Someone must have the installation CD for a Gateway OEM Audigy 2 card!

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by xxxxxxxx, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx Guest

    I bought an Audigy 2 card from eBay, and it turned out to be a Gateway
    OEM version, and the Audigy 2 installation CD I got from Creative
    won't recognize it. Creative told me to get one from Gateway, but
    Gateway refuses because I didn't buy a whole system from them.

    The Gateway website has only a bare driver, but it doesn't include
    anything like the mixer or speaker selector, and isn't upgradeable
    from the Creative updates.

    Can anyone burn a copy of their Gateway installation CD for me? I can
    Paypal you the funds to cover it....
    xxxxxxxx, Nov 29, 2003
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  2. xxxxxxxx

    Robert Guest

    Did you go to the Gateway website?
    They have drivers for the Audigy 2 that you can download.
    Robert, Nov 30, 2003
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  3. xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx Guest

    Thanks for the reply, Robert. Yes, I did go to Gateway website, but
    as I said in my initial message:

    "The Gateway website has only a bare driver, but it doesn't include
    anything like the mixer or speaker selector, and isn't upgradeable
    from the Creative updates."

    I need the full installation disk. With the driver from the website,
    I can't access any of the special features of the card.
    xxxxxxxx, Nov 30, 2003
  4. xxxxxxxx

    T.R. Guest

    Being a GW OEM Card, are you really sure that it has the "Special
    Features" built in? A lot of OEM stuff is "Cut Down" on features. I
    remember a person that got a GW back in 98 or 99 that had the
    SoundBlaster Live! card in it. Then Creative came out with the
    LiveWare driver package for the SoundBlaster Live! card and he jumped
    on it. Well, half the goodies on the LiveWare collection would not
    work and the reason finally being that the OEM version of the
    SoundBlaster Live! card didn't not have all the on board goodies that
    the over the counter card did.


    We can't get anything done in this
    town because of this Constitution.
    Hillary Clinton
    T.R., Nov 30, 2003
  5. xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx Guest

    Well, it has the outputs for 5.1 speakers, and all the inputs (line
    in, CD, aux, TAD, etc.), so it should at least have a mixer and a
    speaker selector. But the drivers on the Gateway site don't supply
    any of those. To get that, and the EAX controls, the Gateway techs
    say I need the Gateway version of the Audigy 2 installation CD. But
    in the next breath they refuse to sell me one because I didn't buy a
    complete Gateway system.

    Hence, I'm trying here to see if any Gateway user who has one can help
    me out.
    xxxxxxxx, Dec 1, 2003
  6. xxxxxxxx

    T.R. Guest

    Okay, then let me advise of another thing about GW Recovery CD's I
    have found out. They are usually generic to the times they were
    produced. In other words, I have found out while changing a graphics
    card out with a more powerful card that both cards were supported on
    my recovery disk. The reason was that at the time this system was
    purchased, both the card supplied with my computer and the card I
    upgraded to were available for my computer via gateway.

    So.... Instead of looking for someone that has a GW computer that
    came with the Audigy 2 card in their computer, see about getting a
    copy of the restoration CD from someone whose computer was purchased
    during the time periods that the Audigy 2 was/is offered as an option
    by GW and also owns a computer that the Audigy 2 card was offered as
    an option in.

    Another example of what I am talking about. A friend lost their
    restoration CD for a computer that was a year older than mine. They
    needed to do a restoration. They had a different Modem, Graphics Card
    and Monitor than I did but those three items were still options on GW
    systems when I got my system a year later with a different Modem,
    Graphics Card and Monitor. However, my restoration cd did just fine
    on their system, sensing and loading the drivers for their specific
    Modem, graphics card and Monitor.

    You need a copy of any restoration CD that came with any GW computer
    that supports the Audigy 2 card that was purchased at the same time
    period GW was/is offering the Audigy 2 card. It doesn't matter if
    they have that card or not, it's drivers should be on there. My
    desktop restoration CD is from 1999 and I don't think they had an
    Audigy 2 card at that time so I can't help.


    We can't get anything done in this
    town because of this Constitution.
    Hillary Clinton
    T.R., Dec 1, 2003
  7. xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx Guest

    Um, yecch. I was hoping there was an installation disk for the Audigy
    2 (similar to the one Creative Labs supplies with theirs). That's
    what the Gateway techs told me over the phone.

    From my previous experience with restoration disks, they contain a
    disk image that overwrites the C: drive, rather than letting you
    select out individual components. Is that how the Gateway restoration
    CD functions?
    xxxxxxxx, Dec 1, 2003
  8. The set of 3 Restoration CDs can work that way.
    However the System Restoration CD or Driver CD can also be used to
    install just the needed driver.
    If you get a CD that was available at any time your card was furnished
    with a Gateway computer, the SRCD should have the desired files.

    Jupiter Jones
    Check the following link for some great problem solving newsgroups.

    Jupiter Jones, Dec 1, 2003
  9. xxxxxxxx

    HipPiE Guest

    If you have WinXP, just load the "Soundblaster live!" drivers.

    Then goto and get the "MP3" or "Gamer" updated drivers. (
    Being OEM, you never know, I used on of them....don't remember which

    Update the drivers. It will work then.

    Not sure what is missing, but I have no problems, even with games. :)
    HipPiE, Dec 1, 2003
  10. xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx Guest

    Really? The Live! drivers and software work with the Audigy 2?

    I'd been told that even the Audigy 1 drivers and software wouldn't
    work with it, even though the two cards superficially look very
    xxxxxxxx, Dec 2, 2003
  11. xxxxxxxx

    HipPiE Guest

    No, it's just so the "updated" drivers will not complain that you don't have
    the software loaded.

    It's a work around. After you update the drivers ( with Audigy update ), it
    will state that audigy drivers are installed.

    I have never found the Gateway OEM software for this. This is just how I
    got around it. That's all. And it works. ( for me ;)

    HipPiE, Dec 2, 2003
  12. xxxxxxxx

    HipPiE Guest

    Oops, I messed my first post up. Sorry! Heh.

    Download the Audigy updated driver is what I ment. My fault!
    HipPiE, Dec 2, 2003
  13. xxxxxxxx

    Denman Guest

    I have a Gateway drivers CD that came with a Windows ME desktop. Would
    that work for you? I'll check to see if they are on there.

    Denman, Dec 2, 2003
  14. xxxxxxxx

    T.R. Guest

    Not sure one can actually recognize them on the CD. I know that
    looking through my CD, I can't identify any of the files names with
    known hardware on my computer. When doing a restoration, it looks at
    what I have installed does its thing. If updating later and I put the
    CD in, its lists on a menu, what I have installed and lets me choose
    what I wish to install/reinstall etc. But like I said, I don't see
    any folders/files names on the CD that are named in association with
    the hardware device it is to work with.

    I think you just have to put the CD in and let it look at your system
    and then present the menu with your associated hardware listed. And
    then only the hardware/drivers will be listed in the menu that are
    both on the computer and available on the CD.


    We can't get anything done in this
    town because of this Constitution.
    Hillary Clinton
    T.R., Dec 2, 2003
  15. xxxxxxxx

    hiltabidel Guest

    I have the OEM drives disc... what are you willing to pay for it this
    fine holiday season?

    hiltabidel, Dec 4, 2003
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