Slightly OT- Switching DSL Providers

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Von Fourche, May 21, 2006.

  1. Von Fourche

    Von Fourche Guest

    I posted this on the earthlink DSL newsgroup but didn't really get any
    good answers. So I thought I would ask it here:

    Ok, I think I signed up for Earthlink DSL last summer around this time. So
    my one year
    contract should be up some time soon. I hate to leave Earthlink but their
    $40.00 a month DSL bill is killing me when I can get it for under$20 a month
    from the phone company. Some questions:

    If I e-mail Earthlink and ask them when my DSL contract is up do you
    think they will reply?

    What's the best way of switching from Earthlink DSL to SBC (now AT&T)
    DSL? SBC is the only phone company that offers DSL in my area. So I guess,
    from reading this board, I'm actually going thru SBC DSL lines and Earthlink
    handles my internet connect/e-mail. Right? Earthlink is just renting the
    lines from SBC? So I should get the same speed with SBC DSL as I get with

    I have had very few problems with Earthlink. I've had them for dial up
    for a few years and the last year DSL and not too many problems. Will I
    have the same reliability as far as DSL connection goes with SBC?

    Again, what's the smart way of switching? I hate to leave Earthlink but
    I just can't see paying $40.00 a month. You think if I called them they
    would be willing to cut the price? If not I want to switch.

    Also, this is what the SBC site says:

    package one: $12.99 first year, $29.99 after; up to 1.5 Mbps.
    package two: $17.99 first year, $34.99 after; up to 3.0 Mbps.
    package three: $27.99 first year, $39.99 after; up to 6.0 Mbps.

    So, I'm paying $40.00 to Earthlink right now. Does that mean I'm
    actually on the package three plan?

    I did two speed tests. First test - Download 1211kbps (151.4
    kb/sec) Upload 277 kbps (34.7 kb/sec.)

    Second test - Download 1225 kbps (153.1 kb/sec.)
    Upload 313 kbps (39.2 kb/sec.)

    So what package group would that put me in? I'm not sure how to convert
    kpbs to Mbps.

    Von Fourche, May 21, 2006
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  2. Von Fourche

    Tom Scales Guest

    You can't really compare them, as Earthlink's packages don't have to matchup
    with SBC. Clearly you're not on the 6mbps plan with Earthlink.

    What about cable? I much prefer it. Is it available?

    Tom Scales, May 21, 2006
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  3. briefly....

    one problem with switching dsl providers on your existing home telephone
    line is that you can expect a multiple week period of no dsl service at all.
    after you cancel the current service they have to submit a release of the
    line before another vendor will be able to install their service on that

    if you have a second phone line then you can request dsl service to be added
    to that line and once it is up and running cancel the old service from the
    other line.

    as for attractive dsl pricing from phone companies like att be very careful
    as they usually mean switching your entire phone service to that provider
    (including dial-tone, local, intra-lata, and long distance calling). this
    might be want you want but you should understand that you will no longer
    call the local phone company for service but instead will call your new
    provider (and when you do have trouble this is often a problem). also you
    will not be protected by your states public service commission if you sign
    up with a third party (non local phone company) as they are not regulated
    like the local phone company is - that is if you have problems you are at
    the mercy of the third party provider to work with your local phone company
    to fix the problem.

    you may consider cable modem service if you have cable television in your
    home. most local cable companies offer very cheap service at least for the
    first six months.... and no contract. you can consider using cable modem to
    help with the transition of your dsl line to another vendor.

    also, you can reduce your earthlink account to email only for just a few
    dollars a month. this will allow you to keep your email address to
    send/receive mail. alternatively it will allow you to automatically forward
    your earthlink email to your new email address until you cancel the
    earthlink email account altogether.

    good luck.
    Christopher Muto, May 21, 2006
  4. Von Fourche

    journey Guest

    I wish that an active phone line is not a requirement for DSL. I want
    to get the lowest Internet provider that provides reliable broadband.

    Right now I am with Charter cable. For $80 I get high-speed Internet
    plus digital cable which comes with a lot of movie channels (pet
    peeve: CNN Headline News no longer is news all the time and MTV
    should just do music videos all the time).

    I dropped my home land line because I can get unlimited cell phone
    service any day any time to the U.S. for $49 / month (Einstein PCS)
    plus unlimited data service for an additional $10 / month.

    Adding the home land line back in is what makes the DSL not worth it
    for me.

    journey, May 21, 2006
  5. You're almost certainly on the 1.5Mbps down/376Kbps up plan; there's
    1000 Kbps in a Mbps (and 8Mbps in 1MBps -- likewise 8Kbps in 1KBps).

    I've had a lot of experience with both cable & DSL, and personally I'd
    prefer cable. My cable provider (well my parents -- got it freshmen
    year of high school so 97-98) was initially [email protected], then AT&[email protected],
    next AT&TBI, and now Comcast (I never switched providers, the companies
    themselves changed), and my DSL provider in San Diego (got it sophmore
    year of college, in '02) was initially SBC Yahoo! DSL, which is now AT&T
    Yahoo! DSL. I have had more outages with DSL in a much shorter period
    then I've had with my cable connection; I pay slightly less for DSL but
    I also have a lower download bandwith cap. One thing to keep in mind is
    all your neighbors are on the same cable loop, whereas DSL is switched
    so each connection can't see another. Performance wise, this means if
    you live in a highly populared area you may get slower speeds at peak
    hours with a cable modem (also if someone is packet sniffing in from of
    the router they can read anything you send/receive which is
    unencrypted). In my parents case, they live in the suburbs so there's
    much less people sharing the same cable line compared to where I live
    (in a city, near a college), so in my case DSL is more beneficial.
    Nicholas Andrade, May 21, 2006
  6. Von Fourche

    LandB Guest

    I have had the SBC Yahoo DSL for 2 years and have not had any problems with
    I guess it varies from region to region, just like with anything.
    LandB, May 21, 2006
  7. Von Fourche

    Jack Zwick Guest

    Identical speed, except SBC also sells 3.0 mbps and 6.0 mbps which
    Earthlink may not, so for a few more bucks, but less than Earthlink, you
    get the better speed, and better news server.

    Sign up for SBC dial-up just before your Earthlink ends.

    You'll likely be a week or so with no dsl. Then you upgrade your SBC
    dialup to SBC dsl, and use your one month free trial of dialup.
    Jack Zwick, May 21, 2006
  8. Von Fourche

    Von Fourche Guest

    I was thinking of downgrading my Earthlink service from DSL to dial-up.
    Then calling SBC to sign up for their DSL. Then cancel Earthlink dial-up.
    Von Fourche, May 21, 2006
  9. Von Fourche

    Kevin Guest

    You can get DSL service for $20 per month? From what phone company? That's
    ridiculously cheap! Are you sure that includes your ISP? I dropped my land
    line (Qwest) and changed it to a data-only line. I pay about $55 per month
    for the DSL service and Qwest Deluxe Internet Service. I have a 10 MB
    personal web page available, 1.5 megabit per second speed, plus multiple
    email addresses if I want them. The cost would be less if I had went with
    just the basic Qwest Internet Service.

    Even at $40 per month, that's a deal for DSL service.

    *** ***
    Kevin, May 21, 2006
  10. Von Fourche

    Von Fourche Guest

    Doesn't Verizon offer DSL for fifteen or twenty dollars? The SBC deal
    is for $13.00 first year then it jumps up to $30.00
    Von Fourche, May 22, 2006
  11. Von Fourche

    Hadas Guest

    12.99 for ATT dsl for isy year
    Hadas, May 22, 2006
  12. Von Fourche

    Brad Guest

    Jumping in here for a little extra FYI, I have Alltel DSL for 29.95 per
    month, its my only Broadband option. My one year contract was up in May
    and I got a $49.95 bill April, I called Alltel about canceling it and
    going back to dialup. The Alltel rep told me all I had to do was re-up
    my contract for another year at $29.95 per month, that comes with a
    $100.00 cancellation fee if I cancel within the 12 month contract, so I

    If your one year contract is up on your ISP and you facing a rate
    increase, call them, It could save you some money by re-uping with
    another 1 year contract....this may not apply to all ISP's but at least
    give it a shot, especially if your like me and there's no Broadband
    competition in your area.

    Brad, May 22, 2006
  13. Von Fourche

    mdp Guest


    I had Earthlink DSL and wanted to try Earthlink cable before turning off DSL
    and understood I would pay for both during the overlap. Main reason was
    disconnecting DSL was instantaneous but provisioning a new account took days
    to weeks. Earthlink told me (4 separate times) that having two (or more)
    broadband connections to the same home was illegal. I ended up getting
    Roadrunner and ran both of them for 2 months before cancelling Earthlink
    DSL. So if you decide to try cable (cable usually doesn't have a
    cancellation fee), don't tell Earthlink until you're ready to disconnect.
    mdp, May 22, 2006
  14. Von Fourche

    Notan Guest

    "... two (or more) broadband connections to the same home was illegal."


    Notan, May 22, 2006

  15. It may be technically impossible to put more than one DSL
    sevice on a single twisted pair cable, but if you have more than
    one telephone account (i.e. telephone number), there's no reason
    why you couldn't put DSL service on each of them.

    Timothy Daniels, May 22, 2006
  16. unlike earthlink and some other isp that add dsl to you exisitng phone line,
    at&t only offers it if switch your dial tone, local, intralata, and long
    distance to at&t as well (a most misleading advertisement for them to say
    dsl for $xx when it also requires all these other conditions). great if it
    works, but a disaster if you encounter any problems. took a friend 9 months
    of fighting with them to stop billing her after she canceled service and
    went back to the local phone company.
    Christopher Muto, May 22, 2006
  17. Von Fourche

    Von Fourche Guest

    I had Earthlink dial-up for about two years before I switched to their
    DSL service. Their introductory price lasted six months. I can't remember
    what I was paying, either $12.00 a month or the same price as dial-up,
    $22.00 a month. I do know that after six months it jumped up to $40.00

    Heck, I would be willing to sign up for another year if they dropped my
    bill to $30.00 a month.

    I need to fine a phone number to Earthlink reps that are located in the
    U.S. I want to discuss this with upper management in the U.S.
    Unfortunately I don't know if that will be possible.
    Von Fourche, May 22, 2006
  18. Von Fourche

    mdp Guest

    I asked for cable and DSL. I believe Earthlink's basis is they are unable
    to distinguish what data goes over cable vice DSL and there is a law that
    states (FCC) that ISPs cannot charge twice (or more) for the same data.
    More of a billing issue to me but an issue nonetheless.
    mdp, May 22, 2006
  19. Von Fourche

    LandB Guest

    My SBC Yahoo DSL includes free dial up access. I am on the 3Mb plan.
    LandB, May 22, 2006
  20. Von Fourche

    Tom Scales Guest

    They're on drugs.
    Tom Scales, May 22, 2006
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