SOYO P4I875P Dragon 2 Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Crissytal, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Crissytal

    Crissytal Guest

    I have had the worst time getting this board to work. The board was
    sent with the wrong software drivers. I used components from my
    previous computer to add to this one. I had no way to get on the
    Internet to download the correct software drivers, like the message
    from the CD instructed. I thought maybe the drivers for the operating
    system that I was trying to install them on was corrupt, so I
    downgraded from Windows XP Pro, back to Windows 98SE. The same problem
    occurred, the drivers could not be found, and I was instructed to go
    to I have a broadband connection, and I didn't have the
    required drivers for the Network Interface Card. I could not access
    the Internet. I had to take the time to get my previous computer up
    and running well enough to be able to download the motherboard
    drivers. After about two days, I got the problem straightened out.
    SOYO has sent me another factory driver CD. It only works with XP and
    2000. When I tried to install the drivers using Win98SE, I get the
    same message telling me the drivers cannot be found and that I should
    go to the SOYO site.

    I have discovered another problem just recently. In Windows XP Pro, I
    started getting the message "A network cable is unplugged". I was
    able to use the Internet, and no network was setup at the time. The
    message appeared about every three seconds. I checked everything. No
    cables were unplugged. I switched the cables out for known working
    ones, same problem. I thought perhaps it was the OS, I reformatted
    several times with XP; same problem. I even put WIn98SE back in. I
    was having the same connection loss. This I could tell this by
    downloading and online computer gaming (since no message was displayed
    in Win98SE). I tried everything. I reconfigured my network settings,
    NIC settings, cables, reset the modem and router, reinstalled and
    checked several times to be sure the proper NIC drivers were
    installed; same problem. WinXP was not reporting any problems about
    improperly installed network card drivers. I even tested my
    connection out on my old computer. No problems at all. Everything
    worked fine. I finally disabled the onboard NIC on the SOYO board and
    bought a new one. I have not had a problem since. The network card
    that is built into the motherboard is defective.

    I do not know if all this was just a fluke, or if SOYO is just of poor
    quality. I will never purchase another product from SOYO, and I will
    never recommend them to others.
    Crissytal, Jan 4, 2004
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  2. Thanks for the rant............

    Sounds like another case of someone getting in over their heads on a project
    and then blindly throwing darts at the problem..........

    You know this HOW ??
    You tried to use old operating system with new Mobo w/o formating/re-install
    of OS, right ???
    Return for credit and buy something off the shelf....................
    Erik the Bold, Jan 5, 2004
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  3. Crissytal

    Tim S. Guest

    Sounds as if the vender threw a returned a board someone fried back in the
    box with whatever driver disk he/she could find and resold it.... I would
    hold the vender accountable before I would point at Soyo.

    Tim S., Jan 6, 2004
  4. Crissytal

    Crissytal Guest

    If I was in over my head, how was I able to resolve the problems
    myself? Everything works fine now except for the NIC, which I had to
    disable and replace.

    This is the third computer I have built from scratch. I had no
    problems with the previous two. They were not SOYO boards.

    The drivers could not be found on the CD. The board model could not
    be selected from the popup window that appeared for WinXP. The newest
    model that appeared was P4I865. I needed P4I875. I tried to find
    them myself. They simply were not there.
    No. I did not use an old OS without reformatting. I repartitioned
    twice and formatted uncountable times. Installing Win98SE was a last
    resort to solve the problem I was encountering in XP. I should have
    mentioned it before, I apologize.
    The product is not worth me returning. It would have to be sent back
    to the company, SOYO. I have E-mailed them about this, but have not
    heard back from them. They will most likely offer to repair it, or
    possibly replace it; however I seriously doubt I will get a refund.

    I'm upset about the waste of time. A brand new, retail product is
    suppose to work.
    Crissytal, Jan 6, 2004
  5. Crissytal

    Carey Guest

    What a bummer should have worked just fine from the

    Good job on the "work around".

    BTW...where did you buy the motherboard?
    Carey, Jan 6, 2004
  6. Crissytal

    Crissytal Guest

    Hello. It has certainly been a hassle. The board came from It 'appeared' to be in factory condition, and
    untampered with. I hadn't thought of that. I believe their '30 day
    Money Back guarantee' is up for me.

    I am honestly enjoying the board, now that I am no longer
    troubleshooting. I hope it continues to work with no further
    Crissytal, Jan 6, 2004
  7. Crissytal

    SuperBee Guest

    I know for a fact that this can happen because it happend to me as well. I
    was given a disk with the wrong board drivers also.
    I use a KT-333 Dragon Ultra Platinum but the disk that came with the board
    only had drivers for the P4 model boards.
    lucky for me I had another comp to download the correct drivers.

    but dont get me wrong I love my board its stable and works great, I just
    think that Soyo needs to check its packing procedures more carefully.
    SuperBee, Jan 6, 2004
  8. Crissytal

    Greg B Guest

    Hey, no need to defend yourself. You did everything right except
    for perhaps two things:

    1) Disabling your one and only internet-able computer before
    getting the new one up...I bet when you think about it you
    could have left enough parts in the old one to see how the
    new one was before killing the old one. And if not, it's
    probably that unless you were REALLY broke, you probably
    could or should have replaced some of those bits anyway.
    (Besides, it's often easier to get XP going on a basic
    config, then add peripherals later.) But maybe you really
    didn't have and couldn't get a duplicate of some key part.
    2) Not looking up the history of the person attacking you
    to realize that defending yourself to such an unrepentant
    horse's patoot is a total waste of time, because what he
    says should be irrelevant to someone who's clearly a lot
    brighter than he is anyway.

    I never did get my onboard LAN to work (driver conflicts with
    the onboard sound. I did what you did. Spent a few bucks on an
    external LAN card, which is (probably) lighter on the CPU resource
    anyway, and switched the problematic onboard one off.

    Enjoy your new system, you earned it.

    Greg B, Jan 7, 2004
  9. Crissytal

    Mark Johnson Guest

    I put in the CD, and autorun program couldn't identify the board. This
    is the CD included in the box with the 41875PE. It's the CD that comes
    with the board. And it couldn't identify the board. On the Soyo CD is
    a bunch of info about obsolete products. It's as if no thought, at
    all, went into the software side of this. I wonder if that's reflected
    on the hardware side?

    So I downloaded every driver, for every Windows OS, cause they only
    show Windows, for the 41875P, and installed just for this OS. Seems to
    run fine. I disabled LAN and SATA 3,4 in BIOS. So I'm set there.

    But I'm getting slow benchmarks on various things. Could be the board.
    Could be the components. I've gotta check on this Corsair version. I
    just can't speed it up, without crashing. And the ata 133 HD isn't
    working all that fast, either. But I think Sandra warned me that my
    board was overheating . . . (?).

    I wonder about the Intel equivalent. They've got a board that looks
    identical, with everything except that 3.5 card reader (they may even
    have something similar). They've got a LAN connection. They've got all
    the stuff for this chipset. But I wonder if somehow, in some way, it's
    different, or put together differently? Better, worse, same?

    I wonder if anyone has tried it?
    Mark Johnson, Jan 8, 2004
  10. "Greg the Bunny" <> squeezed his accordian, finished
    picking his ass, and scribbled with his
    You still trollin' here bunny boy?? F**k off ....
    Erik the Bold, Jan 8, 2004
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