SoundMax : P4P800 - Crackling, popping audio : my fix

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Dylan Kucera, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Dylan Kucera

    Dylan Kucera Guest

    I thought maybe someone else might benefit from the struggle I've already been
    through with the onboard audio on the Asus P4P800. Essentially I was getting
    a great deal of random pops or crackles, however you want to call it, when
    playing MP3's. One of the following 3 things appears to have fixed it. Which
    one I'm not sure because I did them all together out of frustration. If
    anyone else goes through this and homes in on the real culprit, followup and

    PLEASE, don't e-mail me asking how to do these things, and if you blow
    something up (the third one is hacky, proceed at your own risk), don't blame
    it on me. These are ideas only, and intended for those technically savy.

    1) Flash to the latest BIOS (right now it's 1016).

    2) Upgrade WinAMP from 2.91 to 5.03.

    The one I think really fixed it though was

    3) If you're running Win2k Like I am: Jam the 3713 drivers in for the
    SoundMax. ASUS only supports the older 3630 on the P4P800 right now. If you
    try to install the 3713 drivers, it will say it can't find your hardware.
    What you need to do to fool it:

    Go to an ASUS ftp site and into the directory where ASUS has the P4P800 sound
    drivers. eg

    Get both and Unzip them to different
    locations. Take all the files from SMAXWDM\W2K_XP in the 3713 directory and
    copy them to the same relative location in the 3630 directory. Then update
    your driver from the (now hacked) 3630 directory.

    The onboard SoundMax audio on my P4P800 is actually pretty decent now, IMO,
    though it took a lot of fooling around to eliminate the crackle/pop I was
    getting. I hope maybe someone else is helped out by this. Good luck.

    Dylan Kucera, Apr 17, 2004
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  2. Dylan Kucera

    Darkfalz Guest

    3) If you're running Win2k Like I am: Jam the 3713 drivers in for the
    I'm really waiting for ASUS to get off their butts and update the drivers
    for the P4*800 series, but I dunno if it will ever happen.

    I don't get any pops with WAVE volume set at 50%, unless I play a game which
    sets volumes very high (I just turn them down in game).
    Darkfalz, Apr 17, 2004
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  3. Dylan Kucera

    Dylan Kucera Guest

    So why not follow my process and fool it into updating your drivers? So far
    it works great on my system, and no pops at any volume. It seems it's just a
    matter for ASUS to update the .INF file, they don't need to do anything else
    to "update" the P4x800 drivers. I recommend you try what I did to get the
    3713 drivers installed. Only downside is that your system will still say they
    are 3630 because of what's in the .INF file: No big deal.

    Good luck.

    Dylan Kucera, Apr 18, 2004
  4. Dylan Kucera

    Tom G. Guest

    It works great !!!!
    Thanks :)

    Tom G., Apr 19, 2004
  5. Dylan Kucera

    Darkfalz Guest

    I looked at this before and actually edited a new INF file. It didn't solve
    my popping problem at high volumes, so I decided to go back to the last
    "official" drivers.
    Darkfalz, Apr 20, 2004
  6. Dylan Kucera

    johto Guest

    I have never had any popping sounds or any other sound bugs on my
    P4P800 board...nothing to complain. I have my master volume and wave
    etc on ~90%. No clipping whatsoever. I use analog connector which is
    hooked to my stereo amp.
    johto, Apr 25, 2004
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