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SMC8020TM (etherEZ with modem) modem wiring

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by torefa, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. torefa

    torefa Guest

    Sorry for multiple group post.
    I have a SMC8020TM. It is a network and modem PCMCIA card for laptops.
    It is from SMC (www.smc.com) and is called "etherEZ with modem card"
    or something similar. To use the modem, one needs a so called "modem
    connection module". This module is consisted of a cable with a 15-pin
    connector at one end, and a female RJ11 connector at the other end of
    the cable. The 15-pin connector connects to the modem port on the PCMCIA
    card, and the female RJ11 is for connection to the phone line.
    My problem is that I do not have the "modem connection module".
    Instead, I have the 15-pin connector which is attached to a 15 wire
    cable, however, there are NO CONNECTORS (RJ11, etc.) on the other end
    of the cable. (to be exact, there are only 14 wires connected, because
    there are only 14 metal pins on the 15-pin connector.)

    I was wondering if you know how should I connect the wires to the
    phone line to get the modem to work.

    Would you send me email () besides/instead of posting
    to the group, please. I thank you for your help in advance.

    P.S. I sent an email to the tech support a couple of weeks ago, but I
    did not get any response.
    torefa, Dec 26, 2003
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