Stop the myspace Virus

Discussion in 'Apple' started by virtualadepts, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. If you download Sea Monkey from mozilla you are fairly safe. You
    still have to know how to use it. Just go through preferences &
    enable maximum security settings, except for cookies. You will need
    to set cookies to ask you if you want to enable cookies every time.
    Then go through the advanced section of the preferences and disable
    javascript, and pretty much everything else. Especially the function
    that controlls surfing the web with your keyboard. If you really need
    to see the javascript on a webpage, and are absolutely sure that the
    website is safe then you enable it only for that webpage and refresh.
    When you are doing looking at the website just change your preferences
    back to maximum security.

    Viruses are not as big a problem as spyware. And with websites like
    myspace you have to be very careful. I caught one even on my iMac,
    but I have disabled it. The same virus created tons of typos in my
    computer system whenever I wrote inside of my browsers, and would
    freeze my computer if I left it on all night. It is easy to find bugs
    in software that goes online, and spill stuff into the rest of memory
    inside of the program and start rewriting code. Mozilla and other
    pieces of software are built so they can patch themselves already, so
    you just have to know how to get memory to patch software up and it
    infects what you already have on your system. This is trivial, but
    installing backdoors and spyware is near impossible anymore,
    especially on myspace. Viruses make you think you have spyware, or at
    least that you or your computer are having some issues.

    So now you know how to fix it and how easy it is to get an imac!
    virtualadepts, Mar 4, 2007
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