Discussion in 'Dell' started by EB, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. EB

    EB Guest

    I have Spybot 1.2 installed. I notice that Version 1.3 is available.
    Do I need to uninstall the old version before installing the new version?
    EB, Jul 13, 2004
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  2. EB

    SgtRich Guest

    Yes, the company that makes Spybot strongly recommends it.

    Desktop: Dell Dimension XPS T550
    Notebook: Dell Inspiron 8600
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition running on both
    SgtRich, Jul 13, 2004
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  3. EB

    Ben Myers Guest

    .... and well worth doing! The developers of both Spybot and Ad-Aware are
    closely tracking the development of all the evil bots, worms, zombies, and
    wares. Both are issuing regular updates to the definition files used to
    eliminate all this rot from computers. Last week alone, Ad-Aware made available
    two (or was it three?) updates. The frequency of updates is indicative of the
    frenetic activity of the slimy bastards who write all this stuff to mess up
    computers... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jul 13, 2004
  4. EB

    History Fan Guest

    If you install Spybot 1.3, you might want to enable a small feature
    they have called "Tea Timer." It offers additional protection, which is
    always useful if you're using Internet Explorer.
    History Fan, Jul 13, 2004
  5. EB

    Colin Wilson Guest

    I have Spybot 1.2 installed. I notice that Version 1.3 is available.
    I have a bit of a newbie guide to the older 1.2 version here, which
    although slightly out of date now (some stuff has been moved within the
    new version of Spybot) might be of use


    I also have some real newbie security tips, and links to other handy
    anti-spyware apps / emergency AV utils.

    Ignore my elite html skills - they don`t exist :p
    Colin Wilson, Jul 13, 2004
  6. EB

    Hank Arnold Guest

    Plus, they each catch things the other misses..... I have both and run them
    Hank Arnold, Jul 14, 2004
  7. A little late with this response. I too had SB 1.2 installed.
    After seeing your post yesterday, I went to their site and
    downloaded 1.3. Yes, you should uninstall 1.2 before installing

    I had made the mistake of installing 1.2 without uninstalling the
    previous 1.1 version of Spybot. In my XPPro "Add/Remove"
    programs, only the 1.1 version appeared, and when I clicked on
    it, XP merely opened SB 1.2. Fortunately, the "File" drop down
    menu in 1.2 included an "Uninstall from Registry option". Using
    that choice, SB apparently removed all of its registry entries.
    I was then prompted to manually delete the SB 1.1

    I then had to again go to the "Add/Remove" program menu, where
    the SB 1.1 entry remained. This time, XP told me "I can't find
    SB 1.1, should I delete this item from the Add/Remove Menu?
    Y/N?" That took care of it. SB 1.3 installed like a charm. I
    left the default checks in - which include registry checks, so
    that I could a) do a double check on things that 1.2 had been
    doing and b) redecide what items to ignore. E.g., SB likes to
    clear "last document(s) used" registry entry lists, lest a new
    piece of spyware get in between checks and seek out info like
    that. What good knowing my last Word document used was
    "Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability Analysis of the
    AN/SQQ-89(V)15 Sonar System" {all 800 pages of it} will do for
    someone like Cydoor is beyond me, so I eliminate that item from
    future SB registry checks. Still and all, I do let SB do some
    registry checks. Here, again, it has highlighted some items my
    other registry checker tool has missed, and checks some things it
    doesn't try to.

    I do recommend using 1.3. The SB 1.2 reference file updates
    ceased last May after 1.3 was released. I was wondering about
    that, and was going to check for a program update when I got a
    round tuit. Your post made that RSN ["real soon now"] become
    now, EB. Thanks.
    Ogden Johnson III, Jul 14, 2004
  8. EB

    Charliec Guest

    I read your note and your process above and the many steps you had to go
    through to finally get v1.1 uninstalled prior to installing v1.2.
    I have v1.2 and will download v1.3. What would be the most direct way to
    uninstall v1.2 prior to installing v1.3 (use XP Add/Remove or use the
    unstall in Spybot (on File Menu, it says partial uninstall?).
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    Charliec, Jul 14, 2004
  9. [Snipped to start over again]
    OK, first things first. Sequence of Spybot use/installation by
    OJ III.

    I found out about, downloaded, and installed SB 1.1 mumble time

    Worked fine. A while [year or so] later, SB 1.2 was released. I
    downloaded it and installed it *over* SB 1.1, rather than
    uninstalling SB 1.1 first. SB 1.2 installed fine, and never gave
    me Problem One the whole time I was using it.

    But, as I mentioned, the "Add/Remove" program list entry still
    read SB 1.1. I had noticed it, but had done nothing about it.
    1.2 was working fine, and I had lots of other things to worry
    about. ;->

    And that is what caused *my* problem. Apparently by installing
    1.2 over 1.1, no "Add/Remove" was created for Spybot 1.2.

    If your "Add/Remove" entry reads Spybot 1.2, go ahead and use
    that way of removing Spybot 1.2. That should clear the boards
    for a fresh install of Spybot 1.3 with no problems.

    FWIW, as I was typing that fourth paragraph I paused long enough
    to check "Add/Remove", and it *does* read Spybot 1.3.

    That File Menu "partial uninstall", is probably a stop-gap
    measure for people like me that sometimes do stupid things, like
    not reading the read.me file that says "Uninstall previous
    version before installing this program." ;-> When I had to use
    that "partial uninstall" option, somewhere along the line it told
    me that it was going to clean the registry out of Spybot stuff.
    And after it did so, it told me "OK, numbskull, now you have to
    delete the Spybot directories/files manually since you didn't
    RTFM before you installed SB 1.2. Neener, neener, neener."

    Do as I say below, rather than what I did originally which in
    turn caused an inability to do things the easy way yesterday.
    To recap. Use XP's "Add/Remove" to remove your Spybot 1.2.
    Then, having made sure the old folders and files are all gone
    [even the best uninstallers sometimes leave bits and pieces
    behind], then you can install the new SB 1.3. You should not
    have any problems.

    It is a "Do as I say, not as I did", sort of thing. ;->
    Ogden Johnson III, Jul 14, 2004
  10. Neener, neener, neener?


    Rocket J. Squirrel, Jul 14, 2004
  11. EB

    G Klein Guest

    When you download & select run instead of save the program will see that you
    have a older version & will ask you to uninstall before installing new

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    nor should any American.
    "Mow Green"
    G Klein, Jul 15, 2004
  12. EB

    Charliec Guest

    Ok, I followed those suggestions and found that I had both v1.1 and v1.2 in
    the Add/Remove area. Used it to remove 1.2 first, and then v1.1 (v1.1 said
    it was already uninstalled and whether I wanted to remove the entry from
    Add/Remove - selected yes and everything appeared clean.

    I then installed v1.3 and ran it. Worked like a charm and appears to be
    faster then v1.2! I also noticed that it now allows you to remove Tracking
    Cookies - I was using Ad-aware for that as v1.2 never presented Tracking
    Cookies to me.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Charliec, Jul 15, 2004
  13. I'm just glad someone could benefit from my original mess-up.
    Ogden Johnson III, Jul 15, 2004
  14. EB

    History Fan Guest

    I also noticed that it now allows you to remove Tracking
    How do you configure Ad-Aware 6 to ignore tracking cookies?
    History Fan, Jul 15, 2004
  15. EB

    Charliec Guest

    I have not done that as I like getting rid of tracking cookies. So, have
    not looked into it.

    Charliec, Jul 15, 2004
  16. EB

    History Fan Guest

    How do you configure Ad-Aware 6 to ignore tracking cookies?
    I did a little checking on this matter after my last post. After
    Ad-Aware finishes a scan, it displays a list of everything it found,
    including tracking cookies. Do a Control+A to select the entire list. Then
    right-click on a tracking cookie and choose "deselect tracking cookies."
    Then Ad-Aware will leave them alone. For that particular scan, anyway.
    History Fan, Jul 15, 2004
  17. EB

    Hank Arnold Guest

    You also have the option for each entry to put it in an "ignore" list. After
    that, it will find it but not report it as something to fix. I had to do
    this since Ad Aware now considers setting the default page in IE to a blank
    page as a browser hijack....

    I'm curious, though, as to why you want tracking cookies?
    Hank Arnold, Jul 16, 2004
  18. "...since Ad Aware now considers setting the default page in IE to a blank
    page as a browser hijack...."

    Yeah, I thought that was strange, too. Then I learned that there's some new
    exploit out there that covers its tracks by setting your start page to

    Rocket J. Squirrel, Jul 16, 2004
  19. EB

    History Fan Guest

    I don't consider tracking cookies a threat. Besides, I delete them
    every 4-5 days anyway.
    History Fan, Jul 16, 2004
  20. EB

    Hank Arnold Guest

    Then why not let it delete the cookies?
    Hank Arnold, Jul 17, 2004
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