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Soyo Dragon Plus v1.0 Motherboard problems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bob R, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Bob R

    Bob R Guest

    Hi all...A little about myself...I am taking Networking classes at
    school and have successfully built 12 puters thus far. But this one is
    a downer.
    I am having unstable operation in many programs.
    OK the details...
    amd 3200 Barton chip on a 400 spd. front side bus along with 400 spd
    512ddr ram (Corsair XMS) recommended on Soyo's list.
    I have all the Windows updates for the xppro OS. I have alot of
    programs that I independently test. My CPU load is usually averages
    about 30-40%.
    I have used 2 other 512ddr 333 sticks in this setup with the same
    Explorer can crash if I open certain sites. printing spool file also
    crashes. Photoshop can crash in the middle of a pic render.
    Took speed tests, si soft sandra, and nothing shows up. I used ms
    memtest 86+ and all is fine with all sticks.
    I also have a video problem using ati 9200 card, or my old ati 7000.
    Both cant run Halo. Even certain video has corruption.
    The sound card is distorted when playing Cd's, some video, but not
    midi, nor certain other web sounds or PC sounds are fine..Ps..its a
    vinyl AC97 Codex Combo Driver....on a via chip set. uch! My on-board
    Cmedia chip on my old Asus was absolutely awesome!
    So, I need maybe to get the exact timming settings from the soyo
    company, from Coarsair, or here with all the possible mem settings
    that this new bios allows to adjust. Any help on this particular
    board would help me greatly, and maybe I can help you with something
    you need, or sell or want to know about.
    Thanks much....

    Bob R
    Bob R, Aug 2, 2004
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  2. Bob R

    jamotto Guest

    Well you can try and set the CAS timing for the memory to 2.5 or 3 if
    it is a memory issue. However, it could be a power supply issue this
    motherboard requires a power supply of at least 350 watts. What brand
    power supply did you use for this computer? You may wish to test the
    power supply with a voltmeter.

    hope this helps
    jamotto, Aug 2, 2004
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