Soyo K7VME USB pinout

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by js, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. js

    js Guest

    During some troubleshooting I disconnected the wires from the
    motherboard to the front USB ports. This fixed the problem on the rear
    USB ports and I would like to plug the front back in to the proper pins
    (I supect they were plugged in incorrectly from the factory).

    The wires are each on an individual connector and are labeled as USB1+,
    USB1-, VCC 1, GND 1, USB 2+, USB2-, VCC 2, and GND 2. The mobo manual
    describes the motherboard connection as
    pin 1 VERG_FP_USBPWR0
    pin 2 VERG_FP_USBPWR0
    pin 3 USB_FP_P0-
    pin 4 USB_FB_P1-
    pin 5 USB_FP_P0+
    pin 6 USB_FP_P1+
    pin 7 GND
    pin 8 GND
    pin 9 KEY
    pin 10 USB_FP_OC0

    I suspect the plug in would be
    pin 1 VERG_FP_USBPWR0 VCC1
    pin 2 VERG_FP_USBPWR0 VCC2
    pin 3 USB_FP_P0- USB1-
    pin 4 USB_FB_P1- USB2-
    pin 5 USB_FP_P0+ USB1+
    pin 6 USB_FP_P1+ USB2+
    pin 7 GND GND1
    pin 8 GND GND2
    pin 9 KEY empty
    pin 10 USB_FP_OC0 empty

    Does anyone know if this would be the proper connection?

    js, Jan 8, 2005
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