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SSC AT91RM9200 and LM4549

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Plesna, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Plesna

    Plesna Guest

    Hello all,

    tried somebody use LM4549 codec connected to AT91RM9200 by SSC?

    Dont much understand SSC, cos LM4549 is connected the way:

    -BIT_CLK is connected to PB10 - RK1
    -SYNC (input) is connected to PB11 - RF1
    -SDOUT (input) is connected to PB8 - TD1
    -SDIN (out) is connected to PB9 - RD1

    But why is connected only control signals for receive?
    Also XIN from LM4549 is connected to PB27??

    The LM4549 has TAG and 12 frames (20 bit), with contol and DAC data (ADC

    Need I use PDC for transfers?

    I have tried this code to write register, but no success:

    //Pio output/input
    // configure pio as on board
    *AT91C_PIOB_ODR = AT91C_PB8_TD1 | AT91C_PB9_RD1 | AT91C_PB11_RF1
    //Enable clock for SSC1
    //reset SCC and dissable RX TX
    // diable ints
    *AT91C_SSC1_IDR = (unsigned int) -1;
    // clock divider not active
    *AT91C_SSC1_CMR = 0;

    //rk pin is clock , rec/snd clock out none, data on falling edge, star

    AT91C_SSC_START_TX | ((((12*16)/2)-1)<<24) | (16<<16);

    //datalength = 20 =19 , NOLOOP, MSB first, 12 slots==11,FSLEN 16 = 15
    bites long sync, rf out pulse

    *AT91C_SSC1_RFMR = 19 | AT91C_SSC_MSBF | (11<< 8) | (15 <<16)

    //rk pin is clock, CKO none receive clc out none, frame on rising edge
    transmit start


    //datalength = 20 =19 , DATADEF=0, MSB first, 12 slots==11,FSLEN 16 = 1
    bites long sync, rf out pulse

    *AT91C_SSC1_TFMR = 19 | AT91C_SSC_MSBF | (11<< 8) | (15 <<16)
    AT91C_SSC_FSDEN;//| ((((12*16)/2)-1)<<24) | (16<<16);

    How to start transmit/receive without PDC?

    Thanks for advance.

    Plesna, Mar 15, 2006
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