Straight from ATI -- Radeon not better than Rage

Discussion in 'Apple' started by fishfry, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. fishfry

    fishfry Guest

    A couple of weeks ago I posted that I could not detect or measure any
    discernable difference between an ATI Rage 128 video card and the new
    ATI 7000 cared (both 32MB, both PCI).

    I contacted ATI customer support and asked them if this could really be
    true. Today I got back this response from ATI:

    "The Radeon 7000 card is not going to be much of a better card than your
    Rage 128 cards."

    Those of you with Rage cards, don't bother to replace them.

    Those of you thinking about spending $130 for a Radeon, get a ten buck
    Rage off eBay instead.

    There is one exception, which is that the Radeon has a DVI output,
    making it useable with flat panel monitors. Other than that, if you have
    a PCI Mac, don't bother with the Radeon. Not even ATI thinks it's an
    improvement over the Rage.
    fishfry, Feb 4, 2004
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  2. fishfry

    Otto Pylot Guest

    The Radeon 7000 is not a new card. It's been out quite awhile. I put
    one in my old beige G3 RevB with a PL 500MHz G4 zif upgrade. It was way
    better than the onboard graphics chipset (duh) and seemed much more
    responsive than the Rage 128 card that my friend had. Both of our
    machines were comparable. Both of us were running OS 9.2.2. Obviously
    Otto Pylot, Feb 4, 2004
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  3. For 2D stuff you're not going to see a whole lot of difference between a
    Rage 128 and a Radeon 7000. In standard 2D (ie OS 9) you're not going
    to see a big difference between a Rage 128 and a Radeon 8500.

    The main difference is in the 3D hardware. A Radeon 7000 may not have
    the Hardware TCL that all of the other Radeons have but in 3D it'll
    still be better than a Rage 128, especially considering all the issues
    with Rage 128 drivers in OS X.
    Avelino Santa Ana Jr., Feb 4, 2004
  4. fishfry

    Dan Guest

    Well, those of us that spent $40 - $60 on PC Radeon 7000s and flashed
    them are still happy. For OpenGL stuff, the more RAM the merrier.
    I'll take a 64 meg 7000 over a 16 or 32 meg Rage 128 anyday.

    Dan, Feb 5, 2004
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