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Sony Vaio V505BX and similar models: a solution for retrieving original utilities! (Hotkey, sony uti

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by LcSdesign, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. LcSdesign

    LcSdesign Guest

    Hi there,

    I'm a VAIO PCG-V505BX user and like many others I was stuck trying to
    find a way of reinstalling Sony utilities (Hotkeys, Powepanel, Sony
    utils dll etc) after a clean reinstallation of the OS.

    In these days I've found several messages around coping with this
    issues, most of them were related to older models and included
    unpacking recovery cds using KCAP, but in my case seems Sony has
    changed the way they compress files on the recovery cds, they now use
    ..IMG extensions, maybe proprietary. So I needed a different technique
    to find the original drivers/utilities.

    Moreover, using drivers from ftp.vaio-net.com/pub/vaio is not a great
    idea because it's too difficult to find the exact versions and you
    might get unpredictable results from installation.

    Sony support emailed me that I could easily reinstall supplied
    utilities booting the second recovery CD in windows. This was true for
    the preinstalled OS, the wizard appears and lets you choose which
    utils to reinstall, but was not true in my newly installed XP pro,
    probably because I installed an italian version.

    The only way for me was to extract someway the original drivers
    supplied in the recovery cd images.

    For all of you looking for help here's a solution which worked for me,
    it's pretty time consuming, especially if you have already formatted
    the preinstalled OS, so I really suggest you to perform these steps
    BEFORE formatting, then collect the drivers for future use:

    1 - Resume the original operating system, by restoring back the
    preinstalled OS (in my case I used Norton Ghost to save the default os
    and walk back). If you were in the middle of a new installation, make
    a Ghost image of the new system.

    2 - Insert vaio recovery cd 2, the application recovery wizard should
    start automatically, or just run the executable in order to view the
    applications list

    3 - Select the utilities/applications you want to recover, if you want
    it's better to select just one at a time, then click Next and insert
    the requested CD

    4 - When the application installer starts, do not follow installation
    steps but leave it running, and go to the c:\windows\sonysys folder.
    You should find a temporary folder named "__$$xx" or similar. Inside
    you will find the folders of the temporary unpacked installation
    files. Just identity each application reading the INI file inside and
    copy them away. Store the folder in a safe place, this is the unpacked

    5 - Repeat each step in order to extract all the drivers you need

    6 - Reinstall the OS, or replace the partition with the newly
    installed OS image, and execute each driver folder to install them!

    Remember to install Sony Shared libraries and Sony Utilities before
    anything else.

    I hope someone will find this info useful, because I've spent a week
    finding a way to unlock this weird mechanism... Why Sony does not
    simply put all utilities on his website?....

    You can contact me at:
    info (at) lcsdesign (.) it

    Happy happy, joy joy
    LcSdesign, Oct 30, 2003
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