Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Doug V., Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Doug V.

    Doug V. Guest

    I built a ST61G4 for a client and they have been complaining about the
    noise, so last week I replaced the 80mm fan with a nexus and cut out the
    restrictive grill in the back.
    It was a big improvement but then the Northbridge fan was the loudest
    component. I had a zalman fan controller and reduced the speed on the 40 mm
    fan as much as I could until the fan started making a pronounced clicking. I
    then unplugged the 40mm fan altogether and the machine is really quiet.
    The Northbridge is recording between 47 and 52 deg C. originally the temp
    was ~37 degC
    My next step is to remove the fan from the original heatsink and check the
    My CPU (p4 2.8c) is running nice and cool at 32C.
    I would like to put a larger heatsink in it but I don't want to glue it on.
    I understand that gluing is the only way to put a Zalman on.
    Does anyone have any ideas on a passive heatsink that uses the hooks at the
    Also does anyone have any experience with the temp. of the NB and at what
    temp I should be getting worried.
    Thanks Doug
    Doug V., Jul 18, 2005
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