Sound distortion with WMP9/MovieMaker2 playing AVIs [CMI8738 onboard sound and DX sound hardware acc

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by George R., Jul 6, 2003.

  1. George R.

    George R. Guest


    i was looking around on google and found that many others seem to have the
    same problem.

    The problem actually comes in two parts:

    *** I have AVI videos which contain an 8bit PCM sound stream (as recorded by
    my camera).

    When i play these videos in WMP9 i get a 'swooshing' sound which resembles a
    washing machine. First i thought it has to do with the camera, but yesterday
    i found out i can get rid of the distortion by switching back sound hardware
    acceleration two notches. (Basic Acceleration).

    Any one a idea why i have to switch back h/w accerleration and what causes
    the 'washing machine sound' ? Codecs ? WMP9 ??

    *** MovieMaker2:

    When i play my videos as clips in MM2 the sound is fine. But when i put the
    clips in the time line and play the clips it sounds very distorted, like MM2
    compresses the sound wrong.... high pitch and distortion.
    I was reading around and i read that some people say certain codecs may
    confuse each other...but this is easier said than done. I dont think that
    blindly renaming codecs is a good solution. And, yes, i have both WinDVD5
    and PowerDVD5 installed.

    The problem is kind of serious because it makes the sound of all my videos
    sound horrible, and as it seems it happens *only* ??? in MovieMaker2.

    My config:

    Win XP SP1, AMD1900+, Radeon8500, DX9a, Cmedia 8738 onboard sound, latest
    drivers and bioses etc
    George R., Jul 6, 2003
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  2. George R.

    SCW Guest

    I was having the SAME problems as you my friend. Simple solution...use
    Pinnacle Studio 8! I have tried many editing programs out there and none of
    them can beat this program. It is easy to use, has great tools and it just
    plain works! It even works perfectly with my movies I make from my Fuji
    FinePix F401 Zoom digital camera.

    I have spent way to many hours and days trying to figure out MM issues and
    I'm done with it. Until Microsoft can get their act together it will never
    work correctly. This was not a problem with MM1, this started with MM2.

    And why would you want to use MM anyways? You can only save in what 1 or 2
    formats? Pinnacle lets you save in like 6 different formats. Why be
    limited by MM?
    SCW, Jul 7, 2003
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  3. George R.

    George R. Guest

    i think asking for the right video editing program would be the same as
    opening a can of worms :)

    However, i just got Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0

    Don't know about Premiere, Ulead, Pinnacle etc.

    What programs did you take a look at and what did you like/dislike ?

    George R., Jul 8, 2003
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