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Stop Errors Caused by Nvidia Drivers?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by JD, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. JD

    JD Guest

    Windows XP
    Ge Force FX 5200
    Driver updates were downloaded and automatically installed from the Windows
    Update site (along with a number of Windows updates) on 8/24.
    Version number: (dated 5/2/03)
    Since then I have gotten a series of Stop Errors, the "details" saying only
    that "A device driver caused the problem."
    I suspect the NVIDIA drivers.
    Is there a known problem with those drivers?
    Is downloading (and automatically installing) from the Windows Update site a
    bad idea?
    What is the best way to update my video drivers?
    JD, Dec 8, 2003
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  2. JD

    Sunny Guest

    really, really, bad idea.
    Sunny, Dec 8, 2003
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  3. JD

    JD Guest

    Why is it a "bad idea?" And what is the best procedure?
    JD, Dec 9, 2003
  4. JD

    Sunny Guest

    1. The Windows update site has no idea what version of drivers your system
    is using (or settings).
    2. The auto install "feature" occurs while IE is running and you are
    connected to the net.
    3. Microsoft "driver update" has no idea about your PC hardware

    Correct procedure? You will get many versions of that, however a good start
    a. Always check the manufacturers site for updates,
    b. Read the "fix/reason" for the update and decide for yourself if you
    need them.
    c. Close ALL running programs (including anti virus auto protect) and
    follow the manufactures directions to install.
    d. Ignore all driver updates on the MS update site (and turn off auto
    update notification)
    HTH :)
    Sunny, Dec 9, 2003
  5. JD

    John Fraser Guest

    Good morning JD;

    Sunny does have a point regarding automatic installations. The concept
    of automatic udating is to keep you informed of driver updates without
    having to constantly check websites of manufacturers. I don't know if
    Microsoft is advised of all updates, but not all updates are necessarily an
    improvement. Sometimes the manufacturers release Beta (test) versions of
    drivers for their products which are not an actual update.

    I use the Automatic Update provided by Microsoft. There are three
    options to pick from as to how you wish updates to be installed onto your
    computer. I use Number Three.

    - Transparent - you are only informed that an update is taking placing
    during installation
    - Downloaded transparently, installed with your permission
    - Permission required for downloading & installation.

    The first is a major inconvenience as its timing could bring an abrupt
    halt to your online activities. The third is the best choice. It warns you
    that an update is available and you have time to gracefully close things
    down before installing it, or you can defer it. It will periodically remind

    While Microsoft's installation is basically at the whims of the software
    designer, there is a history kept regarding updates downloaded to your
    computer. You can check this at any time.

    If you prefer instead to manually check for updates, turn off the
    Automatic Update feature. You have one of two methods to do so.

    - Create a folder for your hardware & software website listings and label
    (rename) them so you know what they're for.
    - Or, you can bookmark the Microsoft Update webpage.

    It's entirely your choice. I'm not plugging for Microsoft nor am I
    suggesting their method is superior. I happen to use it and I have no
    complaints. Regardless of installation method, you will be forced to decide
    if what's offered is what you need.

    John Fraser, Dec 9, 2003
  6. JD

    JD Guest

    Thanks for the advice, John. I was really not pleased with the automatic
    installation, even of the Windows updates.
    And the NVIDIA driver update also installed (without asking whether I wanted
    it) a new application called nView Desktop Organizer. I'm sure it has a lot
    of neat features, but I rarely use the Desktop and have no use for this
    added application.
    In fact, I would appreciate some expert advice on whether it is safe to
    uninstall nView. It appears in Add/Remove Programs. And even though I have
    it disabled, it still loads an applet in the notification area every time
    Windows boots.
    Additionally, I would still like to know if anyone has had bad experiences
    with the driver version ( which I suspect of causing Windows to
    "recover from...serious error(s)."
    JD, Dec 9, 2003
  7. JD

    John Fraser Guest

    Good morning JD;

    You're welcome.

    At the moment, mine is disabled. I don't find every feature necessary.
    Offhand, I don't know what it does anyway.
    I noted in msconfig, Startup, that there appears to be three references
    to Nvidia (NvCpl, Nwiz, NVMCTRAY). Within Add/Remove Programs, I see two
    Nvidia driver icons. The first simply says Nvidia Display Driver, the
    second Nvidia Windows 2000/XP Display Drivers which is 27 Mb in size. I
    recall that there are two versions: English and International.
    Unless errors are predictable, reporting them is ineffective as there
    are a number of utilities running at any given time and some programs have
    features others do not. My only suggestion is to uninstall everything
    related to video, then reinstall the driver package of your choice. Put it
    through the paces and if you're disappointed, the alternative is to use what
    works. I read complaints regarding both Nvidia and ATI drivers on the MS
    Flight Simulator newsgroup. Trust me, there is no consistency as to what is
    best although the general consensus seems to be the best card you can afford
    with the latest drivers. After that, play with the settings. Someone
    suggested setting Vsync to Off increases frame rates. It does, but with the
    potential risk of image tearing.

    I've discovered that if I uninstall the video drivers, XP will by
    default choose printer drivers for display which flag constant warnings,
    even after the Nvidia driver is installed. I have to physically remove the
    drivers from System Properties.

    Ideally, a person should keep a logbook of what's installed and when,
    and note periodically how the computer is performing. My memory isn't
    perfect, especially if several applications and configuration changes have
    been added since any problems make themselves known.

    The above may not be of much help. If you're able to, develop a
    functional understanding of the Registry. I have a bridge with a toll booth
    for sale (cheap) if you believe that uninstallations clear everything out.
    I bought an ATI 9000 Pro and discovered I didn't care for all the extras
    installed along with the drivers, and vague titles didn't help. So, I took
    the card back and bought an Nvidia Ti-4200 (not sure which exact version).
    I spent the next three months ridding the Registry of all the ATI entries
    which were left behind. And, the kicker? I paid a technician to uninstall
    the ATI and install the Nvidia. I also spent the same amount of time trying
    to figure out why XP insisted I had the wrong video driver installed.

    Having said that, I'm not an expert either. Much of my experience is
    trial and error and settling for what works best for my needs. I wish you
    all the best in determining what works for you.

    John Fraser, Dec 9, 2003
  8. JD

    boxdan476 Guest

    I too tried to install the latest Windows Update offered NVidia drivers (not
    through automatic update however). My system refused to install them, the
    install failed so I quit. I have a low end NForce MX400-200 and in the past
    I liked some of the MS WHQL drivers because they were "drivers only"
    installs and did not load all the "feature" packages you typically get with
    the branded driver packages. But I believe that you can use the NVidia
    driver packages and perform a "drivers only" install through the device
    manager applet. You might check the "read me" with the latest package you
    want to install.

    You can definitely remove both NView and the NVidia control panel without
    any detriment. NView is mainly worthwhile if you use multiple monitors and
    want to extend the desktop across a couple screens.
    boxdan476, Dec 9, 2003
  9. JD

    JD Guest

    Thanks for the reassuring note regarding nView.
    What are MS WHQL drivers? Is this "generic"?
    JD, Dec 9, 2003
  10. JD

    John Fraser Guest

    Good evening JD;

    Think of WHQL as a Microsoft compatibility check.



    John Fraser, Dec 9, 2003
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