Software will not install on new Silent Cell 9800 GT on Windows 764 bit

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Edward, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Edward

    Edward Guest

    I built a new system using a GV-N98tsl-1g1 graphics card. The drivers
    have installed and updated, but I cannot install the software on the CD.
    It starts, loads the splash screen, then locks up. I am using Windows
    7, 64 bit. Any suggestions? Gigabyte tech support has not responded to
    my email in three days. Anyone have a phone number for tech support in
    the U.S.?
    Edward, Nov 6, 2009
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  2. Edward

    jk Guest

    I have seen that a windows 7 system without any login-password cannot
    install several programs like antivirus programs. If you add a
    password (since it is missing) then cold boot is necessary.

    Just a guess.

    best regards

    jk, Nov 6, 2009
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  3. Edward

    Edward Guest

    Thanks John. I'll give it a try.
    Edward, Nov 7, 2009
  4. Edward

    Bill Guest

    I hope you were able to fix the problem you were having and that you are
    good luck with the card now. I was thinking about buying one of these.
    like I may have read this was a "long" card (true?). What sort of case did
    you go with?

    Bill, Nov 7, 2009
  5. Edward

    Edward Guest

    I have not installed the software, and I am using the drivers installed
    by Windows 7, but it seems to be working fine at the moment. I
    installed Windows 7 64 bit initially, but I switched back to the 32 bit
    version to see if I would have fewer problems.

    I installed the updated Nvidia drivers through the Windows update, I
    think it was a 9/27/09 driver, and I THINK that's when things fell
    apart. I got an "error in nvcpl.dll missing entry
    NvStartupRunonFirstSessionUserAccount, and the colors went crazy. I
    fixed that, then it started refusing to wake up after standby or
    hibernation. I set Windows to never go to standby or hibernate, but it
    still did it anyway. I had to reboot most of the time to get it to work.

    I installed the 32 bit version of Windows 7 last night, and this morning
    it seems to be working.

    I have it installed in the first version of the Antec Sonata case with a
    650 watt power supply. It is a long card, but there is still about an
    inch of space between the card and the drive cage.
    Edward, Nov 8, 2009
  6. Edward

    Bill Guest

    Thanks for your reply. I'm currently running XP with Gigabyte's fanless
    card based on the 7600GT chip set in a Antec Solo case. I assembled that in
    2006 and plan to build a new system with Windows 7 and the GV-N98tsl-1g1
    It nice to get the benefit of the experience of the first adopters (I've
    been one of
    them in the past). I've had such bad luck with hibernate in the past, that
    I never
    even tried it on my current system. Thanks for the heads-up about the
    I'm going to wait until after the new year and wait for the manufacturers
    get everything
    up to speed. I'm especially interested in Intel's SSD (X-25M), which needs
    firmware (using TRIM) from what I understand.

    Bill, Nov 9, 2009
  7. Edward

    Fishface Guest

    In 2006, I built my system with a Gigabyte GV-NX76G256D-RH 7600GS
    256MB, also a fanless card. Most recently, I've had to use older drivers,
    or BF2 would crash. I wasn't impressed by that, so when when I upgraded
    my video card, I went with ATI. I have an HD 4870 now, but not Gigabyte.
    I have never built a system and used the drivers on the CDs. I always
    download the newest ones.
    Wow, really? I used it all the time. But Windows 7 64-bit doesn't seem to
    give me the option. But Sleep sure takes a long time to wake, seventeen
    to twenty seconds. The two-year-old Mac Pro at work takes two seconds to
    Doing OK here, just no Flash Player for the 64-bit browser, so I'm using the
    32-bit IE8 for now. You can't go wrong with a 90 Day Windows 7 Evaluation
    Version. Use Macrium Reflect Free to back-up your current system, for later
    restoration. Works great.
    I'm holding-off on SSDs for the moment, too. The limited number of write
    cycles has me a little concerned. I'm using a 500 GB Samsung F3 for my
    system drive. It is pretty fast and very quiet.

    It has a single high-density platter. Transfer rates top out at 116 MB/s.
    Pretty fast. Since it's so quiet, I don't imagine the access times are so
    good, though! My 150 GB Raptor died after 2 1/2 years. Click of Death.
    I need to send it in for warranty replacement one of these days...
    Fishface, Nov 29, 2009
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