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!! Starwars: Empire at war !!

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I'll be short ;)

    This game gets two exclamation marks because it's a bit repetitive and the
    graphics/ground battle mostly are a bit less but still tactically

    The best thing about the game are the voices... many, many voices who tell a

    The best thing about the game is also the story stuff... it's

    The space battles are also pretty cool.

    When I first played this game it was like... mhoaw... i'll probably stop
    playing in a short while...

    But as I continued playing the game I discovered there is much more to this
    game than meets the eye ! ;)

    One really has to use strategy/tactics to win space battles and later also
    ground battles... which is quite interesting. Very very cool actually.

    People who played Tie-Figther will have a big edge in this game.

    Here are some examples which will definetly help you in this new game:

    1. While defending space stations, look carefully which units are attacking
    the space station and attack them. This will drive them away from the space
    station. That's important. As long as the space station survives, the hanger
    will produce new units for you...

    2. Clear the path for y-wings to take bombing runs.

    3. Use x-wings to attack tie-bombers.

    4. Use corvettes to shoot down tie-fighters and tie-bombers.

    5. There is also a new unit some kind of missile launcher...

    6. The gunboats are also good at shooting down the little crafts or other

    Some units are missing though from tie-fighter:

    Where is the assault gun boat ? ;) I guess it's replaced with this
    gunboat... though it looks a bit different.

    7. Target the shield generators... then kill off the hangers and then the
    torpedos launchers... all with torpedos from y-wings=rebel bombers ;)

    8. When the going gets though, the though get going.... simply call in
    reinforcements... (I figured this out a bit late... I forgot about this... I
    learned it in the demo.. but forgot).

    You can have bigger space fleets... but only 25 units can be present on the
    map (for rebels) and it seems 20 for empire... but after stuff gets
    destroyed you can call in reinforcements.

    9. Corvettes as I call them.... can be used to draw fire away from other
    ships by moving them in front of the destroyers and setting engines to full
    and moving really fast past them.

    10. The missile cruisers as I call them are the most dangerous units so
    far... then can shoot down whole squadrans of y-wings, x-wings, tie-fighters
    and tie-bombers... you ll loose them in the blink of an eye/explosion. So
    you will first need to clear the path for them to proceed by shooting down
    these missile cruisers with gunboats =D ;) and other stufffff.

    You can also play with darth vader and here him breeeath hehehe and there is
    so much more to this game.

    However I played the game with an overclocked system/pc and it gave
    exceptions... euh I think it fucked up my save game because I cant steal the
    last tech level for the rebels.. or maybe it's a bug or maybe that tech can
    only be stolen later... I am not sure.... I also got tired of defending and
    doing the same battleground stuff... so I simply let the empire take some
    planets... that was a bad decision because the empire builds up fast (at
    least at medium difficulty which is what I play) The empire will become
    filthy rich and much harder to kill... so it would have been easier to
    defend in the first place instead of re-concuering later...

    Anyway I was kinda newbish at first... but now I am a much better player so
    it will probably be easier to restart anyway and build a huge fleet and
    simply use auto resolve to proceed/progress through the dull missions ;)

    Yeah baby... that's what I did when I played with the empire and it worked
    pretty well ;)

    I still haven't played multiplayer yet... The game also has many extra
    little story campaings etc.

    I can tell this game has a lot of content which is quite unussual... most
    games I have played I simply finish in one or two days non-stop...

    But this game is going to take many days maybe even weeks maybe even months
    to complete... yeah especially on my slow ass pc ;) hehe. Soon I'll have a
    new pc though believe it ! ;)

    Sometimes on my PIII 450 mhz it sometimes freezes a bit during space battles
    probably because of some explosions...

    They do look beautifull though... when the big ships break up... and go
    bang, booom etc... it can take a very long time before a victory star
    destroyers has completely broken up into pieces and blown up... though
    that's not the problem I think... it's probably all the ai for the missiles
    and little explosions that make it a bit freeze or maybe sometime else was
    going on... Well most of the time it plays smooth... but a bit slow
    probably... I wonder how fast everything goes on a faster pc.

    For all starwars fans, x-wing fans, tie-fighter fans, etc... this game is
    definetly pretty good and you simply have to see, play it to believe it, too
    experience it.

    It's definetly worth a download and maybe even buying it lol.

    It's especially fun if you played x-wing or tie-fighter !

    It's simply amazing and interesting to play it as a commander from the
    outside and command and have them do all the things that you had to do in
    x-wing and tie-fighter !

    You will definetly be a much better commander if you played tie-fighter as
    well =D

    That's just fucking cool ! =D

    Newbies will simply have to figure it out some other way and get wacked by
    the ai and online I guess ;)

    Learn from the great lol.

    Arrrghhhhh, may the force and the power be with you !!!! =D

    "SighhhArrghhhhh, I find your lack of faith disturbing !" =D

    For all doubters: give this game a fucking try ! =D Yeaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaa. ;)

    It's just worth it.... LOOK AT THE GOD DAMN EXPLOSION

    I know what you think... an explosion ? that's hardly worth it.

    NO MAN !

    Total and other destruction of VICTORY STAR DESTROYER SPACE SHIPS..

    YEAH, PIECES, DESTRUCTION MAN, you simply have to witness wieeeeee.

    I love seeing those suckers die and break up and blast to pieces... it's the
    sweet taste of victory YEAH BABY !

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 21, 2006
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  2. Skybuck Flying

    Paul C Guest

    The game is so 1990. If the Space battles were in real 3d i migh
    concider buying it. But as it is Space battles are just pathetio.

    Better luck next time.

    Think Homeworld for the 3d.
    Paul C, Feb 21, 2006
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  3. Homeworld 1 was interesting but I never played it that much.

    Homeworld 2 was fun and I finished it in 18 hours. But it's a bad example of
    a 3D strategy game. Almost all missions were 2D. There were like 2 missions
    where one had to specify the third dimension.

    Things got a bit different in skirmish or multiplayer. Unfortuneatly I
    wasn't able to play the multiplayer part except for the demo which was only
    playable for a few days before they pulled the plug on it.

    So my taste of commanding 3D strategic space battles is quite short. The
    only strategy I learned and deployed was hiding in 3D space to prevent my
    destruction. The only other 3D tactic I saw was the formation of the attack.
    Big whoopie, not lol ;) :)

    Overall homeworld 2 left a very bad impression for 3D space battle.
    Commanding in 3D space is a nightmare. A difficult interface, lack of
    overview, lack of control. They probably had to slow down the game to make
    it playable in the first place... because commanding in 3D takes a hell lot
    of time having to rotate around things to get an idea of it all... that's
    badddd ;) I bet if you start commanding in 3D you will get your ass kicked
    by a player which simply uses 2D tactics but can command it a lot faster
    than you ;) hehe. You'll be like wtf.... now I have to retrieve all my shit
    back from 3d positions to this one central location... Good like finding
    your units and setting way points hehe... Blitkrieg baby ! wake up and smell
    the coffee ;)

    I am skeptical how much 3D adds to the stragetic aspect. Maybe one can
    simply specify the tactics in 2D and have the fighter pilots and ship
    captains figure it out by themselfes.

    That's more or less how tie fighter worked. It showed the mission in 2D. But
    it was also possible to get a 3D sense of it thanks to height lines.

    There you have it folks, some of my experience with space battles.

    I am curious what your experience with space battles is...

    Can you give any examples of 3D tactics/strategies ?

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 21, 2006
  4. Skybuck Flying

    Shawk Guest

    Sure .. in a game group
    Shawk, Feb 21, 2006
  5. Funny, ok do it, I follow you there =D

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 21, 2006
  6. Ok,

    I just played the game for the first time online with somebody else... via
    private lan oh yeah ;)

    I totally destroyed him :) He tried to rush me at the start... but I kept
    cool and build larger spaceships with empire fleet...

    I then simply destroy his mines which gave him money... (yes in skirmish
    mode you need to build mines on asteroids to get more money...) and then I
    simply starved him to death... but cutting him off from the money... yup.

    He also said the game run twice as slow because of my PIII 450 mhz so there
    you have it ;)

    It was pretty cool... but I find it also a little bit disappointing that
    there is only one resource on the map... well actually it probably wouldn't
    have mattered if there were multiple... I would simply have cut him off
    completely... well he was kinda newbish and didnt play tie fighter...
    hopefully he ll be become better and others too ;) Yeah I am sure of it...
    but by then I might be godlike lol hehehe.

    Anyway... I like the civilization 3 conquest concept a little better...
    there you need different resources to be able to construct say a tank... or
    a knight... you need like rubber, oil, iron, horses etc... very cool game

    I must admit... I feel slighty frustrated by this game... I dont know why...
    maybe it's because my PIII 450 mhz is just a bit slowish/slugish... that's
    probably part of it. The other part is the game is so large and repetitive I
    cant possibly finish it in a day or two... even with non stop playing...
    I am already kinda bored with the units... there aren't enough really ;)
    hehe. I wish the units had more different firing modes like gc2.

    I last but not least... I have the following I already did this all
    before... for example... Conquest:Frontier Wars.

    Been there, done that... Simply cut off your enemy from resources and you're
    done ;) well almost at least.

    I havent tried the multiplayer campaign mode... that will probably take
    almost wayyyy too long to play... but still I am gonna try it... at least
    there is some more decision making to do... and empire building just like
    civ 3 conquest be it more tiny ofcourse.

    Well at least people who have few games and actually bought it will be able
    to play this game for a long time... be it repetitive ;) all in all not too
    shabby, not too bad.

    It's a nice mix of different kind of games and styles... it just takes so
    much time to play this game it's amazing... though half of it is because of
    my slow pc ;)

    Well I will make one last comment: The only thing I like to do is play the
    story campaign... after playing some ground battles and some space
    battles... I am done with that... I even destroyed like 8 imperial star
    destroyers with a single 4 level space station hehehe. I also played
    skirmish... with AI set at hard and I completely wacked it's ass... Maybe
    the AI has not enough brain power because of a lack of cpu power ? ;) who
    knows... I simply starved the AI to death... At least in single player
    campaign the AI is a lot harder to defeat... that's cool :)

    I wonder how space battles will proceed with more advanced players...

    Calling in reinforcements allows spaceships to be placed anywhere on the
    visible map (where there is no fog of war....)

    That can be very adangerous for an unsuspecting player.... simply stack up
    all units in the reinforcements panel.. and then fly a tiny little x-wing to
    the enemies base or other point of attack... and then simply fly everything
    in via the reinforcements panel...

    I even wanted to withdraw some units to the reinforcements panel... like
    jump back to hyperspace.. but that's not allowed in this game... I find that
    quite lame to be honest...

    Ofcourse it's an implementation issue.. maybe they didnt have the time to
    implement it...

    But here is my advice in case they didn't get it... Simply put a timer on
    each spaceship that is retreated from battle... and then later it can jump
    back in again or so... after the time has past...

    Actually it would be cool if in the meantime it can be repaired... there is
    no repair space ship in this game... that kinda sux too.. I am used to
    repairing... repairing rules... it makes you more powerfull...

    Well it's kinda funny and cool as well too see damaged spaceships fly around
    with long trails of smoke and plasma coming out...

    In skirmish mode it was even possible to play pirate ships... there were
    like dead ships in the asteroid fields with lighting and storms... I placed
    such a pirate ship near those dead ships... LOL... and it even fooled

    I didn't notice that it was my ship... it simply looked like a piece of
    debris !

    That's a great tactic ! Simply mimicing your ship as a piece of debris ! wow


    Maybe the starwars universe is just too limited for a really awesome
    motherfucking space game ;) Tie fighter did have repair tugs though...

    I dont know ;)

    I can see a number of possibilities:

    1. Another conquest frontier wars game/clone
    2. A 3D shooter/flieer like tie fighter based on this game that would be
    3. Simply continue on this path... and make Starwars Empire At War 2 with
    lot's of extra's... a repair vehicle, jump in and out of hyperspace... more
    usefull space stations.. repair stations... maybe add some fuel limitations
    and weapon ammo limitations... yeah... ..

    Also the hardpoints on the ships are a little bit too easy to destroy with
    torpedos... I cant remember them to be that easily destroyed in tie
    fighter... I think part of the torpedo was obsorbed by the shields and part
    actually got through and did some damage... but I can be wrong though... If
    only tie fighter would have been this easy lol...

    Nononono in tie fighter you first had to take down the shields.... be it
    with lasers... or be it with ion cannons... and then you could down some
    nice hull or sub system damage...

    The ion cannons in this game are pretty useless... or at least of the
    y-wings... Actually that doesn't make much sense... The star destroyers use
    ion cannons all the time... and the y-wings can only use it once... I think
    the torpedo stuff for the y-wings is also a bit bugged.. they dont seem to
    fire those automatically.. or maybe i am just imaging that... ;) Maybe you
    simply have to attack a spaceship with them... and then they ll keep firing
    at the hard points...

    I can't remember any tractor beams in tie fighter though.. maybe they were
    in there or maybe not... does star wars actually have tractor beams... I can
    remember that scene where the princess ship was captured... but was it done
    with a tractor beam ? and if it was done... wasn't it a redish tractor beam
    ? The tractor beam in this game is green ? wtf ? oh well.

    Also if they get a larger budget for a sequel.. pls use the original voices
    of those actors and the darth vader dude... it will probably cost a lot of
    bucks... but it would make it 10x times better and awesome and coooool.

    Yeah and add some more and faster moves for darth vader.. maybe that's one
    slow dude lol... or is it my pc lol. hahahahahah.

    Hmmm I haven't seen YODA YET ! I know it's in the game somewhere... WHERE
    THE **** IS YODA !?! =D

    Man give him a little tiny fucking spacecraft lol... that little TROLL
    hahahaha. Let him fend of the imperials with his little wheener space craft

    By the way... The Boba Fett space craft, bombs and sound effect are ULTRA
    COOOOLKKWEELLLL =D Well done... I love it...
    Piepiepieepiepiepiepiepepeipeie.,, kaaaabbbbsshhhhhwwwwwwwieeeeeeee.
    bbzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttttt...boemmmm. Kweell.
    ( It was lot's of fun seeing the AI fly with it half across the fricking map
    :) it's one fast motherfucker wieee)

    The luke sky walker "lucky shot" I just did it once... and that was fucking
    cool too... too see those big redish beams coming out of the x-wing... booom
    "use the force luke" "i am with you luke" "block out the rest" yes...I had
    to click multiple times on the space station hard point.. because apperently
    luke has to come reaally close or something...

    I havent see the death star yet... it's also not in the skirmish mode... it
    could have been cool to still build in skirmish mode or something... Or
    simply make a special mode where you are controlling the deathstar... and
    you get to man all the space ship lasers... and simply shoot at the incoming

    The bastard is the other player which is supposed to shoot down the laser
    and get to the center of the deathstar... and ****-it-up good. Or simply on
    the surface... whatever... I think the are actually two scenes... one scene
    is on the surface.. .but I can also remember another seen which is inside
    the deathstar... I am not sure if the first one was for a star destroyer...
    or if it's part of the death star sequence/scene.

    Also... in tie fighter these star destroyers had many many many many many
    laser on top and on the bottom...

    You can't simply fly over it or past it... or your ass would be TOAST TOAST
    TOAST and TOAST... Only the best pilots like me can DO THAT hahahahaha Yes
    you had to !

    You had to shoot down all those lasers in one of those missions...
    transferring power back and forth across the shields...

    Actually I can't believe that I had to completely stay alive in tie fighter
    for the whole game... and I couldn';t die once... wow.. major
    accomplishment... ofcourse you could simply replay missions.. but still...
    even surviving one mission could be pretty though.

    So all I want to say is that the big ships... were a lot harder to kill in
    tie fighter... oh yeah.

    Seeing a bunch of y-wings... like 2 take down a complete imperial star
    destroyer... is pretty bullshit lol... but ok... then again... super pilots
    like me could do that... with an x-wing... take down the lasers first... and
    then later... bomb it...

    Actually I think tie fighter had special bombs as well... which needed to be
    released real close...

    Yeah... so much stuff is wrong in this new game... I still like it... but
    it's waaayyy too easy those space battles.

    Yes... the developers should play tie fighter back and forth twice... and
    then take a long hard look at their own game... and see what's wrong
    heheheheh ;)

    Yeah baby. Tie fighter rules man... this game should obey those laws and
    rules yeah baby !

    Make it though as pie ! wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Yeah... I am totally not scared for any imperial star destroyer... I simply
    get 2 y-wings... and a few minutes later bye bye star destroyer... ok that's
    a little bit bullshit unless those pilots are godlike ;)

    So that's another idea for you right there... "experience".

    The longer a spaceships/star fighter survices the more experience it
    gets.... Pulling back those experience fighters and repairing them then
    makes a lot more sense... those are your top pilots in training even... and
    those can become a lot better...

    Now that's something to be scared about.. "top fighter pilots" oh yeah

    But not just some rooky... those should be shot up and cut up into pieces
    easily !

    Even by the onboard tiny lasers... yeah.

    It doesn't have to be a problem you know...

    Just add a whole lot of "hard points" or call them "soft points" or "tiny
    points" to target...

    But dont show them when the view is zoomed out... only show them when the
    view is zoomed in...

    I believe that is actually the way it worked in tie fighter... you have to
    get close to see those points...

    And then you can manually target them if you desire to do so... ;) Cool.

    So you could simply take your best pilots... zoom into the imperial star
    destroyer.. and targer the tiny defense laser towers... and then the pilot
    will understand it's mission is too take down those tiny little lasers... oh

    After that has happened.. it's more safe for y-wings to get close to those
    motherfuckers... yeah... y-wings can be equiped with torpedos... or bombs...
    and then bomb that imperial motherfucker oh yeah ! ;)

    Same thing goes for corvettes.. those motherfuckers cut you up good in tie
    Well at least in this game those corvettes shoot down a lot of tie fighters
    as well.. that's good ;)

    The space battles in this starwars empire at war game are just waaayyy tooo
    easy =D
    god damn =D lol.

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 21, 2006
  7. Skybuck Flying

    Romano C Guest

    "Skybuck Flying" <> je napisao u poruci interesnoj grupi:

    omfg,shut up.How its even possible to run that game on pIII.You like to be
    Romano C, Feb 21, 2006
  8. Skybuck Flying

    Ed Forsythe Guest

    Hi Skybuck,
    Glad you're still having fun with your PIII. That's the name of the game -
    *fun*! hang in there. Don't let the pseudo elitists get you down. Thanks
    for the tips :)
    Ed Forsythe, Feb 22, 2006
  9. Well today I played the game on an AMD 2600+ and a radeon 9000.

    It was very interesting to say the least. This time on a 4 player map the AI
    managed to kick my ass the first time.

    Also online against somebody ;) I got my ass kicked as well. He played
    empire and me rebels.

    Then the second time we got our ass kicked as well against the same person
    with empire and a teammate so it was 2 v 2.

    However I was in a big hurry because I wasn't allowed to play long on that

    Finally I played one more time all by myself against the AI.

    I have come to the conclusion that my Pentium III 450 mhz just became a
    whole lot more valuable LOL ;)

    The reason is that on the AMD 2600+ the game went so fast that one hardly
    has time to command all units and to be a good commander. While that is
    kinda interesting in itself... I felt totally lack of control... that can be
    interesting... because you can't manage everything so then you have to rely
    on the "build in ai" somewhat...

    However I think I will prefer playing the slower version on my PIII 450
    mhz... I hope other people that play with me will feel/think the same.

    So that's kinda bad... the game doesn't have a speed option... except for
    pause, normal speed, super speed and that's it. Playing the game at half
    speed allows more control and command of the units ;) But that's not

    At the end of the last multiplayer game there was also a sync issue... maybe
    somebody disconnected or something.

    Also the last thing I saw was some bomber simply flying right passed my two
    big rebel ships... that still irritates the shit out of me that such a big
    ships cant destroy a little tiny fucker... that doesnt make much sense but
    oh well... sure I can back up with other little ships but they ll get more
    easily destroyed so that kinda sucks but ok.

    All in all I am very happy that I got my butt kicked lol... because now
    there is still room to improve... though part of the reason was my haste and
    part was the faster gameplay ;)

    One last note: The empire seems to have a super weapon which can destroy
    space stations pretty fast... that was kinda lame... But fortunately those
    super weapons can be disabled... but default it's on... I wish it was the
    other way around...

    Also what suprised me was that all skirmish missions have only 2

    So when you play 2 v 2... one has to share a battle station... but that's
    it... It kinda makes sense now that I think about it... there are only
    rebels and empire forces... but one can also capture a pirate base ;) and
    build pirate ships ;)

    One really last note ;)

    The colors on the tiny map are totally confusing... Money signs show up as
    green... when an enemy is playing as green that can be confusing...

    Also when your ally is red... it will show up on the tiny map as red... I
    didn't know what to make of it... Is red friendly or enemy ?

    So the colors are totally confusing... but I'll have to get used to that ;)

    Also... the mines repair quite fast... that's also quite confusing... I cant
    tell if it's my mine.. or an enemy mine... pretty confusing... I need to
    look at the minimap to figure it out...

    Also my own space station is green while I played blue or yellow or so...

    The rest of the map is blue... and when I call in reinforcements I see
    redish everywhere... which is a bit unnecessary but ok... I wish it would
    auto disappear after a few seconds or so... it kinda makes the game look bad
    a bit... because I like to keep my reinforcements screen open at all
    times... so the redish stuff doesnt make a lot of sense but ok...

    Maybe it would be better if they only displayed it when I drag something...
    that would make more sense ;) but then again... I wanted to do a massive
    assault with y-wings on enemy space station... and I noticed that I couldn't
    jump in so close... which is kinda lame but understandable ;)

    The attack by the way was horrible slaughtered.. all my poor y-wings
    slaughtered ! lol =D

    Yeah I was in a hurry so I tried to pull a quicky ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 22, 2006
  10. And finally here are some more tips in case any developer ever reads this
    for starwars empire at war 2 ;)

    First of all play x-wing and tie-fighter for more inspiration and details.

    Then you will understand my next request:

    I want to be able to store x-wings and tie-fighters inside a ship... and
    then later I want to launch them..

    I also want a repair feature...

    The space station has all kinda of stuff like communication array and hanger
    and supply docks... but it doesnt do anything ???

    Being able to hide behind asteroids, ships, and planets would also be cool.

    Also friendly fire would also be cool. That means you accidently shoot your
    own ships.

    All this stuff is currently not in the game... and it should definetly be in
    the game for a much better game ! ;) :)

    So lot's and lot's and lot's of room for improvements =D

    And ofcourse I also want some mini lasers on the star destroyers and the big
    rebel ships to take down tiny little enemy fighters for god's sake ;)

    And if you have any spare time implement jump in, fight, destroy, jump out,
    timer, jump back in =D

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah baby =D wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Oh yeah one last thing too:

    I want b-wings and assault gun boats just like in tie fighter/x-wing game, I
    want space tugs, freighters, containers (tough I deed seem something that
    looked like a container... dont know what it's good for), docking
    capabilities for whatever, repairing, resupplieing. limited ammo, limited
    energy, limited fuel, yadayadayada :)

    I JUST WANT MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

    Moo like the other two games it's only fair ;) :p =D it's only more realism
    :p ;) it's only more true starwars oh yeah bbbbaby. pieeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

    I also want the real voices... big bucks there probably...

    I also want more lightsaber fights and animations... yeah baby. woeh.
    bazzztt bbzztt :)

    I want to be able to board ships and then fight with my jedi warrior... ok
    maybe that's a bit over the top ;) bztt bztt wiee.

    Oh yeah how about this one:

    Mines ! You know of the explosive type...

    Tie-tighter the game sure had them... x-wing probably too... some craft must
    have placed those... included ! yes sir bob ! ;)

    Let those ships get bombed by mines ohhh now that's sweet..

    Come into my minefield motherfucker ohhhh yeah.


    I want also more different special abilities for the rebel ships...

    It's kinda lame that all ships have the "boost shield power" or "boost
    engine power" and that's it...

    I would rather like a "energy transfer system" where I can decide myself
    where I want all my energy to go...

    For example 30% to engines, 20% to shield 40 procent to lasers, 10% to
    energy reserve/batteries. (just like the game tie-fighter/x-wing oh yeah)

    Something like that.

    Yeah how about some landing bays for the ships... against just like the game
    tie-fighter... one of those last missions where somebody tries to escape via
    the millinium falcon...

    I think it would even be cool to combine the units from Battlestar
    Galactica... I think those units would fit well into this game... the cylons
    and the star fighters and the base ships... awesome !

    Maybe something like "Starwars Versus Battlestar Galactica"

    Not bad :)

    The possibilities for improvements are endless almost. One last example..
    more screens just like the two mentioned games ;)

    Oh well I'll leave it at that sunny boy.

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 22, 2006
  11. However I played the game with an overclocked system/pc and it gave
    Well I just continued playing with my rebel save game assuming it wasn't a
    bug... and it turned out it wasnt ! =D

    I simply sold some buildings and replaced them with mines to get more money.

    And then I simply started raiding all planets yeah and I simply used the
    auto resolve button to progress fast and it worked just fine... I concuered
    many planets like that and I didnt even need the big ships.

    Later when you get han/hans solo you go on missions and at some point you
    will go to a empirial city and there you have to steal the plans... together
    with wookie or something.
    It was interesting and kinda boring at the same time... stealing those

    But then you can build big ships.. and after that the game was pretty
    quickly over... first a big emperial fleet comes... trying to concuer your
    sea planet... you slaughter there fleet and then the deathstar comes and
    then luke comes and you slaughter some more and then the game ends...

    I was kinda surprised I didnt have to concuer all the remaining empirial
    planets...I was kinda looking forward to it.. but oh well... saves me some
    time ;) then you get a last "outro" ;)

    And finally you get to see the longest "credits" text I have ever seen... I
    watched it all the way to the end to see if there were any jokes in there
    but I dont think so.. except for some funny names and stuff... like a tenis
    club heheh.. and finally you get to see which technologies the used... like
    bink video, miles sound and gamespy stuff... and the last thank you is to
    george lucas hehehe... that text took like 30 minutes at least to scroll by

    Well.. now I can still finish the game with the emperial forces and then I
    still probably want a little bit more of multiplayer action and bash up some
    peeps hehehehe. Yeah already did that a bit but I want some mo =D

    Beee seeing you.

    So to make a long story short... there was no bug in the rebel campagne.. oh
    except for one little bug maybe... the deathstar came... but then the
    stardestroyers didn't attack my space station which I rebuild.. so I had to
    wait a long time before they moved in and killed it...

    Also I noticed a little typo in the credits...

    It says: "v-wing - voice actor name"

    I think that is supposed to be "a-wing" ;)

    Oh well =D

    All in all I loved the story and the voice acting but I already said that ;)
    =D WIIIEEeeeeeeee.

    Skybuck WOEH.
    Skybuck Flying, Feb 24, 2006
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