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Sound card for classical music

Discussion in 'Soundcards' started by John Craton, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. John Craton

    John Craton Guest

    I hope someone out there can offer assistance. I am a classical composer in
    need of a new sound card. Several years ago I started using a SoundBlaster
    Pro CT4830 with AWE32, and it has been by far the best sound card I've ever
    used in terms of rendering orchestral instruments almost lifelike in sound
    quality. Despite the older generation of the card, I recently put an
    identical card in a new computer (but w/o the AWE software, since the discs
    appear now to be defective and wouldn't load), but the sound is not the
    same. I have tried other, more advanced cards, but nothing I've found has
    ever given the quality that the old CT4830 offered. Even a newer Audigy 2
    made the orchestral instruments sound very tinny and mechanical, definitely
    more electronic than lifelike. I guess what I'm asking is for
    recommendations for a card that will provide near lifelike sound for
    orchestral instruments when playing back music through Sibelius software.
    Although I presume sound cards are designed nowadays more for gamers, I'm
    sure there are other classical composers who are using cards younger than
    the one I'm relying on, and I would like to know what I might get to replace
    the CT4830 without sacrificing the wonderful sound quality of that
    particular model. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    John Craton
    John Craton, Dec 3, 2007
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