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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Nyc88, May 28, 2005.

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    I just went from a PC to iMac OS X Tiger. I spent the last 5 hours
    trying to connect the two. I was soo happy when I did,so I thought I
    should post it up for you...its an easy way to get your PC onto your
    Mac, that will save you hours or $ (if you wanna buy the actual
    program). Follow EACH step, and dont close anything I tell you to
    open, saves time:

    1.Connect both computers to your DSL box(with the cable), or whats in

    2.Check that your PC's internet works.

    3.If you have AirPort on your iMac you need to go to your System
    Preferences: Click on Network. You will see that the AirPort is
    activated. Disactivate it and pick the appropriate connection. In
    this case it should be Bulit-In Ehernet. Click on help (question
    mark at the bottom) if you need some.
    Set it up, or click on ASSIST ME at the bottom & Diagnostics will
    guide you through it. At the end it should inform you that you are

    4.Go to your System Preferences, click on File Sharing. You need to
    check off the Windows Sahring box, and then click on START next to
    it. Select the users it has. I checked off all the boxes just in

    5.Now, go to your PC for a minute. Go to Start, Control Panel and
    SYSTEM. Your will see on top Remote, under it check the box on the
    bottom that says: Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.
    This will now allow users to connect remotely to your computer...

    6.Good now that the network and the file sharing is set up you need
    to get the actual application. Download & install the
    application here:[email protected]

    7. When you are on the apllication, select the GO option from the top
    menu and go to Connect to Server. In the server address type in:
    and then the IP address of you MAC computer. You'll find this under
    System Preferences, Network. When Show is on Built-in- Ethernet,
    under TCP/IP it gives you the ip address. type the in and connect.

    8. When you open the Remote Desktop Connection, it it will ask you
    for IP address. This is where you type in the PC's ip address. If
    you have no clue, then go to Start, Control Panel, Network
    Connections. Mine says Local Area Connection, whatever yours is
    click on it and go to Support, there it is...your PC' ip address.

    9. When you connect, it will probably ask you for user name and
    password, this is your Windows XP settings, if you dont know them,
    go to Control Panel, User Account, there you should find all the
    info. Now you will see you PC window on your Mac comp.

    10. Good, one last step bitches and you r done!! OK on you PC window
    inside ur mac, open a window and go to My Network Places. On the
    left you'll see Network Tasks and under it the last option says View
    Workgroup Computer. Yes yes, click on it. And your eyes are not
    fooling you, it actully has to little computers drawn in a way it
    makes my eyes is you pc user and second is you MAC. When
    you click on mac you will be connected to your mac under your pc
    which is connected and running on your real mac...poetic matrix.

    11. As much as I wanted to end it on 10 easy steps, we have to end it
    on 11 easy steps. So this is where you find all your mac documents,
    and this is where you drag all the pc files you want to have. It is
    a bitch waiting for them to dwloud, but it could be useful time to:
    read a book, listen to some music, get a sandwitch, low fat cuz its
    soo in....or maybe go on and post a mess. that you wish
    somebody posted, and save someone from a heart attack, followed by
    another heart attack.

    .....enjoy!!! :)

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    Nyc88, May 28, 2005
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