Soyo 6ba+ only recognizes 128mb of 256 ram

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Herman Mann, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Herman Mann

    Herman Mann Guest

    I have a vintage 1999 soyo 6ba+ mobo that only had 64mb of pc100 cl2 ram. I
    bought a 256mb pc133 cl3 dimm and installed it in the first slot with
    nothing in the other 3 slots. (The mobo manual states that it is compatible
    with pc100 or pc133 ram and that if only one dimm it should be in the first

    Only 128mb of the ram is recognized after bootup. There have been three
    bios updates since I bought the pc with this mobo. Is it possible that I
    need to update the bios for the pc to recognize all of the ram? The new ram
    is identical in all specifications (e.g. 60ns, unbuff, etc) except it is cl3
    instead of cl2.

    Appreciate any tips as to where to go to fix this. Thanks.
    Herman Mann, Aug 19, 2004
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  2. Herman Mann

    Jim B. Guest

    To use the 256mb dimms on this board they must registered memory if
    your using a 100Mhz cpu. But also you could be just having a problem
    with burn in. Your 64mb dimm only used half of the contacts in the
    slot where the 256 dimm would be using all of them. If it's only using
    the same half of the contacts it would only show 128. Try putting the
    64mb dimm back into slot one and then put the 256 dimm in slot two.
    See if it registers as 320mb. Running the two together shouldn't be a

    The 64mb dimm was single sided memory and the 256mb dimm is most
    likely double sided memory (the 64mb had chips on one side and the
    256mb has them on both)
    Jim B., Aug 21, 2004
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  3. Herman Mann

    Herman Mann Guest

    Thanks for your reply.
    The processor is 400mhz Pentium II, bus clock: 100mhz, and the board is

    However, I originally left the 64mb module in place and added the 256mb
    module in slot 2. The mobo protested with incessant beeping. When I
    reversed the modules (256mb in slot 1 and 64mb in slot 2) the mobo accepted
    that and registered 192mb.

    Is there another way to get the mobo to read all the memory when one module
    has contacts on one side and the other module has contacts on both sides?
    Also, the two-sided 256mb module, when placed in slot 1 alone, still only
    registered 128mb. If there is a problem related to one-sided and two-sided
    modules wouldn't that only happen when both types of module are in the

    Appreciate your help.
    Herman Mann, Aug 22, 2004
  4. Herman,

    Note that when you use 128MB or 256MB DIMMs, they have to be made with
    64Mbit chips (low density). Other 128MB and 256MB DIMMs will not work. This
    is because the chipset on this board can only address 16Mbit and 64Mbit
    memory chips.
    "High density" DIMMs (with 128Mbit chips) will only be recognized with half
    of their capacity.
    This limitation is valid for all socket 7 and early PentiumII/III chipsets
    like your i440BX.
    So "high density" DIMMs can only be used on modern Athlon/PentiumIII boards.

    A "low density" 128MB DIMM usually has 16 1x64Mbit chips and a "low density"
    256MB DIMM has 32 1x64Mbit or 8 4x64Mbit chips. So a 128MB DIMM with 8 chips
    and a 256MB DIMM with 16 chips are usually "high density" and not usable on
    these older systems.

    Jan Steunebrink, Sep 5, 2004
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