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Discussion in 'Apple' started by reidsattic, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. reidsattic

    reidsattic Guest

    Hello, i run a small buisness where i referbish apple producs and i
    have the great problem of having more customers than parts and am
    hoping that someone out there may know where i can find bulk lots or
    individual apple computers. So far i have been buying from craigslist
    and local flea markets but my buisness is growing faster than these
    can supply me.

    Thank you
    reidsattic, Aug 3, 2010
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  2. You have the same problem that the rest of us have getting parts for
    older systems. They aren't made any more so there's a limited supply.
    Your needs are on a larger scale than someone trying to fix their aging
    system. It's why I eventually recycle my old system even though it
    still works. Maybe it's time to realize that there's only so much you
    can grow such a business that has a limited supply of parts. Unless you
    want to start manufacturing the parts on your own. The Apple lawyers
    would love you for that and probably send you a gift basket.

    You might try paying people in other cities to scour local flea markets
    and craigslist items. You pay them with a counterfeit check larger than
    the balance due (e.g. you send them $10,000 for $5,000 worth of
    merchandise and they send you $2000 and keep the balance). Have them
    send the items through USPS to a 3rd-party.
    Michael Vilain, Aug 4, 2010
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  3. reidsattic

    Wes Groleau Guest

    If you don't have enough parts, you tell people, "I'm sorry, but
    I can't take your machine now. Would you like to schedule it
    for 2012?"

    Or you give them a Furby as consolation.
    Wes Groleau, Aug 4, 2010
  4. reidsattic

    reidsattic Guest

    If only i could make money repairing Furby's............
    reidsattic, Aug 12, 2010
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