some questions about an Intellistation Z Pro

Discussion in 'IBM' started by torn, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. torn

    torn Guest

    It seems that the newsgroup is almost dead, but I'm trying anyway. I've
    got an Intellistation Z Pro 6221 (2*Xeon 2.8GHz), and performed a bios
    update. After the update, the LSI scsi controller that before at boot
    printed on the screen the string "IBM Build", started printing "I
    Build". Quite strange. Is it normal?

    Is there a way to put more then three hard drives on the Intellistation?
    (i.e., is there more then one "disk cage" variant?)

    Is it normal that the power supply is quite noisy when the system is
    shut down? I hear a continuous electrical buzz that I never heard it
    other power supplies (at least not so loud).

    Thank you,
    torn, Dec 2, 2007
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