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Sony Z505 Vaio not booting after disassembly

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Ken Greenebaum, Dec 21, 2003.


    I attempted to replace my 'inner' 128M memory with a 256M and my 20G
    disk with a Hitachi 40G but the machine will not power up after

    Upon flipping the power switch the front edges 3 LEDs flash on then
    off. The LCD shows a raster 'crawl'. The power and battery LEDs turn
    back on on the front edge the amber hard disk LED illuminates on the
    LCD and finaly the hard drive is powered up and after a few seconds
    the motherboard fan turns on. Then all stays this way.

    No beep on the speakers. No LCD backlight. No characters I can
    discern on the LCD. No video signal on the external VGA connector.
    Caps lock key doesn't toggle the LED. Keyboard presses do nothing.
    The USB floppy doesn't spin.

    One two occasions I have received POST codes on the front edge's
    amber battery LED. Once a repeating dit, dit pattern. Once a
    constant fast flash.

    I have tried restoring the original memory and disk to no avail.

    There is a chance that I haven't seated the flat ribbon cables that
    connect the keyboard, touchpad, power supply board and PCMCIA
    assemblies properly and will experiment further with these.

    Advice is welcomed!

    Ken Greenebaum, Dec 21, 2003
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  2. Ken Greenebaum

    Jack Guest

    Sorry to say but there are about million possibilities and I would look for
    a wrong length screw in a wrong place, broken cable, broken connector,
    solder joit come loose, cables turned 180 degrees, open fuse, etc.


    "If you haven't opened up a laptop before, don't do it"
    Jack, Dec 21, 2003
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