sn41g2--idle temps? oc'ng

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by joesmith, May 21, 2007.

  1. joesmith

    joesmith Guest

    hello to all:
    I have just done a small upgrade and was hoping to over clock this
    puppy just a little. I was running this with 2400 and 333ddr ram.
    I got a 2500 ,some 4000ddr ram, AIW 9600 and a new silent X PS. with out
    OC'ing my idle temperature is a about 44C for the cpu . Does that sound
    right or high? ( it was 48 till I tighten the screws a little ) I think
    my 2400 was about that .I am using artic silver.
    Second if I use Speedfan to adjust the Clock speed the machine will
    reboot. Anyone know how to adjust the Clock speed on the fly. I would
    rather not ideal thought would be bouncing between 100
    and 200 fsb to keep it cooler when I don't need the power
    third it will boot to 3200 but is not stable. am I asking too much from
    my little box? ( of course that was before tightening the screws,
    haven't tried it since ) What should be the idle ( if anyone has done it
    ....) at 3200? I hit the mid 50's and it rebooted

    thanks in advance
    joesmith, May 21, 2007
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