SN85G4V2 runs great -- now that it boots up!!

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Dave, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I finally had some time last weekend to put my SN85G4V2 together. Youu
    may recall from a previous thread I was planning to use a WD120gb
    drive, which was a second drive in my old computer, as the HD for my

    I started about 1pm last Saturday, took out the HD and wireless pci
    card from my old PC, and changed the jumper on the HD from slave to
    master. Then I assembled the shuttle. Within 90 minutes, I was ready
    to plug it in and start loading windows. Of course, on the first
    boot, it goes to the CD since the OS was not installed. So I go
    through the installation of WIndows, everythiing seems to load fine.
    Then it comes time to reboot in the windows load process and it goes
    back to the install cd. I could get the pc to recognize the HD once
    it booted from CD, could browse the disk and launch apps, I just
    couldn't boot from it. I double check connections, look at the bios to
    make sure the HD is first in the boot sequence, then reload windows
    again -- no difference.

    I was hoping that I would be able to load Windows on this drive
    without reformatting it, that way I wouln't have to reload the gigs
    and gigs of stuff I'd copied off it for backup. But after a couple of
    hours of trying, I relented and started from scratch, repartitioning
    and formating the drive. The I went through the Windows loading
    process again and, of course, same thing, wouldn't boot from the HD.

    After several hours, I switched to family activities, figuring I would
    start again in the morning. Well, Sunday morning, something told me
    to check the jumper on the HD. I pulled the drive, moved the jumper
    from master to "cable select" and guess what, THAT FIXED IT!!! So the
    moral of this is the shuttle wants to see the HD jumper in the cable
    select position.

    PS, loaded WinXP SP2, IT DID NOT WORK -- it kept doing the reboot
    thing. Prior to loading I searched for the culprit file MS says
    causes this and did not find it, so something else is doing it. I
    reverted back to pre-SP2 install.
    Dave, Sep 25, 2004
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  2. SP2 works OK on mine, one question though, when you turn yours off
    does the Num Lock LED on your keyboard stay on? mine does and I can't
    figure out why
    I like toys and cake, Sep 25, 2004
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  3. Dave

    Conor Guest

    Actually, slightly wrong. The HDD cable is a Cable Select cable. The
    black connector is for the master drive and the grey for the slave
    drive. If you have drives set to CS it all works great. The problem
    comes though, if you have the drive jumpered as master but hooked up to
    the grey "slave" connector and vice versa.
    Conor, Sep 26, 2004
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