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SMP request(s)

Discussion in 'Intel' started by chris, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. chris

    chris Guest

    Could anyone maybe address the points raised in this e-mail from my
    friend? Very interested in any answers. Cheers.


    1. basically i need to put in my dissertation an example of a
    computer ("grid" )as a comparison of a single processor machine.

    e.g if i had 10 x 550mb ram 2ghz processors running in parallel how
    that compare to a single processor machine. i.e what would the spec be
    of a
    single processor to achieve the same performance? also what would be the
    costs of the single processor vs the multi processor

    anyone know of some websites/books that give info on such things as iv
    looking all day but cant find any
    2. next thing i need is does anyone know the issues of benchmarking the
    performance of a portal? here i need to know how increasing the power of
    machine the portal is situated upon will effect the perfomance. how many
    more hits could it take at the same time. that sort of thing. anyone no
    standard benchmark tests to do on a portal and its performance related
    the power of machine it is on?

    its similar to the problem that the sun dream team is having it is
    down cos so many people are trying to view/interact with it. if the
    that it was situated upon was "better" would this elimnate the problem?
    does it get affected more by the bandwidth? is it a combination of the
    i imagine with a portal its more with computer power as more people will
    using the processor power with the db's and all of the things that a
    is linked to
    are there any websites that u know of that answer either of these things
    do u know anything about it urselves?

    chris, Sep 2, 2003
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  2. chris

    Ian Stirling Guest

    It depends.
    Some problems can't really be partitioned, they rely on rapid random
    access to local RAM.

    Some partition wonderfully, needing only part of the problem data, and
    it will perform line one 20Ghz machine with 5.5G of RAM.
    Ian Stirling, Sep 3, 2003
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