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So anyone buy a X800 yet?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Destroy, May 7, 2004.

  1. Destroy

    Destroy Guest

    The Pro's are suppose to be out.

    Someone tell their experiences so far with one please.
    Destroy, May 7, 2004
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  2. Destroy

    ec Guest

    They aren't out. ATI is full of shit.
    ec, May 7, 2004
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  3. Destroy

    Destroy Guest

    That's what I'm starting to think. Places have them for sale but not
    truly in stock.
    Destroy, May 7, 2004
  4. Destroy

    ec Guest

    Paper launch. Maybe in 2 weeks. Whats even funnier is ATI saying XT will be
    out May 21. Yet CompUSA shows availability of June 25!?
    ec, May 7, 2004
  5. Destroy

    Don Burnette Guest

    Umm, because they have not hit the shelves now, that makes ATI full of
    Do you by chance scream and kick the floor as well??
    Don Burnette, May 7, 2004
  6. Destroy

    J. Clarke Guest

    Depends on how you define "out". If it's released to distributors on May 21
    then it's not unreasonable for 4 weeks to elapse before it's physically on
    the shelf in a CompUSA, especially if CompUSA has managed to get themselves
    assigned a low priority.
    J. Clarke, May 7, 2004
  7. Destroy

    ec Guest

    ATI said they would AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE at launch day at major retailers
    such as Best Buy. Clicking Buy Now on a pre-order product isn't "available".

    Do you by any chance have a mouth full of semen?
    ec, May 7, 2004
  8. Destroy

    OverKlocker Guest

    you say some gay-ish things... is there something you don't want your
    mommy to know? also, the ATI x800pro will be out before the 6800, so
    which company lies more?
    OverKlocker, May 7, 2004
  9. Destroy

    ec Guest

    ATI. NVIDIA said it's card would be out 45 days from the press release,
    which is about when it will get here. ATI said theirs will be available the
    DAY of launch.
    ec, May 7, 2004
  10. Destroy

    ec Guest

    You're a fucking CUM GUZZLER. Go guzzle some cum assguzzler.
    ec, May 7, 2004
  11. Destroy

    OverKlocker Guest

    i think you are in self deniel
    OverKlocker, May 7, 2004
  12. Destroy

    OverKlocker Guest

    says available



    says available

    says available

    says available

    says available

    within a week or two... big whoopti, also, how do you know nvidia's
    card will be widely available when they say? sounds like you're upset
    cause the big bad 6800U didn't beat ATI's ass
    OverKlocker, May 7, 2004
  13. Destroy

    Bratboy Guest

    Give ec a break, the gays DONT want him and the straights dont need him.
    Bratboy, May 7, 2004
  14. Destroy

    [neil] Guest

    No I think he's IN daniel. ;)
    [neil], May 7, 2004
  15. Destroy

    Destroy Guest

    Talk about highway robbery! All those places that say instock want $65
    to $105 OVER MSRP for a Pro version!! Got any sites with realistic prices?
    Destroy, May 7, 2004
  16. Destroy

    jeff b Guest

    There's only one definition of 'out': available to
    end users. As in 'product on the shelves', or
    'in stock, will ship today'.

    Jeff B
    jeff b, May 7, 2004
  17. Destroy

    RipFlex Guest

    Go to the ATI main site - CANADA

    ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition not Available to order until June.

    Helps to read before flying off the handle. Ignore the ebay and other
    online sites that want a quick money grab...

    And I am ordering one straight from ATI site - Cananda, I'm from Canada BTW.
    RipFlex, May 7, 2004
  18. Destroy

    RipFlex Guest


    Be patient for f&%^& sakes.

    What a bunch of children... gimme gimme gimme

    RipFlex, May 7, 2004
  19. Destroy

    JLC Guest

    A bunch of children with a whole lot of money to burn. Must be nice to be
    able to afford a $500 vid card the day it come out. I'm just a poor loser
    that will have to wait 6 months or more for the price to be cut in half. JLC
    JLC, May 7, 2004
  20. Destroy

    Olaf Guest

    Well, ATI said the cards would be available by now, and they arent. Spin
    that any way you like.

    Olaf, May 7, 2004
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