ST62K: spontaneous resets

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Dogmatix, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Dogmatix

    Dogmatix Guest

    My ST62K has a nasty habit of performing a reset suddenly, for no
    apparent reason. On re-boot, Windows (2000) checks some of the HDD
    partitions; sometimes the active desktop needs to be restored.
    Sometimes the PC just freezes, which can only be remedied by pressing
    the reset button. I took it to the shop, they exchanged the memory
    chip, but it still does it (though not as often as before). The shop
    now tell me it must be by software, maybe it is corrupted or I have an
    incompatible driver of something (i.e. it must be my fault now!).
    Anyway, I reinstalled 2000 which did not help, so now I’m thinking I
    should try XP (so far avoided due to absence of a driver for my
    "legacy" printer). Has anyone had similar problems?)
    Dogmatix, Oct 16, 2005
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  2. Dogmatix

    Clark Guest

    I haven't used 2000 in quite a while, but does it have a logging
    function like XP that might point to the problem? All kinds of things
    can cause conflicts, and sometimes it is things like a Norton program.

    If you can, I would try not starting some of the programs to see if it

    You might also check to see if the bios parameters are in line, like CPU
    temp and voltages.

    As far as the USB stuff, have you checked to make sure you have the 2.0
    driver installed? For all I know, that could be causing all your
    problems--try removing the USB devices to see how it runs.

    Clark, Oct 17, 2005
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  3. Dogmatix

    Dogmatix Guest

    Win2K does not have a logging function, and I no longer use any Nortin
    programs (I used to use Norton anti-virus, but switched to F-Secure,
    whic did not help the reset problem, and F-Secure itself malfunctios
    from time to time, too).

    The resets can happen at any time, when running any program. I now use
    Firefox and Thunderbird instead of IE and Outlook Express, but still
    get the resets. But: the resets only appear to happen when someone is
    actually working at the PC, not when it is just sitting there doing

    I have not adjusted BIOS values (except boot sequences, of course) nor
    have I attempted to overclock.

    I have decided to try re-installing one last time, and have ordered
    XP. Hence my other question about big hard disks; I have a Samsung
    200GB drive lying around here, but I don’t know if the ST62K bios and
    chipset will like it.

    As for USB, yes, I have the correct drivers, and the ports do think
    that they are 2.0. I dimly remember reading somewhere that the USB
    ports are not as fast as they should be. I suppose the only way to
    check is to time data transfer to/from, say, a USB stick, and comnpare
    with other PC’s. My printer is the only USB device permanently
    Dogmatix, Oct 17, 2005
  4. Dogmatix

    Clark Guest

    Clark, Oct 17, 2005
  5. Dogmatix

    Andy Methley Guest

    I had a very simlar problem with my Zen. After weeks of trying
    allsorts to identify the problem I discovered that the HDD IDE cable
    was pressing against the back of the on/off switch which is VERY
    sensitive to pressure and touching it casued a shut down or reset. I
    suggest you look here first.

    I am also running a 200Gb HDD in the Zen with no issues.


    Andy Methley, Oct 18, 2005
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