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    Nov 22, 2006
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    Hi ,

    I have HP Paviliion DV8219EA notebook and I am usiang WIN XP SP2 (with all latest updates) , and I am using PC CILLILN Internet security 2007.

    My chipset is Mobile Intel(R) 945PM Express Chipset
    My sound card is Conexant High definition audio
    My modem is HDAUDIO soft datafax modem with smartCP on COM4

    I use dialup connection for Internet , My problem is that it has happend 3,4 times with me that during browsing suddenly my system jams/halt and I have to force reboot it , and after rebooting my sound card and modem disappaers .

    (let me tell u one thing here , during windows installation i always have to first install sound crad driver den it detetcs my modem and do driver installation) .

    when first time it happend I had no idea what was the problem I thought it some kinda weird virus , and I restore my C drive from the already created Image , but when i loded the image even in that it was 't showing my sound crad and modem , I tried everything , installing drives again , detecting hardware , doing restarts etc , but no use . So I shut it down and next day when I restrated my system it showed me dat it has found sound card and modem and asked me for the drives and i did , and bingo my sound card and modem was back !!!

    but same problem happend again , but this time I jst un install the drivers (sound and modem) shut down my system , and start again after an hour and did the installation again of drives and my sound card and modem iz bak !!!

    But i can't understand the problem here , that what is causing it ??? my PC Cillin is updated , windows is updated , I have downloded new drivers from HP , bt still , it happend 2 hours ago today with me and i had to repeat the procedure , it always happenz during browsing/downloading , my systems jams , I force it do restart again by pusing the power button for 4,5 sec and wen it comes bak my sound and modem disappears ...

    so is it some kinda virus or something else ???
    plz help me out here , i wld really appreciate it ,

    danyz, Nov 22, 2006
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