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??Stability and reliability of USB flash memory

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by SteveM46, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. SteveM46

    SteveM46 Guest

    With the demise of floppy drives on laptops, USB Flash memory cards are a
    convenient way to save files if you don't want to burn a CD every time you want
    to save a file. How stable are these cards and what is the expectation that
    the file will be there a year later that you had backed up.
    SteveM46, Dec 30, 2003
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  2. SteveM46

    Quaoar Guest

    The frequency of failure of removeable flash media is far greater than
    other forms of storage, based on *my* reading of usage in cameras, PDAs,
    etc. Anything for long term archive should be burned, IMO, although
    there are recommendations that storage longer than 24 months is a crap
    shoot for CD also. CD is certainly far better than floppy or flash.
    YMMV, of course.
    Quaoar, Dec 31, 2003
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  3. SteveM46

    Phil Guest

    Quaoar wrote:

    Your "reading" may not be accurate.

    In the past four years I've taken on the order of 20,000 shots with six
    different digicams using both SmartMedia and Compact Flash cards. I
    also have a memory stick in my Clie PDA which has worked fine for three

    I've not had one card fail (8 SM, 4 CF) in that time nor lost a single
    shot.. And all cards are still in use, though not all cameras are: I'm
    down to an Oly D-520 (pocket sized), Oly C-2100UZ (10x optical zoom,
    image stabilized) and Canon 300-D dSLR.

    Phil, Dec 31, 2003
  4. SteveM46

    Quaoar Guest

    I "personally" have not had troubles with removeable flash media either.
    Others have, and a little study in these newsgroups and web sites will
    clearly demonstrate that flash have a far greater failure rate in use
    than other forms of removeable storage with the possible exceptions of
    floppy and zip.

    Quaoar, Dec 31, 2003
  5. SteveM46

    Phil Guest

    Quaoar wrote:

    Likely a very poor statistical approach. Lots of msgs from those with
    problems; none from those without. That's like reading only the
    negative reviews of a product (say on CNET) and concluding it is junk.

    Better would be to read the specs, which are based on real test data vs.
    urban legend. They show very long life indeed.

    Phil, Jan 1, 2004
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