    properly now since at first I couldn't get it to run due to lack of

    I currently have:

    1024mb of system ram
    64mb AGP Aperture ram
    500mb of virtual ram
    512mb DDR2 video card ram

    Anyone know a good setup to set this up so that windows xp pro 32bit won't
    complain about lack of memory addresses. This is the first time I had a
    card with more than 128mb of video ram so never had to mess with the
    settings before. I could make XP use automatic virtual memory but that
    fragments, got a small partition for that alone. Just need to know what I
    can get away with so that I don't run out of memory in one part or another.
    Skipai Otter, Apr 28, 2006
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  2. Skipai Otter

    Butterfield Guest

    If you have a small partition for just the swap file then why are you
    worried about it fragmenting? Try setting it to "let windows manage".
    Virtual ram should be much larger than you have it at 500. It should
    be 1.5 to 2 times larger than physical ram. How large is your isolated
    memory parition??

    -- Butterfield
    Butterfield, Apr 28, 2006
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  3. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    It was set at 1,500mb but XP ran out of resources and the video card
    wouldn't reconise and it only partially ran with a yellow i stating there
    was a problem but it did run in vga.

    I think with that, the x-fi, nic, usb2 card, XP ran out of memory addresses
    it could hand out.
    Skipai Otter, Apr 28, 2006
  4. Skipai Otter

    Geoff Guest

    yeah i know good settings:
    default settings

    if it moans about ram
    1 you have too many programs and such running (games eat ram for breakfast,
    clean your pc etc)
    2 buy more ram
    Geoff, Apr 28, 2006
  5. Skipai Otter

    Butterfield Guest

    I don't understand if you are saying that there is a problem in the
    "Device Manager" with the video card or if is fine but your error is
    windows memory. If it is the Device Manager then try updating your
    video card drivers. If it is Windows memory then try Startupcpl from :
    and turn off everything that is not essential and reboot. You might
    have malware eating memory. Also check the task manager for memory
    hogs. In the Performance Tab what are the Physical Memory (k) numbers?

    -- Butterfield
    Butterfield, Apr 28, 2006
  6. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    It was memory mapping problem. Seem to sort it out by having XP do the
    virtual memory thing automatically and setting the AGP in bios down to 64mb.
    Slight other problem now is that for some reason this card only wants to use
    the Asus drivers and not what is coming from nvidia themselves. Tried the
    84.21's and halfway through the setup, the screen blanked. :) I think it's
    shutting down the wrong port or something. But can't check that, only got
    CRT monitor and not a LCD so the other port is unusable at the moment.

    I have 600mb+ left in physical, lowest it's been has been 500mb but that's
    about it. It's working now anyways, definately a memory map problem. XP
    told me so, couldn't give enough addresses and ran out :)

    But here they are at the moment. Processes, 62. Total: 1048048.
    Available: 597624. System Cache: 470288. Estimated as they keep changing,
    etc. Commit charge is 346mb/1,428mb.

    It's working now. All in all I think the whole process is using about
    2.5-2.8gb of memory addresses, not counting the other hardware that need
    some like the motherboard, USB2.0 pci card, Creative X-fi (Not with 64mb
    ram), d-link pci 10/100mb card. XP worked out 1035mb, though for some
    reason it went back to 500mb fixed on reboot. Anyways, it's working now.
    :) Don't think adding more ram will help, only add to the memory addresses
    being used.
    Skipai Otter, Apr 28, 2006

  7. I have a VIA KT400 based system with 1GB of DDR, and a 6600GT
    128MB videocard. I set my AGP Apeture at 128MB, and my virtual memory
    at 2GB. I've never had problems. Have you installed th latest chipset
    driver for your mainboard, and the latest Nvidia videocard driver?
    Larry Roberts, Apr 28, 2006
  8. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    Yeah but for some reason my card will not show anything at all if I install
    84.21. It loads up okay with XP bootup screen but after that there's
    nothing, just a blank screen. Tried both nvidia and Asus version but no go.
    Nothing wrong with the 78.xx's though that it came with. Beginning to think
    that my card doesn't like 84.21 at all.

    And there isn't that much more updates with AMD761-VIA686B either, got the
    latest on those.
    Skipai Otter, Apr 28, 2006
  9. Skipai Otter

    GreenBean Guest

    chnage agp aperature to higher value 256/512

    with drivers - ensure you've removed all old nivida drivers first via
    add/remove programs

    run the new dl'ed nvidia drivers.
    GreenBean, May 1, 2006
  10. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    Won't play ball, this motherboard is old anyways and could be the problem.
    It works with 64mb aperature only. This card doesn't want to know any 80.xx
    drivers whatsoever at the moment. Even Asus has stated to me that there are
    issues with those drivers and their 6800 card.

    It's all sorted now anyways, well until I can upgrade the motherboard etc.
    :) One good thing, at least Sega's World Championship Snooker 2005 doesn't
    crash like it did with the 9800pro.
    Skipai Otter, May 1, 2006
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