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Staff HW Engineer ~ Lead Us to ATCA & Beyond in Your End-to-End Board-Level HW Design

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Jerry Bires, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Jerry Bires

    Jerry Bires Guest

    The senior level hardware engineer looking for the product realization
    and true ownership that comes with full end-to-end board-level hardware
    design will find it's just one of the benefits of joining an elite
    10-person hardware engineering team at RadiSys headquarters in
    Hillsboro, Oregon. In this high profile senior staff position, you will
    join the first company to release a 10Gb Ethernet ATCA blade and will
    help us retain dominance in the design of high performance switching
    and processing blades based on this new bus architecture. You will have
    an opportunity to lead and get experience on CPUs and chip sets from
    Intel, Freescale and Broadcom and immerse yourself in cutting edge
    board level designs.

    RadiSys Corporation, with its HQ in Hillsboro, Oregon, provides
    advanced embedded solutions for the communications networking and
    commercial systems markets. Our products include embedded boards,
    platforms and systems, which are used in complex computing, processing
    and network-intensive applications. We manufacture hardware and
    software building blocks that allow our customers to deliver things
    like Internet routers, ultrasound machines, magnetic resonance imaging
    scanners and other systems. We are publicly traded on the NASDAQ
    exchange under the symbol RSYS. Competitive salaries, employer funded
    401k plans, bonus incentive, 3 weeks vacation and medical plans are top
    notch. We also provide relocation assistance and both H1b and TN visa
    transfers are available for qualified candidates. This job is in
    Oregon, which most of us think is a great place to work. Hillsboro is
    within commute distance from Lake Oswego and Beaverton. Oregon is
    unique and putting it into words doesn't do it justice. If you're new
    to Oregon or Oregon is new to you, take a look at what's important to
    you and talk about it with friends and family - and, of course, with
    us. We know that this is only going to work if you and your family are
    happy living in a place you love.

    As one of our Staff Hardware Engineers your first mission will be
    assimilating into the Radisys engineering methodology. The expectation
    is that in short order you can hit the ground running from a technical
    standpoint and do the technical aspects of your job by and large
    without supervision. Here, that translates into full end-to-end
    board-level hardware design, from conception to production release of a
    physical board product, as you:

    * Work with customers or RadiSys marketing to define product
    * Work through design details including reset topology, critical
    timing, power budget
    * Select components, including CPU, chipset, networking components,
    power supplies
    * Write a product hardware spec detailing those features and
    components that will be used in the design
    * Develop a schematic using Cadence Concept
    * Work with our CAD or layout engineer (who will use Allegro) on
    the physical design, laying traces and placing components on the board
    * Define the requirements for testing necessary to prove that the
    product meets its specification, and write a detailed verification plan
    * Debug prototypes and conduct verification testing in tandem with
    other engineers and/or technicians on the team using high speed
    oscillosopes, logic analyzers, network analyzers, TDRs, etc.

    Your familiarity with high speed design and ability to debug and
    address high speed signal integrity problems will be key in becoming a
    successful engineer at Radisys.Just as important will be your
    effectiveness in dealing with internal customers (system and software
    engineering teams) and external customers (clients and vendors) and
    navigating crucial issues covering selection of components, project
    milestones, cost parameters and deadlines. The challenges abound as do
    opportunities to advance your skills by participating at all phases of
    the product development lifecycle and putting your personal stamp of
    ownership on the products you own.

    To apply for this position or refer someone you know, please use our
    online interview system managed by Accolo:


    Once you have completed the interview, your information will be
    forwarded to the hiring authority for decisions on next steps.

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    Jerry Bires, Jan 12, 2007
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  2. I took out the crap (I was bored)


    martin griffith, Jan 12, 2007
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  3. Brandon J. Van Every, Jan 12, 2007
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