sound problem a7v266e and avermedia tv card recordings

Discussion in 'Asus' started by michel, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. michel

    michel Guest

    hi there all
    hope someone can explain this... I have an asus a7v266e and use the
    onboard cmedia audio. I also have a tv card (avermedia tvcapture98).
    watching tv channels the sound is fine and clear, recording (using
    either the avermedia software or third party software such as
    showshifter, windvr, aviio etc) also seems to be clear sound while in
    record mode but the recorded files come out all hissie (it is the only
    way i can describe it but the noise is more than just hiss, maybe like
    a bad AM radio reception) - doesnt matter what compression i use, even
    with uncompressed audio and video it still the same. It is even the
    same if i try to use the windows sound recorder while tv is playing.
    it seems to me that the problem is with the cmedia chipset as if it
    was from the tv card i should have had the problem anytime i watch tv.
    I also tried to connect a portable cd player to the line-in on the
    soundcard and get similar results (but not as bad i think) when trying
    to record. when connecting the cd player to the mic-in, the recorded
    wave file is much better but when triong to connect the tvcard audio
    output to the mic-in you cant hear any sound (with the mic booster
    option in the mixer it comes out very very faint)
    any ideas?
    michel, Jul 24, 2003
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  2. michel

    News Reader Guest


    I have had very similar problems with Hauppauge WinTV and A7S333 onboard
    CMedia AC97 chipset. Very bad background hiss on TV audio recordings.

    I likewise suspect this is a cmedia ac97 chipset issue as the WinTV used to
    give faultless audio recordings in a previous computer using a PCI SB16
    soundcard. Have also tried substituting the microphone for input but is not
    a great deal better (although is perfectly audible).

    As with your configuration, listening is crystal clear, only when recording
    does the hum get added to the sound file.

    I have also tried shifting the card into different PCI slots and adjusting
    PCI latency timer in BIOS to no effect.

    I hope someone in this newsgroup knows something about this and / or a fix
    for it. It is a shame to let such a problem let down an otherwise excellent
    piece of equipment.

    However, I somewhat suspect that at the price (cheap) of these CMEDIA AC97
    on-board sound chipsets / codec driver combinations, the quality of
    recording may not be deemed a number one priority. Almost certainly, the
    much smaller group of us with TV cards needing improved recording quality
    (especially avoiding cross-channel interference / cross-talk between
    different circuits / paths for data / electricity), is unlikely to represent
    a sufficiently important demand for Asus or CMedia to work out a fix for
    this / upgrade their hardware accordingly.... maybe in time.... but sadly I
    don't envisage they will be providing backward compatible updates / support
    for older / existing hardware.

    Here is hoping / waiting!

    All feedback welcome.
    News Reader, Jul 25, 2003
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  3. michel

    michel Guest

    Dear Ed
    thanks for the link - it kind of explains it though the technical
    terms seems to fly over my head...
    just a quick question, would it work if i put the two capacitors you
    recomended on the audio cable between my tv card and the soundcard?
    BTW my Tv card is a pci avermedia and my video card is a ati 7500
    radeon but i assume that the problem is in with the tv card although
    your posting seems to suggest theproblem lies with the ati chip...
    michel, Jul 27, 2003
  4. michel

    michel Guest

    not sure if the last post gone through so i send this qyestion again
    (appologies if its a repeat...)
    Dear Ed - thanks for the warning but my question is still standing, do
    i attach the capacitors to the audio lead connecting the two cards or
    do i need to put them on one of the cards themselves?
    michel, Jul 31, 2003
  5. michel

    Ed M. Guest

    Michel -
    You can do whatever is most convenient.
    Ed M., Aug 2, 2003
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