Steve Jobs on new medical leave

Discussion in 'Apple' started by A Non E Mouse, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. A Non E Mouse, Jan 17, 2011
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  2. A Non E Mouse

    Jim_Higgins Guest

    Jim_Higgins, Jan 17, 2011
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  3. A Non E Mouse

    JF Mezei Guest

    Perhaps he took an overdose of Viagras and needs to stay home because of
    persistent and highly embarassing erections ?

    He wants this to be a private matter. So we have no idea whether it is
    just a wart, or some terminal disease.

    An an AAPL shareholder, I'd want to make sure that the market is
    reassured that the great leader of the Church of the Apple can take a
    few months off and the company still continue to execute established
    plans and still plot a continued path to innovation with better and more
    affordable products down the road.

    What he does in the privacy of his bedroom is none of my business. But
    his absence from Apple offices is.

    And more importantly, I'd want to know whether a replacement would be an
    accountant (aka: Sculley) or a visionary (aka Jobs).

    And when Jobs passes away, will iPhones stop working ? :) :) :) :)
    JF Mezei, Jan 17, 2011
  4. A Non E Mouse

    JF Mezei Guest

    Tim Cook's bio:

    Tim Cook
    Chief Operating Officer

    Tim Cook is Apple’s chief operating officer and reports to Apple's CEO.
    He is responsible for all of the company's worldwide sales and
    operations, including end-to-end management of Apple’s supply chain,
    sales activities, and service and support in all markets and countries.
    Cook also heads Apple's Macintosh division and plays a key role in the
    continued development of strategic reseller and supplier relationships,
    ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace.

    Before joining Apple, Cook was vice president of Corporate Materials for
    Compaq and was responsible for procuring and managing all of Compaq’s
    product inventory. Previous to his work at Compaq, Cook was the chief
    operating officer of the Reseller Division at Intelligent Electronics.

    Cook also spent 12 years with IBM, most recently as director of North
    American Fulfillment where he led manufacturing and distribution
    functions for IBM’s Personal Computer Company in North and Latin America.

    Cook serves on the board of directors for Nike, Inc. and the National
    Football Foundation.

    Cook earned an M.B.A. from Duke University, where he was a Fuqua
    Scholar, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from
    Auburn University.


    paper pusher or visionary ????

    BTW, reading the various bios on the executive team, it is interesting to note that some
    report directly to Jobs while other report to Cook. I wonder how much
    of this will hold true during Job's "CEO at home" period.
    JF Mezei, Jan 17, 2011
  5. A Non E Mouse

    Tim Streater Guest

    [snip bio]
    Mmm. Sounds like an excellent First Lieutenant. But whether their
    Lordships should consider promoting him to frigate Captain is another
    matter. And it's not even as if the opposition is as crap as Bonaparte's
    navy was, either.
    Tim Streater, Jan 17, 2011
  6. A Non E Mouse

    AV3 Guest

    I'm afraid with his cancer, the question is "Where do we go without
    him?" Most importantly for me, "Will his successor have any real sense
    of dedication to Mac OS X?"

    ||Arnold VICTOR, New York City, i. e., <> ||
    ||Arnoldo VIKTORO, Nov-jorkurbo, t. e., <> ||
    ||Remove capital letters from e-mail address for correct address/ ||
    || Forigu majusklajn literojn el e-poÅta adreso por Äusta adreso ||
    AV3, Jan 18, 2011
  7. A Non E Mouse

    Wes Groleau Guest

    Back-door programmed in so He can haunt them all from the other side.
    Wes Groleau, Jan 18, 2011
  8. Well, he's obviously more ill than we thought... Maybe the cancer, maybe
    the diabetes - or a combination... My wife died of the complications
    following to the diabetes, so I know that this is a real thread to
    anyone's health... - When first one complication occours, it's often
    followed by others.:-(

    Regarding the further development of OS X. - I think Steve Jobs now has
    gathered a so high-qualified staff that they will be able to continue,
    even if he if forced to retire due to his illness.

    Sure hope he'll gain health back so he will be able to continue as the
    real leader of Apple, but with his kind of illness he maybe should
    throttle down quite a lot and concentrate his work as the CEO and not
    /all/ the main resorts...

    Cheers, Erik Richard

    Erik Richard Sørensen, Member of ADC, <>
    NisusWriter - The Future In Multilingual Text Processing - - The Modern Productivity Solution -
    Erik Richard Sørensen, Jan 18, 2011
  9. A Non E Mouse

    JF Mezei Guest

    Apple knew that such an announcement would cause Wall Street Casino
    Analysts to overreact. So they chose a day with closed markets. And it
    so happens that financial resulst are being announced today (the day
    after) and they will likely razzle dazzle.

    Because he's had cancer, you have to expect people to translate "medical
    leave of absence" into "his cancer has returned, this time worse than

    If it had been a bruise on a finger with a band-aid on it, they wouldn't
    have had to annouce a medical leave of absence. If it had been some
    cosmetic surgery, they wouldn't have had to announce a leave of absence.
    Lets face it, the fact that they had to announce this means it is serious.

    Terminal ? Fixable ? I don't know. Is he waiting for another transplant?
    This could take time.

    Until they have high degree of confidence he will recover, they can't
    really announce anything. he could die during some operation, die due to
    rejection of the new organ etc etc. AAPL can't give false hopes.

    The next announcement is likely either of his passing away, or that he's
    had succesful treatment and should be returning to work in a month.

    Until then, we'll only have uneducated speculation.
    JF Mezei, Jan 18, 2011
  10. Neither Steve nor anyone else in his position has any "sense of
    dedication" to anything but investor returns.

    And that's by law.

    Steve himself would dump OS X in a minute--dump the whole damn
    Macintosh, for that matter, or sell it off as a separate company--if he
    thought it was the right path to higher investor returns for Apple Inc.

    He's sold you a bill of goods if you think he has *any* sense of
    dedication to anything else.
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Jan 18, 2011
  11. A Non E Mouse

    Tom Stiller Guest

    I don't think the media response is human nature. I rather think that
    with 24 hour "news and information" TV channels there is a need to
    manufacture "news" when there is none. That means searching for and
    picking at every little thread hoping to unravel something "big".
    Tom Stiller, Jan 18, 2011
  12. A Non E Mouse

    Lyrik Guest

    I wish him well. I should have liked to talk to him about an
    observation that I have had in my experience as health worker. I have
    encountered several vegetarians with liver disease. Yesterday the
    danish paper B.T. had an article about a woman with poisoned liver.
    The doctors had her carefully examined and the reason for her liver
    disease was 5 cups of green tea she had drunk every day. The doctors
    found out that too many anti oxidants could poison the liver.
    Her disease declined dramatically as she stopped drinking the green
    That makes sense to me having experienced several liver failures in

    Lyrik, Jan 18, 2011
  13. Well JR... I wasn't even thinking of his cancer, - only of the diabetes.
    With that illnes there's only one way and it's worse and worse by and
    by. The only thing you can't say is /when/ it will get worse. This
    totally depends of the type of diabetes, - and as you say it yourself.
    This is an irreversible process... One thing is for sure - you /cannot/
    cure diabetes yet!

    Cheers, Erik Richard

    Erik Richard Sørensen, Member of ADC, <>
    NisusWriter - The Future In Multilingual Text Processing - - The Modern Productivity Solution -
    Erik Richard Sørensen, Jan 18, 2011
  14. Probably. But it is possible that he decided to exaggerate things
    with the goal of making a clean succession while he still can come
    back. This would keep the stock market (and his assets) valuable,
    preparing for his long term future.

    "In no part of the constitution is more wisdom to be found,
    than in the clause which confides the question of war or peace
    to the legislature, and not to the executive department."

    - James Madison
    Howard Brazee, Jan 18, 2011
  15. A Non E Mouse

    J Burns Guest

    Around here they keep reporting MASSIVE fires. If there's a highway
    fatality within 100 miles, there may be several bulletins saying "One
    person was killed in a DEADLY crash." Most fatal crashes aren't
    mentioned because they have some other tidbit to shout about.
    J Burns, Jan 18, 2011
  16. A Non E Mouse

    Per Rønne Guest

    Yes, to let predators like Homo sapiens, the strongest predator that has
    ever lived on Planet Earth, to live on a vegerarian diet is simply
    Per Rønne, Jan 18, 2011
  17. A Non E Mouse

    AV3 Guest

    I thought the change of name to simply "Apple" indicated that
    peripherals have become the central focus of the corporation. I realize
    that peripherals are the most profitable corporate activity and I expect
    a corporation to take that into account. Peripherals have recaptured the
    market position that computers once had at Apple, and I don't expect
    history to operate in reverse. The king is dead, long live the king!

    I only hope that computers and the Mac OS X have some place in the
    corporation, but I have no objection to a satellite computer corporation
    arising. That is why I posed the question. I don't think I am more than
    ordinarily deluded by corporate activity, but we loyal Mac users do
    perceive qualities in Apple and Jobs not evident elsewhere. Even if that
    is a delusion, I have not been unhappy in it.

    ||Arnold VICTOR, New York City, i. e., <> ||
    ||Arnoldo VIKTORO, Nov-jorkurbo, t. e., <> ||
    ||Remove capital letters from e-mail address for correct address/ ||
    || Forigu majusklajn literojn el e-poÅta adreso por Äusta adreso ||
    AV3, Jan 18, 2011
  18. A Non E Mouse

    George Kerby Guest

    The media are rabid mongrels without any conscience.

    Excellent post, Jolly!
    George Kerby, Jan 18, 2011
  19. A Non E Mouse

    AV3 Guest

    My presumption about his working conditions was that there was an
    allowance for the demands of treatments to keep a liver transplant under
    control as well as for the expected complications of his pancreatic
    cancer. This seems to be something requiring notification to the
    stockholders and the stock market, so it is beyond normal expectations.

    I hope your information is correct and your bucking the trend is
    justified, but I think the question is worth being raised. I hope I am
    not indulging in rank sensationalism and you are not whistling in the dark.

    ||Arnold VICTOR, New York City, i. e., <> ||
    ||Arnoldo VIKTORO, Nov-jorkurbo, t. e., <> ||
    ||Remove capital letters from e-mail address for correct address/ ||
    || Forigu majusklajn literojn el e-poÅta adreso por Äusta adreso ||
    AV3, Jan 18, 2011
  20. A Non E Mouse

    Doc O'Leary Guest

    You, of course, are wrong. Can you name one other CEO at a comparable
    level that directly answers email from the general public?
    The law can be satisfied by many different approaches to corporate
    governance. Some sell cheap knock-offs at vanishingly small margins to
    make a small profit from quarter to quarter. Others plan for long term
    advances and target smarter customers who will pay for better quality.
    Some of us have a sense of history. You clearly don't.
    Doc O'Leary, Jan 18, 2011
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