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Software Engineering Manager - Samsung, San Jose CA.

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by gg_samsung, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. gg_samsung

    gg_samsung Guest

    Samsung Telecommunications America

    Position: Software Engineering Manager

    Group: Mobile Communications

    Location: San Jose, CA

    Job Summary:

    As a Software Engineering Manager, you will be responsible for the
    development and management of BREW, J2ME, and/or C-based UI and
    software applications along with leading the end-to-end software
    development projects.

    Functional Responsibilities:

    - Develop and manage of competent software development teams. Assign
    project tasks.
    - Participate in the development of BREW, J2ME, and/or C-based UI and
    software applications.
    - Take charge of end-to-end development process (architecture, design,
    implementation, and quality assurance) for newly introduced
    technologies or projects.
    - Manage project progress and encourage active interchange of
    technology expertise with Samsung HQ.


    - BS Degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Wireless
    Networking is required.
    - 8-12 years experience Software Engineering experience in a
    wireless/telecom organization.
    - BREW programming or J2ME development experience is a plus!
    - At least 5 years experience in CDMA or GSM engineering and
    - Solid application development experience in Windows programming
    (Win32 API) and/or experience in a Linux/UNIX environment.
    - You must have solid troubleshooting skills with complex systems and
    - Proven ability and experience to manage and facilitate multiple
    activities/projects while maintaining a positive attitude and
    leadership skills.
    - You must be able to manage human resources related issues in an
    engineering environment.
    - Possess solid leadership and project management skills related to
    full life-cycle software development in an engineering environment.
    - 25 % travel is required.

    For consideration, please email your resume in MS Word format to:
    gg_samsung, Oct 5, 2005
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