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still confused on multi-track setup

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Phillip Solkov, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Ok, I am still very confused on how to achieve this with my computer.
    Eventually I want to be able to multi-track with my computer and my existing
    Mackie 1202 board. I believe my mackie can only output 4 channels for
    multi-track purposes. I currently use an SBLive Audigy card. People have
    told me that I need to get a soundcard that accepts multiple inputs, like a
    Delta card.....but I am confused as to how you would set this up......cause
    I still want to run my instruments through my mackie board, and they still
    need to go through a A/D converter, right? then they would go to the Delta
    card? thanks.
    Phillip Solkov, Mar 2, 2004
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  2. Phillip Solkov

    simon maasz Guest

    Hi Lots of angles to this query.

    First have a look at the forum for n-track studio on www.fasoft.com where
    you will find lots of info on this excellent and inexpensive multi-track
    recording software.

    The creative audigy card will record multiple tracks simultaneously, *but*
    it must be AFAIK the audigy2 ZS platinum pro version using the ASIO2
    drivers. (the card installed both asio and WDM drivers by default. Only the
    asio ones support multitracking above 1 x stereo track)

    I have this card running 3 x stereo tracks simultaneously into the 3 x
    analogue inputs on the breakout box. You also have the option of using
    digital inputs as well (firewire, SPDIF, optical)

    Not sure about your mackie board. It will need separate outputs for each
    channel if you want to multitrack from one board. I use a direct connection
    to the audigy breakout box (from e.g. line out guitar amp) + a mixer desk
    for other inputs. If your mackie only has one pair of outputs and you want
    outboard control of all inputs and/or a pre-amp for mics etc, why not look
    at the small and cheap mixers from behringer eg UB502 or 802.

    I suggest that if you want to try multitrack recording, you download the
    evaluation version of n-track and give it a go. The knowledegable folk on
    their forum will help you as you hit the problems.



    simon maasz, Mar 3, 2004
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  3. Phillip Solkov

    JayKay Guest

    Are you trying to record several instruments/voices at once, rather than
    multi-tracking yourself one track at a time? This will affect what you
    use and how you use it.
    JayKay, Mar 3, 2004
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