Slow Hard Drive Speed P4S333-VM

Discussion in 'Asus' started by jonathansmith1962, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Hi.

    The speed of the hard drive with this board (the P4S333-VM without
    LAN) is slow.

    It seems slow in real life use, so I benchmarked using SiSoft Sandra
    2003. For comparison I installed the same version of Sandra on a
    different machine (with different board and slower CPU). The speed of
    an ATA-66 drive on the other machine was more than twice as fast as
    the ATA-100 in this one.

    All BIOS options are correct, and the drive is detected as ATA-100.
    I installed the latest SiS IDE driver, made no difference.
    The CD-ROM and CD-RW are both installed on the secondary IDE port, the
    hard drive stands alone on primary.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.
    jonathansmith1962, Jun 23, 2003
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  2. U320 SCSI !

    Albeit, I use U160 SCSI with P4B533-V.

    David H. Lipman, Jun 24, 2003
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  3. jonathansmith1962

    Guest Guest

    (Paul) wrote in
    Hi, and thanks Paul.

    Yes, it is the correct cable - indeed BIOS detects as ATA-100. In my
    experience it does not do that with a "legacy" cable.

    DMA is enabled.

    It is the on-board graphics, 32 Mb of the 512 Mb installed. Would that
    really make *so much* difference to the HD speed? Remember this is
    running at less than half the benchmarked speed of an UDMA-66 drive.

    No bad blocks.

    Thanks again Paul.
    Guest, Jun 25, 2003
  4. jonathansmith1962

    Paul Guest

    With regard to the on-board graphics, it would have a tiny influence.
    I guess I just hate UMA designs :)

    Well, seeing as Windows thinks that DMA is enabled, are there any
    utility programs you can use to verify that DMA is enabled ?

    I tried a search on Google, for "P4S333 DMA IDE" and found this:$

    It is possible that if you install the SIS IDE driver manually, you
    will get real bus mastering, in which case you might see the transfer
    speed increase. If a chipset doesn't have a bog-standard register set
    for an interface like this, you may end up depending on the chipset
    manufacturer (SIS) for a driver that works well. Normally the Microsoft
    generic IDE driver is all you need.

    Paul, Jun 26, 2003
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