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Sony VAIO PCG-XR9 (where to find drivers-plea for help).

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Bart S., Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Bart S.

    Bart S. Guest

    I have a BIIIG problem with this laptop. My fiance's little sister asked me
    to help a friend of her's with a laptop. Apparently sister's friend has an
    aunt living in Japan. This aunt sent her this PCG-XR9 as a gift, but forgot
    to include the CD with all neccessary drivers (We tried contacting her, but
    she was unable to locate that CD). Laptop came with the original Japanese
    Windows 98SE installed with all the drivers present, but before I got my
    hands on that laptop, some genious friend of those two little girls (both
    are just 11) formatted HD, bought and tried to install a Polish version 98SE
    which of course didn't work well without the drivers. :| What makes this
    situation terrible for me is the fact, that:

    - my fiances little sister asked me for help, so I have to do something,
    otherwise I'm in trouble :D,
    - laptop belongs to this little sister's friend and if I fail there'll be
    two very dissappointed little girls blaming me that they can't play
    HarryPotter or something,
    - that little sister's friend is a daughter an art classes teacher that
    teaches in the school they both attend so if I fail my fiances sister may be
    in trouble during her art classes ;).

    So basically I have this Sony VAIO PCG-XR9 with PCGA-PSX1 docking station,
    PCGA-FCX1 connector and PCGA-FDX1 floppy and PCGA-DVDX1 dvd. And I have no
    drivers for it. I've tried googling for them but either there are no
    references to PCG-XR9 (except for some battery sale offers) or only pages in
    Japanese are available. The only word in Japanese I know is "konichiva". :D

    The closest thing I came up with are those links:
    (I can access the download area for those laptops by supplying the code
    found on the docking station, the code on the laptop has wornout).

    But non of these corresponds 100% with the PCG-XR9 (checked with
    SiSoftSandra and various parts are not identical). It seems that there are
    no pages at all in English with support for XR9 so I'm guessing that this
    particular model was not sold outside Japan.

    There are pages in Japanese that have something about this laptop, but I
    can't understand anything. :(

    I found this, but I don't know which drivers are for which laptop:

    Those two pages seem to be my best bet, but... there are no links on the
    first one and I can't make any sense from the second one:


    Soo... HELP! :) A plea to anyone out there either not Japanese-challanged or
    having some info on English pages about this laptop. Tell me where can I
    find drivers for this laptop and it's accessories. If only pages in Japanese
    are available, could you please supply direct links to files with some
    description or a webpage link with a discription of what's there on the
    webpage and what am I supposed to "click". :)

    Thank you for any input and help. I'm really running in circles with this
    laptop. :(
    Bart S., Aug 19, 2004
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  2. Bart S.

    AndrewJ Guest

    I believe the drivers are at this site:

    If you put your cursor over a link it's translated to english just
    above the task bar at the bottom of your screen.

    I had mixed results trying to translate entire pages with babel fish:

    This was built about the same time as my SR33, some of those drivers
    may or may not help.

    I loaded XP Pro on my SR33 with no trouble. That might be the best
    solution of all.
    AndrewJ, Aug 19, 2004
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  3. Bart S.

    Bart S. Guest

    It's a diffrent type of laptop, I'm affraid. I've tried using the search
    function though (a magnifying glass in the top right corner) and it produced
    lots of links for "PCG-XR9" but again, all in Japan. :(
    Tried it, but can't find anything for PCG-XR9 on this page. Probably because
    it's a very old laptop.
    Thank you for this link, I'm trying to browse the support pages with it now.
    <...> And I ended up on the:
    http://vcl.vaio.sony.co.jp/support/note/pcg-xr9.html webpage, but Babelfish
    fails to translate anything. Anyway, this page seems to contain what I'm
    looking for, but there are no links to exe or zip's. :|

    XP won't run on this laptop. It only has 96 MB of RAM and 400 Mhz CPU. :(
    Bart S., Aug 19, 2004
  4. Bart S.

    AndrewJ Guest

    As a last resort they could upgrade(replace with 2- 128MB sticks) the
    expensive proprietary RAM to 256MB. Which is what I did as soon as I
    got mine. XP runs fine on that speed of CPU. Kingston shows the RAM
    layout but don't carry 128MB sticks.

    I will send you the 2 64MB sticks I removed from mine. That might
    squeek by with XP or just to test it. That could earn you some points
    either way. Send your mailing info to andrewjbbr at gmail dot com
    AndrewJ, Aug 19, 2004
  5. Bart S.

    Bart S. Guest

    <gone to private e-mail to e-mail discussion> :)
    Bart S., Aug 19, 2004
  6. Bart S.

    Bart S. Guest

    Jan Hytry guy is me, BTW. :) Hope my e-mail reached you. :)
    Bart S., Aug 19, 2004
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