smart fan issues with Shuttle SB61G2V3

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by klicksights, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. klicksights

    klicksights Guest

    A while ago (6 months) the CPU smart fan stopped functioning . I tested
    the fan and after discovering that it worked I plugged it into smart
    fan plug 2 and configured the bios for smartfan 2 (originally plugged
    into smartfan plug 1) which solved the problem until recently. Now the
    fan has stopped functioning again and doesn't function in either of
    the 2 smart fan motherboard plugs. I've tested the fan and it works,
    so it has something to do with the motherboard. I am currently running
    the fan directly off the PS but would like to run it off the MB or at
    least understand why it stopped working. Can you suggest any way to
    fix this problem? Thanks, Ben August
    klicksights, Jul 7, 2006
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  2. klicksights

    Mark C. Guest

    I'm beginning to realize that shuttle mobos last only a bit longer than the
    warranty does.
    Mark C., Jul 8, 2006
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  3. klicksights

    Eric Parker Guest


    This problem isn't just with the SB61G2V3.
    Last year I built a couple of SK83Gs that have the same problem.
    Whatever drives the fan doesn't seem up to the job.
    I've had one these SK83Gs replaced and it too has failed.
    Although it's not a satisfying solution, driving the fans directly
    does work.
    The ones I built now use voltage reducers and run at 7 (I think)
    Even running prime95 for long periods never got the fans to run fast.

    It's a case of making the best of a bad design.

    Eric Parker, Jul 9, 2006
  4. klicksights

    Gerard22 Guest


    Same thing has happened to me.

    About a year ago my CPU fan seemed to die, so I started looking for a
    replacement fan, but I thought I'd try a fan from another machine,
    which I knew worked and plugged it into the fan controller 1 point on
    the MB.

    It was also dead, so I knew it wasn't the fan.
    I bought a 3 pin cable splitter
    one from Maplins and ran both the CPU and onboard graphics fans
    off of the fan controller 2 point.

    Now it seems that the same thing is happening, with both fans running
    intermittently and not obeying the Smart Fan settings for FAN 2 in the
    CMOS (PC Health Status).

    I know that the second fan controller is about to die, so I will have
    to get one of those 7V PSU to fan connectors.

    Although my machine is now 3 years old I'm not convinced that I would
    buy another shuttle. Their online support was pretty poor, they don't
    make any 478 socket MBs anymore and they are unable to offer any
    advice about replacing the FB61 MB I have. This Smart Fan failure is
    clearly an issue on their old models but they've had our money for a
    long time so they don' care.

    Gerard22, May 22, 2007
  5. klicksights


    Jun 3, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I have the same problem with my Shuttle SB61G2V3 here in Japan (I'm from Australia by the way). I hope the information below can be of help to someone with a similar problem.

    About one year ago, just after the 1-year warranty expired here, the PC fan had stopped working and the computer would automatically shut down just after Windows loaded. I found a way to rewire the three (small)pin fan power plug to another output source on the mother board and I used an external fan-speed controller to reduce the full fan power setting (to reduce the excessive noise of the fan on full power).
    Prior to this, I had had some kind of electrical problem - when I took out a USB/firewire plug from the back of the computer and it wouldn't boot up. As a result, I figured out that I had to flash the bios, and use the first part of the OEM disk which helped to automatically repair the book block to get the computer to recognize the hard disk and to boot up normally again.

    Then, now, one year later, the same kind of problem had happened again: after taking out a USB plug from with back which seemed to cause some kind of electrical short -- the N-VIDIA 5200 graphics card wouldn't display and the main PC fan and Intel Chip fan weren't running. I sent the computer to the Shuttle representative company here in Japan, Mouse Computer, but they wanted to charge more than the cost of a new computer to repair it (more than 10 times the price of a new graphics board!) ???!!!
    Anyway, I took back the computer without them 'touching it', and I figured out that I am able to see the video display by using the alternate video output plug which can be found on the other side at the back of the computer, but this is is only in the case of removing the AGP video card so that the slot is empty - the computer then utilizes the internal Sis graphics.
    I found a program 'Intel Extreme Graphics 2" loaded into Windows, so the repairers might have installed it to make the screen quality a bit better. I used a big house fan to blow air into my computer which had the cover off to keep the computer cool and to be able to be operated on.

    Being able to see the screen and operate Windows, I flashed the bios (fb61s30s.bin) with awardflash (awdflash) after booting an NTFS Dos CD I had the awardflash program files and the bios bin file copied onto another CD which I activated after loading the dos in memory with the previous CD.

    The fans still don't work and I don't think buying a new video card will get the AGP video card working, so I think I'll persist with the current video source.
    I now need to find a way to get the fans powered -
    I am thinking of sourcing the power from the large 4-pin connectors ...

    As Ben above said, and as I experienced, it seems that if you are unlucky, there may be a time when both 2 smart fan motherboard plugs will fail to work.

    As Mark realized, and as I experienced, it seems that if you are unlucky, the motherboards might play up soon after the warranty expires.

    And as Gerard22 pointed out, the representative company of Shuttle computers, don't care about helping customers. They are making enough from the sales and try to profit from the repairs as well - here in Japan, the Shuttle representatives, Mouse Computers, ( say they will return your computer with the hard disk wiped clean if you send it in to them for repairs (in order to be in the original state that you got it), and they will quote repairs that are factored to be several times more than the cost of new parts and justifying it as being the price of the items at the time that the computer was purchased! They have also reduced available optional warranty for the SB61 to one year instead of 3. I noticed that they used to have a greater range of Shuttle models, but now an improved SB61 seems to be the only Cube type they are sticking with.

    Nevertheless, the computer that I am talking about that had major problems is my work computer, and I actually bought a similar one for my home about a year after, and it is working fine (though I have an unknown pink lines problem on my screen every now and then). Anyway, as a final note, you may need to put up with these kinds of problems, the poor service of Shuttle representative companies, and figure things out for yourself. I like Shuttle and hope that they get these issues ironed out in future models.
    Fendy, Jun 3, 2007
  6. klicksights


    Jun 3, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I was able to get the fans working by reinstalling the bios and selecting FULL from the bios menu and used a fan controller to modify the PC's fan speed.
    The video card still doesn't work when plugged in. So I'm using the onboard video port to supply the video, and will consider trying a new card some time later.:eek:
    Fendy, Jun 3, 2007
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