ST6-RAID and infinite loop error

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Patrick F., Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Patrick F.

    Patrick F. Guest


    I bought a ST6-RAID several months ago and I've been plagued with
    infinite loop errors since then. I get a blue screen mentioning that
    the video card driver (nv4_disp.dll) got stuck in an infinite loop.
    I've tried everything from switching slots for my sound card and
    network adapter, to playing with BIOS settings, changing the PSU and
    even flashing to other BIOS versions. Nothing works! I keep
    experiencing random crashes. Strangely enough, it only happens while
    I'm on the Internet. This is driving me nuts! I know for sure that
    it's not a temperature issue, because I've checked and my video card
    is always cool. Besides I had previously added a thermaltake
    fan/heatsinks combo on it. I know from other threads that I've read
    that there seems to be a compatibility issue with that board when
    using either a Soundblaster Live! 5.1 or Audigy, which caused random
    reboots, and I have a Audigy. However, I don't know how that and a
    BSOD about my video card could be related. I've also tried a different
    video card in my system and my video card in another system and there
    were no error on either side! It looks like the video card and the
    board don't go well together. Has anyone else experienced this
    problem? Lastly, I don't even use RAID and the RAID controller is not
    enabled. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Here are my system

    Abit ST6-RAID (BIOS v8A)
    PIII Tualatin 1.13 GHz
    512 Mb RAM (2x256 Kingston CL2)
    Soundblaster Audigy
    Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti-4200 64Mb, with AGP 8X (Drivers: ForceWare 56.72)
    Linksys 10/100 LNE Fast Ethernet
    WD Caviar 80Gb @7200, 8Mb hard drive
    52x LG CD-ROM
    52x LG CDR-W/DVD combo
    Alpha 300W PSU

    Thanks a lot in advance for any answer!!
    Patrick F., Sep 21, 2004
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